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YTD Statistics - Striped Bass: 68 total; 29 @38"-29", 39<28", Bluefish: 35,

                           Weakfish: 86, Fluke: 18, Cownose Ray: 2, average 1.68 fish per trip

HT / LT - high / low tide, HF - tide height in feet, WT , AT - water / air temperature,

P30.00R - atmospheric pressure in inches (tendency R-raising, F-falling),  M95% - moon visible in %.


sunset 12/21/13 at 4:30pm, 4-6' surf, SW 18 kts wind, AT54F, WT49F, first day of winter

sunset 12/21/13 close-up


sunset 12/15/13, day after snow storm

sunset 12/15/13 big surf 7'-9', W wind 20-30 kts, WT49F, AT40F, M94%


Report #124 December 5, South Shore,  9:45pm-12:40am, HT9:03pm, HF2.7', P30.01F

SW 9-17 kts wind, clean water, WT47F, AT52F,  fog, light rain, dark night (M0%)

Wow, no gloves December fishing, a lot of spearing around, some herring, but no stripers.


Report #123 December 3, South Shore,  8:20pm-11:10pm, HT7:13pm, HF2.8', P30.00R

NW 0-5 kts wind, clean water, WT45F, AT42F, clear sky, no moon (M0%)

New moon night fishing; small baitfish, shrimps, worms, plenty of herring, no stripers.


Report #122 December 1, South Shore,  4:20pm-5:30pm, HT5:32pm, HF2.7', P30.05F

W 8 kts wind, 2-3' surf, nice clean white water, WT53F, AT50F, clear sky (M6%)

Some working birds behind first breaker, but no fish. Enjoyed warm weather fishing.

RM sunset at 4:27pm


Report #121 November 30, South Shore,  5:45pm-7:40pm, HT4:40pm, HF2.6', P30.55F

ESE 8-13 kts wind, clean water, WT41F, AT40F, overcast, (M13%)

Two hours of casting for catch of the night: fresh air.

...used lures.


Report #120 November 29, South Shore,  4:20pm-5:30pm, HT3:44pm, HF2.5', P30.05F

NW 10-18 kts wind, stain water, WT42F, AT32F, clear sky, (M21%)

Scouting for baitfish in last of daylight, and fishing after, found some spearing, but no fish.

sunset @ 4:27pm


Report #119 November 26, South Shore,  LT7:54pm, HF0.4', P30.05F

open beach: 4:00pm-5:30pm, E 9-12 kts wind, 1-3' surf, stain water, WT54F, AT45F

inlet: 8:00pm-9:30pm, ESE15-23 kts wind, clean water, WT43F, AT48F, light rain (M49%)

Fished hard with "herring like lures" in the rain and wind for zero strikes or bumps.

...calm surf before storm.


Report #118 November 23, South Shore, 6:00am-7:10am,  HT10:32am, HF2.5',

WNW 15-22 kts wind, 1-2' surf, clean water, WT50F, AT40F, clear sky (M76%)

Caught nice sunrise and got "frozen fingers", zero fish, no action on the beach.

RM sunrise at 6:49am


Report #117 November 22, South Shore, JB6, 10:30am-11:50am,  HT9:47am, HF2.6',

SW 13-15 kts wind, 1-2' surf, clean water, WT55F, AT56F, rain (M84%)

Scouting beaches between JB and RM in the rain. No luck for me, rat.

Jones Beach #6 looking East, good access to deep water, no weeds, nice surf.


....JB mini striper.


Report #116 November 21, South Shore, 10:00pm-11:30pm,  HT9:49pm, HF2.3',

S 9 kts wind, 1-3' surf, clean water, WT55F, AT51F, cloudy, no moon light (M84%)

Fished open beach with big lures, got only one strike on SS bottle plug. 

#1 @26"


Report #115 November 21, South Shore, 6:00am-7:30am,  HT9:04am, HF2.7', P30.60R

ENE 9-13 kts wind, 2-3' surf, clean water, WT55F, AT40F, partly cloudy (M90%)

Short trip around sunrise,  targeting bigger fish, but accidentally caught just one rat.

...nice surf, white water, no weeds striper ~15", ...quick release without contact, next wave took him home.


...sunrise at 6:47am


Report #114 November 18, South Shore, 8:30pm-11:50pm,  HT7:34pm, HF2.6',

SW-W-NW 15-25 kts wind, 5-6' surf, water, WT55F, AT57F, bright moon light (M99%)

Fished two locations: inside the inlet and front beach for zero strikes or bumps. 

I had the beach to myself, plus big dangerous surf , ...enjoyed every minute of trip.

...found deep water and sendeels, but no fish. ...night with bright moon light = skunk.


Report #113 November 18, South Shore, 8:00am-9:00am,  HT7:07am, HF3.1',

WSW 15-20kts wind, 4-6' surf, clean water, WT56F, AT58F, cloudy (M99%)

Quick stop before work, left beach after landing one rat striper.

...big surf, nice white water, no problem with weeds. getting smaller.


Report #112 November 16, South Shore, 4:00am-6:30am,  HT6:52am, HF2.7',

Light SW wind, 1-3' surf, clean water without weeds, WT55F, AT48F, no moon light (M99%)

Fished big lures: northbar, ss bottle, ss needlefish for 7 small stripers 16"-25".

...sunrise at 6:43am


...big lures for small stripers


...snagging sandeels at night.


... all fish released in perfect shape and without touching.



Sunset 11/16 at 4:35pm (scouting, no fishing)


Report #111 November 16, South Shore, 4:10am-8:00am,  HT5:46pm, HF3.1', P30.33R

No wind, 2-3' surf, clean water without weeds, WT55F, AT54F, light rain (M96%)

Fished first inside the inlet, no life, moved to RM beach after 5:30am.

Caught one keeper striper and five rat size fish 16-22" all released.

#3 @~33" used 3oz. jig (needlefish before daylight) to target bigger fish


...tried hard to avoid small stripers.


sunrise at 6:41 am, ...nice surf, white water, no weeds.


...snagged plenty of sandeels


....left beach to stay away from fish like this.


Report #110 November 15, South Shore -RM, 8:00am-8:30am,  HT5:02am, HF3.1', P30.24R

SW 15 kts wind, 1-2' surf, water, WT56F, AT50F, partly cloudy  (M92%)

Short scouting trip, released rat striper in water by slacking line, saw couple more rats

correctly released.  


Report #109 November 13, South Shore, 9:30pm-11:00pm, LT10:13pm, HF-0.1', P30.34F

W 15-19 kts wind, stain water, WT46F, AT32F, clear sky, moon (M77%)

Bight moon light, west wind, but went out anyway to get fresh air, no baitfish, no fish.


Report #108 November 9, South Shore, 11:00pm-2:30am, LT12:20am, HF2.6', P29.93F

WSW 25-19 kts wind, 4-6' surf, WT57F, AT48F, clear sky, no moon (M34%)

Perfect wind and surf, ...fished two location for nothing, skunked and soaked wet.


