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YTD Statistics - Striped Bass: 136 total: 65 keepers (4 fish 40"+), 71 short ,

                             Bluefish: 3, Weakfish: 1, Fluke: 2,

                            Total # fish: 142  # fish released: 137, average 2.7 fish per trip


Report #53 November 29, South Shore, 6:00 pm -9:00 pm, HT7:04 pm, HF2.5'.

SW 25-33 kts wind, 5'-6' surf, clean water at 54F, air 59F, new moon, (M0%) 

Crazy strong wind in face, light rain, white water surf, no people, new moon night ...
...fished two location on both sides of inlet, plus front beach, but no fish for me.

Report #52 November 27, South Shore, 9:00 pm -11:10 pm, LT12:05 am, HF0.1'.

NW 5-19 kts light wind, clean water measured at 47F, air 43F, no moon light, (M2%) 

Hunt for big stripers without any strikes, ...and no more bunker....


Report #51 November 26, South Shore, 3:00 am -6:30am, HT4:40am, HF0.0'.

NE very light wind, clean water at 54F, air 50F,no moon light, (M6%) 

Warm and no wind, flat surf = zero strikes, not even a bump, but I had a good time.

...lures used.


...bait fish around - bunker.


sunrise at 6:53am


Report #50 November 19, South Shore, 4:00 am -6:30am, LT4:48am, HF2.8'.

No wind, clean water at 55F, air 50F, no moon light, (M11%) 

Fished lures and live line bunker for zero strikes. Plenty of bunker around, but no striper


 Report #49 November 16, South Shore, 9:30 pm -2:30am, LT2:54am (Nov17), HF-0.4'.

NW 0-5 kts wind, clean water at 52F, air 50F, bright moon light, (M97%) 

Started with lures but no strikes, live line 5 bunkers, got 4 hits, connected to one fish,
zero fish landed, must be small...the sweet taste of skunk at zombie time.

..tested new lure Yozuri 6.5" Mag Darter 2.0 oz, bone - good color for moon light.

Hooks upgraded to VMC trebles: 4.0 front and 3.0 back. Nice swim action.


Report #48 November 14, South Shore, 9:00 pm -12:25pm, HT6:46pm, HF3.1'.

No wind, clean water at 58F, air 58F, mix of overcast, some moon light, drizzle (M99%) 

Released small fish ~24" caught on lure, later had live line bunker for 1 hour, but no hits.


Report #47 November 13, South Shore, 8:30 pm -11:15pm, HT5:54pm, HF3.1'.

W 17-23 kts wind, clean water measured at 50F, air 55F, bright moon light (M95%) 

Got 3 strikes, landed 3 fish; 27", 38" and 39" - fish with very big head.

...#3 striper at 39", both bigger fish hit live bunker.

...big schools of bunker all over, accidently snagged bunker in picture.


Report #46 November 11, South Shore, 4:00 am -6:30am, HT3:41am, HF2.9'.

W 23-30 kts wind,  clean water at 59F, air 55F, no moon light (M80%) 

Fished two location for zero strikes, perfect surf with nice white water.

...working birds, but 5 casts away.


Report #45 November 9, South Shore, 1:30 am -5:30am, HT1:43am, HF2.5'.

W 10-13 kts wind,  clean water at 58F, air 58F, no moon light (M60%) 

Insane poor fishing - first 3 hours not even a bump, in last hour caught 4 small fish. 

...landed and released 4 short fish at 25"-27", all on yellow ss bottle plug.


...found live Windowpane on beach...helped to return to water.

sunrise at 6:34 am


Report #44 November 6, South Shore, 10:50 pm -1:30am, HT11:52pm, HF2.2'.

NNE 20-27 kts wind,  super clean water at 54F, air 44F, no moon light (M30%) 

Big stripers pursuit - 3 hours of casting for one empty strike. Windy and cold!


November 5, scouting around sunset (5:45pm) and low tide (6:02pm).


Report #43 November 4, South Shore, 11:50 pm -1:30am, HT11:09pm, HF2.2'.