Report #107 November 9, South Shore, 12:30am-3:30am, LT6:26am, HF0.2', P30.20R

NW 23-15 kts wind, light stain water,  WT50F, AT40F, clear sky, no moon (M23%)

Slow night with only 3 strikes; 3 fish on, landed 2 stripers: 29" and 37.5".

...small fish with SS bottle plug completely swallowed, ...just before surgery.


#1 @29" lure size vs. fish size....after successful surgery - zero bleeding.


#2 @37.5" (#51YTD) wanted big lures, both stripers released in very good health.


Report #106 November 7, South Shore, 9:15pm-12:20am, HT10:17pm, HF2.6', P29.93R

NW 22-15 kts wind, clean water,  WT52F, AT42F, clear sky, no moon (M14%)

Fished with wind in face for 8 strikes; 6 fish on, landed 4 stripers: 35", 29", 36" & 38".

#1 @ 35" on bronze 5.0" Yo-Zuri Mag Minnow


#3 @ 36" on black-prism 6.5" Yo-Zuri Magnum Minnow


#4 @38" (#49YTD) far the biggest fish of this season


..and on the way to freedom ...all fish released in great shape.


Report #105 November 7, South Shore, 4:15pm-5:30pm, LT4:25pm, HF-0.2', P29.75F

WNW 15-19 kts wind, 3-5' surf, white water,  WT56F, AT58F, rain to overcast (M14%)

Quick stop after work, got 6 strikes, landed 4 stripers: 29", 28", 26" & 27".

all strikes behind crashing waves, ...needed to synchronize casts with waves.


...all fish on 2 oz tin with lime green tail....and released in perfect shape.


Sunset @4:45pm


Report #104 November 6, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:40pm, HT9:15pm, HF2.8', P30.12F

SW 13-21 kts wind, 4-5' surf, white water with some weeds,  WT56F, AT60F, overcast (M7%)

Good start with fish on third cast, ...but nothing after, just more weeds at the end of trip.

#1 @ ~34" (#41YTD), released quickly,, alone on beach, nice.


November 5, RM sunrise @ 6:29am


Report #103 November 4, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:00pm, HT7:28pm, HF2.9', P30.66R

E 15-11 kts wind, clean water,  WT52F, AT39F, clear sky, (M0%)

Not even a bump, and I lost some lures, ...nice night to be alone on beach.


Report #102 November 3, South Shore, 8:00pm-11:05pm, HT6:41pm, HF2.9', P30.33R

N 15-11 kts wind, clean water,  WT54F, AT40F, clear sky, (M0%)

New moon night = must go fishing, worked hard for one strike from big fish (44"+).

She made 4 long runs and spit the hook at landing, ...waved big tail for goodbye.

Skunked but happy, I think, I know where and when she will be tomorrow.


Report #101 November 3, South Shore, 5:00am-7:10am, HT6:21am, HF3.4', P29.91R

N 15-25 kts wind, 5-6' swells, water with some weeds, WT59, AT48F, overcast (M0%)

#1 @29" (#40YTD & released) ...had 2 strikes, both about 2 seconds after wave crush.


RM sunrise @ 6:26am


Robert Moses line-up: fisherman every 40'-80' as far as you can see in both directions.


100 trips - average 1.8 fish per fishing trip


Report #100 November 1, South Shore, 4:30pm-11:00pm, HT6:11pm, HF2.7', P29.63R

SW 21-15 kts wind, clean water, WT58F, AT62F, overcast (M8%)

Fished two location for two strikes, landed two stripers.

RM, Surf 5-8', white water, crazy wind, hard to cast lure over first breaker.


#1 @35" on 3oz. jig, my first "daylight fish" this season.


Sunset at 5:50pm


#2 @37" (#39YTD) ...both fish released in perfect shape


Report #99 October 31, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:00pm, LT11:59pm, HF0.1', P29.90F

SW 19-22 kts wind, water with eelgrass, WT56F, AT59F, overcast to light rain (M15%)

Rain + crazy wind = go fishing, got 7 strikes, lost first 3 fish in battles, landed 37", 35",30".

preferred lure, black and long, pictures from beach, I forgot camera.


Sunset 10/30 at 5:52pm, RM4


Report #98 October 28, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:10pm, LT9:48pm, HF0.4, P30.29R

NW 11-13 kts wind, clean water, WT54F, AT50F, no moon (M32%)

For two hours of casting; got one massive swirl, but fish missed lure, skunked.

...plenty of baitfish around (5-6" spearing).


sunset 10/27, RM4, 5-6pm, scouting (no fishing), 1 small keeper striper for 23 guys.


Report #97 October 27, South Shore, 2:45am-5:05am, HT1:52pm, HF2.2', P29.83F

SW 17-21 kts wind, stain water, WT58F, AT48F, light rain to overcast (M51%)

Rain + crazy wind = must go fishing, got 3 strikes, landed 29", 33" & 37".

#2 @33", all strikes on slow retrieve with water current (#1 hit yellow SS bottle plug)


#3 @37" nice fighter, released quickly in hope that fish will make a lot of baby stripers,

to replace fish killed in party boats "striper massacres" ....Is fishing a sport?


Report #96 October 26, South Shore, RM4, 1:50pm-2:50pm, HT1:03pm, HF2.5', P30.12F

SW 19-25 kts wind, 3-4' surf, very clean white water, WT58F, AT51F,  (M60%)

Scouting and fishing open beach at outgoing tide, no fish, skunked.

...wind and surf conditions for 3oz+ lures.


Report #95 October 23, South Shore, 11:50pm-1:10am, HT11:20pm, HF2.4', P29.75R

NW 17-20 kts wind, stain water, WT58F, AT46F, got to late and had moon light (M78%)

Water clarity got better, had 2 bumps and two strike, dropped one and landed one small fish.

...miniature striper, released quickly in perfect shape, ...and changed spot.


Report #94 October 19, South Shore RM4, 6:00am-7:00am, HT7:51am, HF3.3', P29.98F

No wind, 1-2' surf, water with weeds, WT62F, AT60F, full moon (M99%)

Weeds at front beach, brown tide water at inlet side, no action in surf, skunked.

before sunrise...


...seal come to say hello.


sunrise @7:09am ...a lot of boats jigging bass 3-4 miles offshore.



October 18,  7:50am, RM5, W 20kts wind, 4-5' surf, some weeds in water.


Report #93 October 16, South Shore RM4, 4:50am-7:00am, HT5:35am, HF3.1', P30.05F

NE 13-15 kts wind, 4-5' surf, white water, WT61F, AT58F, no moon (M80%)

Short trip before work, dropped one fish -skunked, saw one small keeper striper landed. 

sunrise at 7:06am, ....clouds of working birds East of FI Lighthouse, but 1 mile offshore.