NW 15 kts wind,  clean water at 58F, air 50F, no moon (M14%) 

Insane fishing - 25 fish on 25 casts, 13 keepers 28"-35" and 12 shorts 26"-27".

....catching - not fishing.

....all fish on yellow SS bottle plug, on 25 consecutive casts.

....left them biting again, no reason to pursuit more small fish .


Report #42 November 3, South Shore, 10:00 pm -1:00am, HT10:24pm, HF2.3'.

NW 17-5 kts wind,  flat surf, clean water measured at 57.5F, air 55F, no moon (M8%) 

Got 24 hits, 14 fish on, landed and released 10 fish at 26"-33"..and left them biting again.

...only 4 keepers; 28", 29", 33" & 33" in picture above with Mag Darter,

that lure even in very shallow water always swims couple inches above sand. preferred black lures...

...spent a lot of time looking for bigger fish...without results, flat surf no wind - sucks.


November 2, sunset at 5:48pm


Report #41 November 1, South Shore, 8:00 pm -11:00pm, HT9:05pm, HF2.5'.

SW 11-14 kts wind,  2' surf, clean water at 61F, air 57F, no moon (M1%) 

Got 20 strikes, 15 fish on, landed and released 10 fish at 27"-34"..and left them biting.

...34", got 5 keepers and 5 short fish, thanks to SW wind stronger then forecast.

saw washed on beach 11" weakfish, I wish to have yellow ss bottle plug that night.


...5 fish on bucktails, ....wasn't using bucktails for long time.


...brand new lure "call of duty", on first cast.



Report #40 October 31, South Shore, 8:20 pm -11:00pm, HT8:28pm, HF2.6'.

NE 5-10 kts wind,  super clean water at 56F, air 45F, no moon (M0%) 

Got 8 strikes and 8 bumps, 12 fish on, landed and released 11 fish at 26"-28".

...tiny bump....turned to fish thanks to very sharp hooks.... of two keepers at 28" of 9 fish shorts at 26-27" all on Mag Darter.


...this is a strike... Mag Darter upgraded with 2.0 treble VMC hooks.


...Halloween striper's candies... size around 4-5 inch.


Report #39 October 30, South Shore, 8:00 pm -11:30pm, HT7:50pm, HF2.7'.

N 11-20 kts wind,  flat surf, clean water at 61F, air 58F, rain, new moon night (M0%) 

Got 4 strikes, 4 fish on, landed and released 2; short fish and 32",

#2 at 32"....lost good fish when Mag Darter treble hook got straight...


Report #38 October 29, South Shore, 5:00 pm -7:20pm, HT7:12pm, HF2.7'.

SW 20-29 kts wind,  4-5' surf, clean water at 61F, air 63F, no moon (M3%) 

Relaxing fishing around sunset, missed one good strike, caught one shad.

sunset at 5:53pm


Report #38 October 29, South Shore, 4:50 am -7:10am, HT6:58pm, HF3.0'.

No wind,  clean water at 61F, air 42F, no moon light (M3%) 

A lot of effort for one empty strikes. Cold and skunked.

sunrise at 7:21 am


Report #37 October 27, South Shore, 5:10 pm -7:00pm, HT5:48pm, HF2.7'.

SE 23-29 kts wind,  clean water at 62F, air 55F, rain, no moon light (M13%) 

Quick stop after work, caught one resident fish at ~27".

...released in water without contact...


Report #36 October 26, South Shore, 4:00 pm -6:00pm, HT4:57pm, HF2.7'.

NW 15-9 kts wind,  clean water at 62F, air 48F, clear sky, no moon light (M20%) 

Daylight scouting and fishing, caught and released 3 fish at 28"-30".

~30" wanted only poppers... surface action...


Report #35 October 24, South Shore, 9:00 pm -11:00pm, LT10:06am, HF0.2'.

NNW 25 kts wind,  clean water at 58F, air 45F, clear sky, no moon light (M39%) 

Two hours of casting lures without any strikes. Cold inlet water at 58F, ocean at 63F.