Report #92 October 14, South Shore, 4:30am-6:00am, HT3:38am, HF2.7', P30.32R

ENE 13-17 kts wind, murky water, WT62F, AT52F, no moon (M60%)

Very poor clarity water (brown tide), got one strike, landed almost keeper striper.

#1 @ ~27" ...released quickly.


Report #91 October 10, South Shore, 8:30pm-11:10pm, HT12:29am, HF2.6', P30.04F

NE 20-25 kts wind, murky water, WT64F, AT62F, cloudy (M26%)

Water clarity got even worst, ...fished lures and live eels without a touch.

on the way to freedom ...released all eels, 5 of 7 in perfect shape.


Report #90 October 8, South Shore, 11:00pm-12:30am, HT10:25pm, HF2.7', P30.29R

NE 17-21 kts wind, murky water, WT65F, AT60F, cloudy and dark (M9%)

Short trip to check surf, no white water, no baitfish, not even a bump, skunked.

Water clarity got worst, condition for bait fishing only (or live eels).


Report #89 October 7, South Shore, 10:00pm-12:00am, HT9:31pm, HF2.9', P29.94R

NW10-19 kts wind, stain water with eelgrass, WT65F, AT63F, overcast (M4%)

Storm; big waves, white water, wind, no boats = perfect surf fishing conditions.

Caught: striper, 2 bluefish & weakfish, dropped 3 more fish, missed 2 strikes.

Poor clarity water = black or dark color lures, with strong swimming action + rattling sound. 

#1 @ 29" ..."kiss & release" for the first striper of fall season.

#2 @ ~21" ...pesky bluefish getting bigger.


#4 @ 23" on black Yozuri magnum minnow, ...first for me striper-blue-weakfish combo trip.


Report #88 October 6, South Shore, 5:00am-6:30am, HT8:27am, HF3.3', P30.07L

ESE 7-10 kts wind, water with some eelgrass, WT66F, AT67F, overcast and fog (M0%)

Fished before and after first light for change, no baitfish, no strikes, ...skunked.

Stopped at front beach, ...working birds and small bluefish under, no bass.


Report #87 October 4, South Shore, 8:00pm-11:00pm, HT7:23pm, HF3.0', P30.02R

SW 7-3 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT65.6F, AT68F, no moon light (M1%)

Premium night before new moon, but no stripers again, ...landed northern stargazer!?.

....season getting worst?!


Report #86 October 3, South Shore, 7:30pm-10:30pm, HT6:44pm, HF2.9', P30.09R

SWW 5-7 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT65.6F, AT64F, no moon light (M5%)

Striper-fishing = zero strikes, weak-fishing = 3 strikes, landed 21" and 22".

Weakfish feeding on rain-bait: 2" anchovies - snagged one with swimming plug.

#2(YTD 85) @~22" ...all fish released.


Report #85 September 30, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:00pm, LT11:16pm, HF0.4', P30.01R

SW 9-7 kts wind, water with weeds, WT64.4F, AT63F, no moon light (M25%)

Two hours of casting for one strike from small bluefish.


Report #84 September 27, South Shore, 8:40pm-11:30pm, LT8:48pm, HF0.7', P30.24R

NNE 11-13 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT63F, AT61F, overcast, no moon (M52%)

Worked hard to get 3 strikes on small lures, dropped nice fish and landed 1 weakfish @~20".


Report #83 September 25, South Shore, 9:30pm-11:30pm, LT6:44pm, HF0.6', P29.95R

No wind, clear water, no weeds!, WT64F, AT61F, from dark to moon light (M71%)

Fished wrong tide at very quiet night, no fish to land, no strikes....skunked!


Report #82 September 22, South Shore, 8:30pm-11:30pm, HT10:10pm, HF2.9', P29.86R

NNW 15- 20 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT66F, AT58F, overcast to moon light (M93%)

On incoming tide, water clean enough to fish with swimming plugs for stripers - no hits.

Had 4 strikes on small lures, dropped first 3 fish at the end of fight, ...landed only one!

weakfish @~20".


Robert Moses, September 22, 8am, WNW 13-15 kts wind, 3-4' surf, WT67F, AT65F

scouting open beach, nice clean and clear water, but no baitfish, no fish.


Report #81 September 21, South Shore, 2:00am-4:00am, LT3:06am, HF-0.2', P30.01F

SSW 14- 7 kts wind, stain water with weeds, WT65F, AT64F, bright moon light (M97%)

A lot of eelgrass, had 3 strikes when sinking lure, caught only 1 weakfish (81 YTD) @~21".


Report #80 September 19, South Shore, 10:00pm-1:10am, LT2:24am, HF-0.3', P30.09F

SW 13-17 kts wind, coffee stain water with weeds, WT64F, AT63F, bright full moon (M99%)

Dirty water after full moon tide, difficult fishing, ...caught 3 weakfish at ~26", 22" & 14"

#1 @ ~26" big belly weakfish, ...all fish released, .... two more weeks to striper fishing.


Report #79 September 14, South Shore, 9:30pm-1:00am, LT10:15pm, HF0.2', P30.11R

NW 15-10 kts wind, stain water with some weeds, WT66F, AT57F, moon light (M63%)

A lot of baitfish around, no big fish, ...caught 2 small weakfish 19-20" and 1 short fluke.

#2 (#77 YTD) @ ~19" weakfish...all released.


Report #78 September 14, South Shore, 4:00am-6:30am, HT2:44am, HF2.6', P29.88R

NNW 13-19 kts wind, stain water with some weeds, WT61F, AT56F, no moon (M63%)

Nice cold night, but poor fishing, caught 1 small striper and 1 small bluefish.

#1 @ ~20" released quickly.


Report #77 September 13, South Shore, 4:15am-6:30am, LT8:11am, HF0.4', P29.64F

NW 11-13 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT66F, AT66F, rain to overcast (M51%)

Fished with big lures around slack current for zero strikes, switched to small staff and

caught: 5 bluefish (3-5lbs), 3 small weakfish 18"-20", 1 rat striper, dropped about 10 fish.

....difficult weak-fishing due to weeds and pesky bluefish (5 soft lures ruined or lost).


..."lure destroyers" at work. ...all fish released in perfect shape.


Montauk Point,  September 9, 10 & 11

Quiet 3 days at MTK


North side bluefish....


Found mullet run at sunrise, but no fish....


Report #76 September 7, South Shore, 11:10pm-2:00am, HT9:05pm, HF3.0', P29.91F

WSW 17-13 kts wind, stain water with weeds, WT67F, AT66F, drizzle - overcast (M2%)

Caught:  2 lbs of weeds, 2 weakfish at 26" & 18", dropped small striper, missed 1 strike.

#1 (#71 YTD) @ ~26"


Report #75 September 6, South Shore, 11:00pm-1:30am, HT8:27pm, HF3.0', P30.15F

No wind, clean water with some eelgrass, WT64F, AT62F, no moon (M0%)

Fished peaceful night for 6 strikes; landed 2 rat stripers (18-20"), one bluefish (~2lbs),

...and looks like baby Black Sea Bass - first for me on lure.


Report #74 September 5, South Shore, 10:00pm-1:20am, HT7:51pm, HF3.0', P30.14R

NNE 15-19 kts wind, clean water with some weeds, WT63F, AT68F, new moon night (M0%)

Fished two locations for 5 strikes; landed rat stripers ~18", and 2 weakfish 26.5" and 15".

#69 YTD @ 26.5"


Report #73 September 4, South Shore, 9:40pm-12:10am, HT7:16pm, HF3.0', P29.99F

WSW 15-10 kts wind, clean water, WT66F, AT72F, clear sky, dark night (M2%)

Had 9 strikes, 6 fish on, landed 4 stripers 26"-20" and one bluefish (~5lbs).

Missed distinctive weakfish strike,  ...surprise clean water and loaded with baitfish.

#3 @ ~26" ...all fish released in perfect shape.


Report #72 September 2, South Shore, 9:30pm-12:30am, LT12:36am, HF0.2', P29.75F

SW 12-6 kts wind, stain water with weeds, WT70F, AT72F, dark night (M12%)

Had 5 strikes, 4 fish on, landed two small weakfish at ~20" & ~15".

#1 @~20"


Sunrise 9/1/2013 @6:21am


Report #71 September 1, South Shore, 4:00am-6:00am, HT4:54am, HF2.4', P29.83F

SW 15-12 kts wind, stain water with weeds, WT71F, AT73F, overcast (M19%)

Worked hard for two strikes, landed one small fish with stripes.

 ~19" rat size striper....looking for his mom.


Report #70 August 30, South Shore, 10:30pm-1:00am, LT10:24pm, HF0.6', P29.91R

SW 17-13 kts wind, dirty water with weeds, WT72F, AT72F, overcast (M27%)

Murky water and weeds combination, just one bump, skunked.


Report #69 August 28, South Shore, 9:00pm-12:30am, LT8:30pm, HF0.7', P29.88R

NE 0-4 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT70F, AT73F, from overcast to fog (M45%)

Same story; striper-fishing = 0, weak-fishing: two small fish 21" & 22", missed 1 strike.

#2 (#66 YTD) @ ~22"


Report #68 August 26, South Shore, 9:10pm-11:30pm, LT6:28pm, HF0.4', P29.94F

SW 21-15 kts wind, dirty water with weeds, WT72F, AT68F, light rain (M64%)

Filthy water with weeds, eelgrass and white slime, not even one strike, skunked.


Report #67 August 25, South Shore, 1:00am-4:00am, LT5:01am, HF-0.1', P30.32R

E 2-0 kts wind, water with weeds, WT70F, AT67F, clear sky with moon (M82%)

Fished big lures for stripers without any luck, when eelgrass becoming a problem,

switched to small staff and got 4 strikes; one from bluefish (lost lure), 3 from weakfish....

#2 (#64 YTD) @ ~26", ....removed striper skunk with 22" & 26" weakfish.


Report #66 August 22, South Shore, 6:45pm-9:30pm, HT9:01pm, HF3.4', P29.90F

SW 13-10 kts wind, water with some eel grass, WT71F, AT73F, partly cloudy (M99%)

Rain = good fishing, but when I got to the beach the rain was gone, skunked. 

sunset 8/22/2013 @7:41pm


FYI: RETRIEVE - Line retrieve (LR) per one turn of reel handle LR = (spool diameter - 0.2") x 3.14 x gear ratio,

example; Van Staal VS150 reel: LR = (2.225" - 0.2") x 3.14 x 4.75 = 30.2" / turn with tolerance 3.0" (or 10%)

If you reel with speed (SP) of 2s per one turn, retrieve speed is RS = LR / SP = 15.1"/s

For weak-fishing lure retrieve speed (RS) need to be 5-6"/s max, SP = LR / RS = 30.2" / 5-6"/s = 6-5s.

5-6 seconds max. for one handle turn, average angler need to slow down by factor x 3.

The weakfish has slow vision (25Hz) vs. striper's fast vision (50Hz), which is close to speed of humans vision (60Hz)

(25Hz - is flicker fusion frequency - the shutter speed of eye.)


Report #65 August 20, South Shore, 10:00pm-12:10am, HT7:24pm, HF3.5', P30.11R

SW 16-5 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT69F, AT73F, moon light (M99%)

Went fishing & scouting in bright moon light, bonus: caught 3 weakfish 20"', 26" & 27".

#3 (#62 YTD) @ ~27"


FYI, good quality, low cost, fully adjustable belt for surf fishing, from:

After 64 trips looks brand new, works perfectly, best belt I had, - recommended.


Report #64 August 18, South Shore, 10:40pm-12:30am, LT12:23am, HF-0.2', P30.28R

E 10- 0 kts wind, stain water with weeds, WT70F, AT64F, mostly bright moon light (M85%)

Fished for stripers without any luck, switched to small lures and got a lot of bumps and

empty strikes (from snappers or shad?), caught 4 good size weakfish @26"-27".

#3 (#58 YTD) @ ~27"  ...left them biting, stripers for one month.


Report #63 August 17, South Shore, 10:50pm-1:10am, LT11:29pm, HF0.0', P30.28R

No wind, stain water with weeds, WT70F, AT69F, from bright to dim moon light (M76%)

New record for me: in 2.3 hrs landed 7 weakfish: 5@23"-25", 1 @~27"& 1 @~20".

Dropped 3 fish due to beginners mistake: not having super sharp hooks, missed 1 strike.

#2 (#50 YTD) @ ~27" good fight, ...half my casts wasted by weeds, ...left them biting.


Report #62 August 16, South Shore, 3:55am-6:00am, HT2:52am, HF2.5', P30.14R

SW 5- 7 kts wind, clear water, WT66F, AT64F, clear sky, no moon (M65%)

Went striper fishing with Super Strikes bottle plugs (yellow & black) ....not a touch.

...removed skunk with ~24" weakfish....


...left beach after pesky bluefish show up....


8/13/2013 scouting ocean beaches at Robert Moses State Park,  

RM5 - deep water close to shore 2.0 hrs before low tide.


RM2 - shallow water, 2.2 hrs before low tide


Report #61 August 13, South Shore, morning, LT6:07am, HF0.3', No wind, stain water

with weeds, light rain, quick stop (30 min.) before work - daylight scouting for baitfish;

found sardine shaped school of fish size ~5", and schools of spearing 3"- 4", done only 5 casts.


#1 @ ~24" (#47 YTD), caught on first cast , when sinking lure between eel grass...


Report #60 August 10, South Shore, 10:45pm-2:20am, HT10:08pm, HF2.8', P30.04R

NE 7- 9 kts wind, water with weeds, WT67F, AT68F, clear sky, no moon (M8%)

Quiet night, had 10 strikes, 5 fish on, landed 3 weakfish 28", 20", 21", all released.