October 22, caught and released 5 Hickory Shad verify baitfish around.


Report #34 October 21, South Shore, 10:10 pm -1:00am, HT12:50am, HF2.7'.

No wind,  clean water at 65F, air 65F, overcast and dense fog, no moon light (M71%) 

Fished 3 hours session for zero strikes. Big drop in atmospheric pressure (to 29.20")

typically turn on fish, not turn off !?! ...and 2.7' tide looked like 3.5' !?! weird staff.


Report #33 October 20, South Shore, 9:30 pm -12:30am, HT11:49 pm, HF2.8'.

ESE 15-7 kts wind,  water at 65F, air 67F, overcast and fog, no moon (M81%) 

Fished 3 hours, first half targeting big fish (zero hits), second half "open for all" 

got 12 strikes, 7 fish on, landed 6 fish, 3 keepers 28"-34".

...TA darter....

...Mag darter

...SS bottle...retrieve line only to keep contact with lure,....slow down to zero or no hits.


Report #32 October 18, South Shore, 9:00 pm -12:00am, HT9:50 pm, HF3.1'.

SW 20-23 kts wind,  water at 64F, air 67F, clear sky, bright moon (M96%) 

Good wind, nice white water, perfect condition, but landed only two small fish at 27" & 28".

...28" released without contact....

... fish wanted lures very close to bottom...


Report #31 October 16, South Shore, 9:00 pm -11:00pm, HT8:04 pm, HF3.3'.

SW 17 kts wind,  water at 63F, air 62F, clear sky, bright moon (M99%) 

Got 17 strikes, 7 fish on, landed and released 3 fish, only one keeper at 28".

...used big lures (new northbar darter in picture) ....trying to connect to bigger fish...without success...


Report #30 October 15, South Shore, 8:00 pm -11:00pm, HT7:15 pm, HF3.3'.

SW 8 kts wind,  water at 64F with some weeds, air 60F, clear sky, bright moon (M97%) 

Fished two location, got only one strikes, released short fish.

...I need some clouds or rain....


Report #29 October 13, South Shore, 9:00 pm -2:30am, LT12:11am, HF-0.2'.

NE 15 kts wind,  clean water at 64F, air 60F, clear sky, bright moon (M84%) 

Fished two location for zero strikes, got skunked, but had a good time on beach.


Report #28 October 10, South Shore, 4:30 am -6:30am, LT8:54am, HF0.7'.

N 25-33 kts wind,  clean water at 65F, air 54F, clear sky, no moon (M46%) 

Got my crazy wind and crazy fishing; caught 9 stripes; 4 fish at 40"-42", 4 fish at 36"-39",

dropped 3 more good fish, left them biting after releasing short fish (#9).  

...perfect condition for super strike bottle plug....

...41" best fighter on every cast for one hour (5:00-6:00 am).

...42", my camera's flash refused to work on biggest fish....

...sunrise at 7:00 am.


Report #27 October 7, South Shore, 11:40 pm -2:00am, HT12:31am, HF2.2'.

E 8 kts wind,  clean water at 64F, air 64F, clear sky, no moon (M27%) 

Not even one bump, got skunked. 


Report #26 October 7, South Shore, 2:30 am -5:00am, LT5:36pm, HF0.6'.

ENE 8 kts wind,  clean water at 65F, air 62F, clear sky, no moon (M19%) 

Dropped first 5 fish like newbie, after that landed and released 28", 29" and 28".

... cell phone picture (forgot camera),

...first fish on new plug - northbar darter

...sunrise at 6:57am.


Report #25 October 5, South Shore, 10:00 pm -1:10am, HT10:55pm, HF2.4'.

ENE 10 kts wind,  clean water at 63F, air 60F, clear sky, no moon (M12%) 

Slow fishing in light wind, got 6 stripers 26-28", 1 keeper only, dropped 3 more fish.

...set hook on the smallest bump a must...or no fish.

...tested new Northbar darter, got two strikes, dropped one fish on initial test,

plug works well, giving good feedback due to some swim action, but is light to cast.