#1 @ ~28" good fighter, ...weeds make fishing challenging.


Report #59 August 9, South Shore, 10:15pm-12:30am, HT9:29pm, HF2.9', P29.85R

SW 17-12 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT71F, AT74F, partly cloudy (M3%)

Crazy night: caught  3 weakfish 21", 24", 27.5" and set hook on 3 big cownose rays.

#2 @ ~24" weakfish, ...used brand new Tusnami 9' fishing pole - temporary solution for broken

Lamiglas Ron Arra Surf Pro XSRA 1084-2, 9' - sent to warranty service for repair / replacement - I hope.


landed 1 of 3 cownose ray ~25 lbs, one went straight to Europe without stopping,

another went to Africa - reel's spool got warm and exposed mono line on both rays!


the hook set in mouth, no snagging here, tried to avoid rays - "tackle destroyers",

but they were going crazy after any lures! The night of cownose rays invasion!


#3 (#43 YTD) @ 27.5"...went home after landing that weakfish,, ....left them biting.

If you want to catch more weakfish; cast - sink - drift lures!


Report #58 August 8, South Shore, 10:00pm-12:30am, HT8:54pm, HF3.0', P30.06F

S 20-14 kts wind, water with weeds, WT70.7F, AT72F, partly cloudy (M0%)

Very difficult condition with strong wind and a lot of weeds in water "salad bar"

Got soaked wet but caught: one weakfish and snagged big ray.

~24" ...only one weakfish landed, dropped one more, missed 3+ strikes.


snagged 25-30 lbs Cownose Ray, long fight with shatter fishing pole at the landing.


Report #57 August 7, South Shore, 9:30pm-11:50pm, HT8:20pm, HF3.0', P30.11R

S 12-17 kts wind, stain water with weeds, WT70F, AT72F, overcast, new moon (M0%)

Back to saltwater fishing, caught: 3 lbs of eel grass and 3 weakfish 28", 27", 24", all released.

#1 @ 28" my "personal best" weakfish, ....all strikes when drifting or sinking lure between eel grass.


Canoe trip in Adirondacks  August 3 - 6



Report #56 August 1, South Shore, 4:00pm-5:45pm, HT4:00pm, HF2.7', P29.88F

SE 10-20 kts wind, stain water with light weeds, WT72F, AT71F, rain (M29%)

Scouting and fishing in the rain, caught: 2 weakfish 21" & 24", 2 small bluefish and short fluke.

#1 @ ~21", ...found baitfish and weakfish in new location at high tide, ...all fish released.


Report #55 July 30, South Shore, 9:10pm-10:50pm, LT9:09pm, HF0.6', P30.13R

WSW 7-9 kts wind, dirty water with light weeds, WT72F, AT70F, no moon (M48%)

Weak tide (HF+0.6') not good for tiderunners, caught and released only one weakfish.

#1 @ ~21" ...


Report #54 July 27, South Shore, 3:00am-6:00am, LT5:35am, HF-0.2', P30.06R

WSW 15-7 kts wind, stain water with some weeds, WT70F, AT66F, moon light (M86%)

3 hours trip split evenly to striper / weakfish / fluke  fishing, caught 5 weakfish 23"-25",

dropped 2 more. Daylight from 5am, located 2"-3" baitfish, looks like schools of spearing.

#1 @ ~24"... easy weak-fishing when weeds (some eel grass)...not a big problem.

#3 @ ~23" ...typical lure position in mouth of weakfish, after quick hook set...


#5 @ ~ 24"...late to set hook...before sunrise fish...


If I have to go light tackle fishing with one lure only, I will pick 4.0", 7/16 oz. Storm Shad in pearl color.

Other small lures 4"- 5" work well, but this guy is relatively fast sinking, and stays close to bottom.

Killer lure for weakfish, excellent lure for stripers and good lure for fluke. Pearl - simple baitfish color.

Sink ratio is ~2 feet/second.


Report #53 July 25, South Shore, 10:15pm-12:30am, HT10:16pm, HF3.3', P30.00R

NNE 17-21 kts wind, stain water, WT68F, AT63F, dark night with rain (M93%)

Perfect fishing weather, no weeds, used big swimming lures for stripers without any luck,

changed to small lures and quickly caught: 3 weakfish at 24", 26" & 20", dropped one more.

#4 @ ~24" on 4" storm shad; precise cast - sink lure close to bottom - retrieve 6 inch/s or less.


#5 @ ~26" ...all fish released unharmed.


Report #52 July 25, South Shore, 4:00pm-5:30pm, LT4:24pm, HF-0.2', P30.00R

NNE 19-23 kts wind, water with some weeds, WT70F, AT64F, light rain (M93%)

NE wind and rain, can't resist that combination, went scouting / fluke fishing in daylight.

Caught: 2 bluefish ~3 lbs, short fluke and 3 weakfish on lures intended for fluke.

birds and bluefish working on rain bait.... lost 2 lures thanks to bluefish....


#1 @ ~24" ...daylight surfcasting weakfish! this very rare for me.


#2 @ ~23"


#3 @ ~26" on 3/4 oz bucktail bounced off the bottom.....released all fish.


Report #51 July 23, South Shore, 10:00pm-1:00am, HT8:33pm, HF3.6', P29.62R

SW 8-0 kts wind, water with weeds, WT72F, AT73F, from cloudy to full moon light (M99%)

Nice night to be on beach, got bonus - caught 2 weakfish, both at ~24", and released.

#1 @ ~24" yellow fins beauty.... is time to stop harassing weakfish and go after stripers...


Report #50 July 21, South Shore, 10:30pm-1:00am, LT1:36am (7/22), HF-0.3, P29.85R

E 4 kts wind, water with weeds, WT67F, AT70F, from cloudy to bright moon light (M98%)

Very bad weeds, no rain or wind, but caught:  small bluefish (~13") and weakfish.

I got only 3 casts without cleaning weeds from line. Saw schools of fish, size ~8", fast swim,

torpedo shape, not a good match for shad or snappers...if you know e-mail please. contact in water release....

both pics #2 @ ~26" tiderunner on 5" shad, ...she splash water in my face for goodbye...


Report #49 July 20, South Shore, 11:30pm-3:00am, LT12:42am (7/21), HF-0.2, P29.85R

SW-W 5-13 kts wind, water with weeds, WT73F, AT72F, rain-cloudy-moon light (M94%)

Summer dog days fishing, caught:  ~12" hickory shad on first cast, ~24" weakfish, ~27" striper,

~5 lbs seabird (tern), dropped weakfish, ~26" weakfish, ~3 lbs single piece seaweed.  

# 3 (#18 YTD) another almost keeper, released without removing from water or touching...


#4 ~26" (~ estimated) touched, hook set hard in jaws, typically slack line, and fish is gone.

Cleaned weeds from line and lure after every cast, ....all fish, bird and seaweed

released without a scratch...


Report #48 July 19, South Shore, 11:00pm-1:00am, LT11:46pm, HF0.0, P29.83F

S 13-17 kts wind, stain water with eel grass, WT72F, AT73F, moon light - partly cloudy (M87%)

Summer hot days, I need wind or rain, or both to go fishing, two strikes on short trip.  

#1 @ ~27" almost keeper striper - surprise, quick lift, remove lure, snapshot and go....


#2 @ ~27" nice weakfish, released in water without  touching, too hot to land fish on sand

and stress her more. Warm stain water with a lot  of eel grass and weeds, difficult fishing.



Report #47 July 14, South Shore, 12:30am-4:30am, LT5:53am, HF0.2, P30.31R

S 0-10 kts wind, clear water, WT71F, AT69F, partly cloudy with fog, no moon light (M26%)

Fished hard two locations, got 7 strikes, landed 3 weakfish, 1 short fluke and 1 sea robin.  

#1 @24"...weakfish striking any small 4-5" lures on very slow retrieve....


#2 @25"...found baitfish in both locations, plus good clarity water, but with some weeds.


#3 @26" brand new fishing pole (9' lami) "tested and approved" by 3 tiderunners....



Report #46 July 12, South Shore, 11:00pm-2:00am, HT10:34pm, HF2.7, P30.09R

E 29-15 kts wind, stain water, WT70F, AT69F, rain-overcast, very dark night (M11%)

Crazy, challenging wind, went out with big fishing pole and lures for stripers and bluefish.  

No visible shad, bunker or baitfish, only couple bumps and one strike on dark lure.

#1 @ 25.5" nice summer bonus - "almost got away" (#13 weakfish this year)


FYI: adding atmospheric pressure (P30.09R) info in inches (tendency R-raising, F-falling)

HT / LT - high / low tide, HF - tide height in feet, WT , AT - water / air temperature,

M - moon phase, moon visible in %, MR / MS  - moon rise / set times.


Report #45 July 10, South Shore, 9:40pm-12:00am, high tide 9:20pm, (HF2.9')

SW 23-15 kts wind, clear water , air 68F, overcast, no moon light (M2%)

No baitfish, no splashes, no fish, but a good night to be on beach....  


Report #44 July 9, South Shore, 10:30pm-12:30am, high tide 8:46pm, (HF3.0')

SW 15-5 kts wind, water with weeds, air 74F, overcast, no moon light (M0%)

Less weeds, got one light strike, landed nice Hickory Shad @ ~13", stripers dinner!. 


Report #43 July 7, South Shore, 9:30pm-12:30am, high tide 7:34pm, (HF3.0')

WSW 7-19 kts wind, water with weeds, air 74F, clear sky, no moon light (M0%)

Most casts wasted due to weeds, skunked.


Report #42 July 6, South Shore, 11:30pm-2:20am, low tide 1:41am, (HF0.2')

WSW 15-13 kts wind, stain water with weeds, air 75F, clear sky, no moon light (M1%)

Got only one strikes, landed nice weakfish, tried lures for stripers without any luck...

#1 @ 26.5" good fighter....deep and slow retrieve....


Report #41 July 5, South Shore, 11:40pm-2:30am, low tide 12:57am, (HF0.2')

SW 19-14 kts wind, lightly stain water at 73F, air 70F, clear sky, no moon light (M5%)

Nice breeze, no bugs, just some weeds, got 2 strikes, landed weakfish and short fluke ~18".

#1 @ 26" on first cast, slow retrieve (~ 6 inch/s) with stops, ...released in perfect shape.


July 4,  Happy Birthday America!! USA the greatest country in the World!


Report #40 July 3, South Shore, 10:10pm-11:50pm, low tide 11:26pm, (HF0.3')

SW 15-19 kts wind, water with weeds at 72F, partly cloudy, no moon light (M16%)

Short trip, weeds becoming a one strike, landed one fish.

23" on 4" storm shad...


Report #39 July 2, South Shore, 9:40pm-11:35pm, low tide 10:37pm, (HF0.4')

SW 15-9 kts wind, water with some weeds at 71F, from drizzle to overcast, (M24%)

Light tackle with small lures; got 3 strikes, landed weakfish and short fluke ~18".

#1 @ ~22",  released after mugshot


Report #38 July 1, South Shore, 10:40pm-12:20pm, low tide 9:43pm, (HF0.4')

SW 15-7 kts wind, water at 71F, overcast, very dark night (M33%)

Went too late, used small lures and slow retrieve, got only one strike,

est. ~24" released quickly


Report #38 June 29, North Shore, 10:00pm-1:30am, low tide 11:40pm, (HF0.4')

SW 13-17 kts wind, semi clear water at 65F, no moon light (M64%)

Enough wind to go north without bug spray, got 7 strikes, landed 2 small fluke, 3 sea robins.

summer fishing results; ...fluke on sand eels, do you see one?...


Report #37 June 28, South Shore, 11:00pm-2:30am, high tide 12:29am, (HF3.0')

SW 18-13 kts wind, semi clear water at 63F, overcast, no moon light (M74%)

No bait fish, skunked.


Report #36 June 27, South Shore, 10:00pm-12:30am, high tide 11:32pm, (HF3.2')

S 15-24 kts wind, semi clear water with weeds at 70F, rain to overcast, no moon light (M83%)

Windy, 3'-4' surf, white water, fishy condition, but not even one strike, skunked.


Striped Bass vs. Weakfish vision - check this link


Report #35 June 26, South Shore, 10:30pm-12:30am, high tide 10:40pm, (HF3.4')

SW 20-5 kts wind, semi clear water with weeds at 66F, overcast, no moon light (M97%)

Went to locate weakfish spots at high tide, one fish at ~26", but she escape

before snapshot, ...counts as the skunk...


Report #34 June 23, South Shore, 11:30pm-1:30am, low tide 2:48am, (HF-0.4')

SW 17-5 kts wind, semi clear water with weeds at 67F, from rain to bright moon light (M99%)

Short trip to test some new lures, tackle, and lure presentation; got 2 strikes, landed 2 fish.

#1 @ ~24" on gulp with jig head, nice to see the stripes again, even on short fish.


#2 @ 24" left beach after releasing that weakfish,...a lot of mosquitoes and weeds.


My weakfish tackle setup:

1. Tactical Anglers power clip 50 lbs., (TA's smallest one) for quick lure change.

2. Seaguar  30 lb fluorocarbon leader 40-44" for abrasion resistance,

     tie directly with Crazy Alberto's knot to main line.

3. Power pro 15 lb (0.18mm dia.) braid main line, zero stretch to feel tiny lures,

    small line diameter is a must for less wind and water drag,

    I think I need to go to 10 lb line for better, more natural lure presentation

4. Lamiglas Surf King fishing pole SK10MS 10' medium action,

    long pole with soft action for gentle fight with fish of "fragile jaws".