...all fish released with help from Boga Grip...


Report #24 October 4, South Shore, 10:00 pm -12:05am, HT10:13pm, HF2.5'.

ENE 17-20 kts wind,  clean water at 65F, air 61F, partly cloudy, no moon (M7%) 

Good fishing thanks to the wind, got 11 stripers, 6 keepers 28"-34", dropped 4 more fish.

...perfect lure presentation or no strikes, adjusting casts all time with changing tide,

    no retrieving or very slow, let the current / sweep do the job,

    because strong side wind I kept most my line in water with fishing pole down.


....inhaled 5.0 inch Yo-Zuri Mag Darter my favorite color - black

    FYI; this lure coming soon in 6.5" version.


...this is what 20+ stripers do to the old lure, ...still landed the last fish. 


...went back to car, replaced lure, and after 7 empty strikes started landing fish again.


Report #23 October 2, South Shore, 9:30 pm -12:10am, HT8:54pm, HF2.8'.

No wind,  clean water at 66F, air 60F, partly cloudy (M0%) 

Fished inside the inlet for 4 strikes, only one fish landed and released.

...29", the same "resident fish" I caught on September 29, catch & release works! 


Report #22 October 2, South Shore, 1:00 am -3:10am, LT2:48am, HF0.1'.

NE 13 kts wind,  water at 66F, air 61F, overcast (M0%) 

Caught and released 13 stripers, 9 keepers at 28-32", dropped 4 more fish.

Done second session 4:30-6:00am with big lures for zero strikes.

...about one hour of strikers on every cast... preferred smaller and slow........ lures, cast and let lure sweep without retrieving,

one guy asked me if I am bait fishing, one cast for me, 3 casts for him.


...32"....all fish released...

...bonus: ~16" weakfish, first of this season...



Report #21 October 1, South Shore, 5:10 am -7:30am, HT8:04am, HF3.1'.

NE 15-20 kts wind,  water at 67F, air 60F, rain, (M0%) 

Fished bottle plugs before first light for 3 short stripers, dropped one more.

all fish released, not enough wind, waves or rain...


Report #20 September 30, South Shore, 9:00 am -11:55am, HT7:25am, HF3.1'.

NE 30-37 kts wind,  water at 67F, air 63F, rain, (M1%) 

Daylight fishing in crazy wind and rain, for 10 strikes, 6 fish on, landed 4 small stripers.

all small fish 22-26"

...all released in perfect shape.


Report #19 September 29, South Shore, 8:00 pm -10:30pm, HT6:58pm, HF3.0'.

ENE 27-33 kts wind,  water at 67F, air 64F, no moon light (M4%) 

Fished two location; open beach and inlet, bump #5 turned to be striper....

measured at 29" and released quickly of mullet.


Report #18 September 27, South Shore, 10:00 pm -11:50pm, LT12:09am, HF0.1'.

SW 8 kts wind,  clean water at 70F, air 69F, no moon light (M16%) 

Another weakfish trip without success, but I connected to one striper.

...very good fighter at only 28"...


 ...and quickly released.



Report #17 September 24, South Shore, 9:00 pm -11:10pm, LT9:34pm, HF0.3'.

NE 12 kts wind,  clean water at 71F, air 62F, no moon light (M45%)

Targeting weakfish in premium spot at perfect time, ...and just skunked again,

got only 3  bumps, possibly from snappers.


Report #16 September 19, South Shore, 3:00 pm -5:30pm, LT4:22 pm, HF-0.2'.

ESE10 kts wind, clean water at 72F, air 70F, light rain (M94%)

Daylight scouting and fishing at low tide, caught 2 fluke and sea robin, all released.


18.5" summer flounder released two days before end of fluke season


RM4 is closed to all, RM3 open for permit holders.



Report #15 September 11, South Shore, 9:45 pm -10:50pm, LT10:21 pm, HF0.5'.

NNW 15 kts wind,  murky water with some weeds at 75F, air 70F, moon light (M62%)

Scouting and fishing outgoing water in the inlet, still warm water, and no baitfish.