5. Shimano Sustain 4000FB reel, (any quality, small reel with smooth drag will work).


Report #33 June 22, South Shore, 11:30pm-2:30am, low tide 1:55am, (HF-0.4')

SW 6-0 kts wind, semi clear water with some weeds at 64.5F, bright moon light (M96%)

Surf trip targeting weakfish, got 3 strikes and 1 tap, landed 3 fish at 27",25" & 26".

#1 @ 27" on first cast with 4" storm shad, my personal best, ...good fighter.


#3 @26"...a lot of fun on light tackle, all fish released without a scratch...


Report #32 June 21, South Shore, 11:00pm-2:10am, low tide 1:01am, (HF-0.2')

SW 11-6 kts wind, semi clear water with some weeds at 65F, bright moon light (M89%)

Easy surf trip with light tackle; caught one nice weakfish and 2 short fluke.

Is summer fishing, wind is a big factor where to go, and the bug spray is your best friend.

#1 @ 26"  on 5.0" storm shad, very slow presentation close to bottom...



#2 @ 18" on 6.0" storm sand eel,....all fish released.


Report #31 June 20, North Shore, 6:00am-8:30am, high tide 9:14pm, (HF8.6')

WNW 1-4 kts wind - not enough wind to keep gnats off, clear water, clear sky (M81%)

Kayak fishing, ...this is not easy trip, I think I am too old for that.

big splashes; stripers and bluefish gorging on baitfish all over after sunrise

.....not fishing just enjoying the moment....


...on the menu: large schools of sand eels (4-5")


....all you want or not: cocktail bluefish, ....and all released.


Report #30 June 18, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:00pm, low tide 10:11pm, (HF0.3')

NNE 10-20kts wind, semi clear water, air 67F, rain-overcast-moon light (M61%)

Can't resist an opportunity to do some surf fishing in the rain (kayak is ready to go).

3 hours of casting: 180 min / 4min average cast and retrieve = 45 casts = one strike.

drooped at my feet again, but this time on sand, my personal best weakfish

26" ...big belly, yellow mouth beauty....


Report #30 June 16, South Shore, 9:30pm-11:15pm, low tide 7:58pm, (HF0.6')

WSW 12-9kts wind, clear water at 65F, air 66F, moon light (M40%)

No baitfish, not even a bump, skunked again. Time to change game, ...kayak fishing?


Report #29 June 15, North Shore, 10:00pm-1:15am, low tide 11:10pm, (HF0.8')

SW 13-9kts wind, semi clear water, air 65F, some moon light first, moon set 12:28pm (M31%)

Found a lot of baitfish, and a blitz of sea robins, all unwanted fish released plus baby fluke.


Report #28 June 12, South Shore, 9:45pm-11:45pm, high tide 10:24pm, (HF2.7')

No wind, murky water at 66F, air 64F, some moon light first, moon set 10:58pm (M8%)

Coffee colored water, no weeds, no life , not even one bump, skunked, time to go north.


Report #27 June 9, South Shore, 9:45pm-12:30am, high tide 8:34pm, (HF3.0')

S 5-9kts wind, semi clear water at 63F, air 63F, one night after new moon (M0%)

Just had 2 strikes, one fish on, but lost at my feet (I think was weakfish).


Report #26 June 7, South Shore, 8:45pm-12:30am, high tide 7:19pm, (HF3.1')

NE-SE 5-23kts wind, clear water at 60F, air 65F, rain-downpour-drizzle, (M3%)

Perfect storm with crazy wind and rain, used big lures, skunked,  just lost

2 soft lures thanks to pesky bluefish.


Report #25 June 6, South Shore, 9:15pm-11:55pm, high tide 6:39pm, (HF3.1')

E 11-15kts wind, clear water at 61F with some eel grass, air 61F, overcast to drizzle, (M7%)

Back to south for east wind, got 4 strikes, landed short striper and 2 bluefish.




Report #24 June 4, North Shore, 10:30pm-1:30am, high tide 9:13pm, (HF8.0')

NW 4-10kts wind, water at 63.5F, air 59F, clear sky, no moon light (M20%)

Not even one bump, no fish, no bait fish, just a lot of horseshoe crabs.


Report #23 June 2, North Shore, 9:00pm-1:50am, low tide 2:08am - 6/3, (HF0.4')

SW 20-7kts wind, clean water at 60F, air 65F, overcast to rain, no moon light (M29%)

Crazy night, ~30 strikes, caught: 4 stripers; 24",31",29",26", 7 fluke, 1 bluefish, 1 robin.

Fluke @21" the biggest of seven fluke landed, lost many more....



#1 @24"


#2 @31" ...good fighter.


#3 @29" all 13 fish released unharmed...


Report #23 June 1, South Shore, 9:45pm-12:30am, low tide 9:11pm (HF0.4')

SW 17-20kts wind, clean water at 60F, air 61F, clear sky, moon rise 1:51am, (M38%)

Fished two location for just one bump, skunked. Time to try north shore...


Report #22 May 31, South Shore, 9:40pm-1:00am, high tide 1:48am (HF2.9')

SW 20-13kts wind, clean water at 59F, air 60F, clear sky, moon rise 1:21am, (M49%),

Got two bumps and one strike...

...landed small bluefish.


Report #21 May 27, South Shore, 9:30pm-1:00am, high tide 10:01pm (HF3.5')

SW 11-14kts wind, clean water at 56F, air 55F, clear sky, moon rise 10:51pm, (M95%),

Fished perfect conditions in two location, not even one strike or bump!?!.


Report #20 May 26, South Shore, 4:00am-6:00am, low tide 3:05am (HF-0.4')

WNW 20-30kts wind, dirty water, air 51F, overcast, no moon light, (M99%),

Fished in difficult wind conditions; skunked, west wind = dirty water + stay home.

found live on beach: 5-6" eel like fish, (released), e-mail me if you know name (male striped cusk eel?).


Report #19 May 25, South Shore, 4:30pm-6:00pm, high tide 8:13pm (HF3.6')

NW 20-36kts wind, semi clean water, air 50F, rain / overcast / sun / rain, (M99%),

Limited daylight scouting due to sand blowing wind; bonus - caught two fish.

#1 nice weakfish @ 24" on white 1 oz. bucktail drifted with current close to bottom.


#2 small bluefish


Report #18 May 23, South Shore, 10:00pm-12:00am, high tide 6:33pm (HF3.4')

S 13-18kts wind, semi clean water at 59F , air 60F, from overcast to rain, no moon (M97%),

Demo and RM is open, was nice to go over that last bridge after 7 months of waiting.

I need to do daylight scouting. No fish tonight - skunked, but happy, life is good again...


May 22, Robert Moses to be reopen on Thursday 5/23 at 10am.

(Demo , 4WD access possibly reopen on the same day, call park office at 631-669-0449 ext: 9, before going there).


Report #17 May 21, South Shore, 9:00pm-10:10pm, low tide 11:34pm (HF0.1')

SSW 13kts wind, clean water , air at 59F, a lot of moon light (M76%),

short scouting trip ... just to test new surf camera Canon fish for picture...


May 21, called park office, Robert Moses will be reopen on Saturday 5/25.


Report #16 May 18, South Shore, 9:00pm-1:30am, low tide 8:39pm (HF0.7')

SSE 10-7kts wind, clean water at 56F, air at 54F, overcast, no moon light (M56%),

Fished big lures for cows and small lures for weakfish, got only one bump.


Report #15 May 15, South Shore, 10:00pm-12:30am, high tide 11:40pm (HF2.6')

SSW 17-7kts wind, 1-3' surf, water at 54F, air at 53F, some overcast and moon light (M19%),

Skunked again, no access to my good spots, I need Robert Moses and Demo to be open soon!


Report #14 May 13, South Shore, 9:00pm-12:00am, high tide 10:16pm (HF2.8')

NNW 17kts wind, clean water, air at 50F, clear sky with insignificant moon light (M7%),

Not even one strike or bump,...tested a new set of custom lures in unusual colors (squid).


Report #13 May 12, South Shore, 1:15am-5:00am, low tide 3:50am (HF0.1')

SW 7kts wind, clean water at 56F, air at 56F, from overcast, to fog, to rain. (M0%),

Hardcore fishing with big lures for big fish; caught one small keeper and 2 bluefish.

31" on gold/white SS darter (baby weakfish imitation), lost another fish after short fight...


~26", pesky bluefish still in the town.... all fish released unharmed...


Report #12 May 11, South Shore, 5:00pm-7:00pm, low tide 3:05pm (HF0.2')

S 15-10kts wind, clean water, rain all time. (M0%),

Daylight scouting in new location; caught 2 bluefish and lost some soft lures.

28" lure killer...


Report #11 May 10, South Shore, 11:30pm-1:50am, low tide 3:11am 5/12 (HF0.0')

SW 12 kts wind, clean water at 56F, air 56F, overcast, light rain at the end of trip (M0%),

Short trip on new moon night: had two strikes, one fish on, landed one striper...

33", caught on 4" storm shad.


Report #10 May 9, South Shore, 9:30pm-12:30am, high tide 7:45pm (HF3.1')

SW 9 kts wind, clean water at 54F, air 53F, no moon (M1%),

Went fishing too early, got only 2 strikes, 2 fish on, landed one striper...

#1 @ 31" on Rapala swimmer....


Report #9 May 7, South Shore, 9:10pm-12:10am, high tide 6:25pm (HF3.1')

E 10 kts wind, clean water, overcast, warm air ~60F, no moon (M9%),

Light tackle trip targeting exclusively weakfish; zero tiderunner, 4 stripers (2 rats), 1 bluefish.

#1 @ 30" ...good fighter.


#2 @ 29"  ....all fish released.


...used some weird weakfish lures, ...lost two, thanks to pesky bluefish...


Report #8 May 5, South Shore, 8:00pm-10:40pm, low tide 11:27pm (HF0.1')

E 10-13 kts wind, clean water, air 48F, no moon (M16%),

Went scouting, hit two spots, in process caught one rat striper.

~16", released in perfect shape...


Report #7 May 4, South Shore, 11:00pm-1:30am, low tide 10:33pm (HF0.2')

E 12-16 kts wind, choppy surf, clean water, air 48F, no moon light (M25%),

East, side wind - game change, used big plugs, managed just one strike.

#1 @33" ....fought like a bluefish, released quickly without touching...


Report #6 May 3, South Shore, 9:30pm-12:15am, low tide 9:35pm (HF0.3')

NE 8-9 kts wind, flat surf, clean water, air 50F, no moon light (M35%),

Went scouting and fishing at low tide, caught one striper and four bluefish 4-6lbs.

first fish of the season @36", caught on 4" storm shad, traditional; picture-kiss-release.


pesky bluefish take care my soft lures, got one cut off too. Nothing on plugs or big lures,

had only strikes on 4" shad (my favorite weakfish lure), even 5" shad went untouched!?.


Report #5 April 28, South Shore, 8:00pm-9:30pm, high tide 10:15pm (HF3.4')

SSE 7-9 kts wind, clean water measured at 56F, air 53F, no moon (M94%),

Saw school of squid, and some rain bait 1-2". First five trips = zero fish.

not a best picture: school of squid, size 6-7", gray-brown-purple color.



Report #4 April 27, North Shore, 7:30pm-9:30pm, low tide 7:25pm (HF3.5')

S 5-8 kts wind, water measured at 54F, air 54F, moon rise at 10:13pm (M98%),

Scouting and fishing after low tide, no fish again, but nice, long walk.


Sunset 4/27/2013 at 7:46pm


Report #3 April 26, South Shore, 8:00pm-10:00pm, high tide 8:31pm (HF3.5')

SSW 6-8 kts wind, clean water measured at 52-54F, air 53F, full moon (M99%),

Got one hour of darkness before moon rise, strong current, no baitfish, no strikes.


Sunset 4/26/2013 at 7:44pm


Report #2 April 18, North Shore, 8:45pm-11:15pm, high tide 6:06pm (HF6.5')

SE 15-5 kts wind, clean water measured at 50F, air 53F, mostly cloudy, some moon  (M53%),

Open waters at 45F. No baitfish this time, skunked again, but enjoyed nice walk.


Report #1 April 16, North Shore, 9:00pm-11:10pm, low tide 10:32pm (HF1.1')

SW 10-15 kts wind, clean water measured at 53F, air 56F, mostly cloudy, no moon  (M34%),

Found warm water, structure and baitfish but no striped bass for me. Open ocean and

Long Island Sound water temperature is 44F now, the 53F is outgoing water from shallow flats.


April 10, Dredging is done in FI Inlet, but tip of demo is an island now (on right).

Robert Moses Park still closed, Sore Thumb 4WD is open.  Season opens in 5 days.


new "Demo Island"  about 500' in length , ~800' off the main land.


March 8, made this web site Mac users friendly (removed most of Flash Player) 

March 3, The sand from dredging in the Fire Island Inlet is used to restore dunes

along Ocean Parkway.


...the end of pipe, about 3 miles long....


good moon calendar:


February 24, South Shore, Cedar beach you miss that?


Dredging in the Fire Island Inlet in progress....


Dredger "Charleston" working next to Democrat point.


February 19, purchased NYS Parks 4x4 Beach Vehicle Access Permit ($65)

from Long Island State Park Headquarters Permit Department at West Babylon, 631-321-3515,

take Southern Pkwy to exit 37N - Belmont Ave., first building (white) on right.

Sore Thumb to be open on April 1, Robert Moses and possibly Demo is scheduled

to be reopen in spring time (roads in the park still needs repairs).


Sunset 1/6/2013

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