Report #14 August 23, South Shore, 9:50 pm -11:20pm, LT6:26 pm, HF0.2'.

SSW 12 kts wind,  good clarity water at 76F, air 74F, no moon light (M65%)

Fished light tackle for two bumps, a lot of baitfish around, mainly spearing.



Report #13 August 4, South Shore, 10:00 pm -12:00am, HT9:11am, HF3.2'.

Light E wind,  good clarity water at 76F, air 72F, no moon light (M1%)

Fished for stripers at new moon night, got only two small bumps, enjoyed peaceful time on beach..


Report #12 July 30, South Shore, 11:00 pm -1:00am, LT12:00am, HF0.0'.

E 9 kts wind,  water at 74F with weeds, air 77F, drizzle, no moon light (M11%)

Light tackle weakfishing, got 2 strikes, released 2 medium bluefish, one was spitting

baby squids, difficult fishing due to heavy eelgrass.


Report #11 July 23, South Shore, 3:10 am -5:30am, LT4:36pm, HF-0.2'.

SW 10 kts wind,  water at 71F with some weeds, air 75F, moon light (M90%)

Fished inlet spot loaded with 2-3inch baitfish, got 3 strikes, caught one fih, dropped one more,

short fish released in water....


Report #10 June 25, South Shore, 11:10 pm -2:00am, HT11:51pm, HF2.9'.

No wind,  water at 64F with some eelgrass, air 66F, moon light (M80%)

Fished front beach for change, ...a lot of walking for no hits.


Report #9 June 23, South Shore, 10:30 pm -12:30am, HT10:08pm, HF3.0'.

SE 0-5 kts wind, very clear water at 66F, air 67F, fog, no moon light (M94%)

Back to fishing, ....targeted stripers and weakfish, no strikes, sweet skunk time.


Report #8 May 21, South Shore, 8:40 pm -10:45pm, HT7:58pm, HF3.1'.

NE 10kts wind, clean water at 53F, air 57F, light rain (M98%)

Fished big lures for two hours without hit, and I enjoyed my skunk time.


Report #7 May 13, South Shore, 6:00 pm -8:00pm, LT8:13pm, HF0.6'.

SW 5kts wind, very clear water at 54F, air 54F, light rain (M41%)

Scouting and fishing in the rain, caught  one bluefish and micro striper ~12",  striper hit

 weakfish lure, both fish released without contact (striper never removed from water).

...first fish of the season.


Report #6 May 9, South Shore, 9:30 pm -11:55pm, HT10:22pm, HF3.4'.

SW 5kts / NE13kts wind, clean water at 50F, air 57F, some moon light (M6%)

Fished front beach, inlet and back side without any hits, got wind shift around moon set.

...used lures...


Report #5 April 30, South Shore, 8:20 pm -10:45pm, LT8:47pm, HF0.6'.

SE 5kts wind, clean water at 52F, air 49F, no moon light (M53%)

Fished two locations with striper and weakfish lures for zero strikes.


Report #4 April 29, South Shore, 8:30 pm -10:45pm, LT7:24pm, HF0.6'.

ENE 13kts wind, clean water at 53F, air 48F, light rain, no moon light (M64%)

Another skunk, even  used weakfish lures without a tap.


Report #3 April 24, South Shore, 9:00 pm -10:20pm, HT9:34pm, HF2.9'.

SW 10kts wind, clean water at 52-55F, air 50F, no moon light (M97%)

Fished from first darkness to moon rise, skunk #2. Dry air makes soft sand,

saw couple trucks stuck in sand.


Report #2 April 17, South Shore, 9:00 pm -10:40pm, LT 11:32pm, HF0.3'.

No wind, clean water, water temp measured at 50F, air 50F, bright moon light (M75%)

First trip of the season on perfect peaceful night, failed to found baitfish in two locations, no strikes.

...nice to be back to surf fishing business after enjoying winter.


Report #1 January 12, South Shore, National Data Buoy Station # 44025, located 30 NM South of Islip,

Water temperature measured 0.6 m below water line is 49.8F .




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