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My Fishing Reports from Long Island.

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Statistics for 2012 surf casting season:

56 stripers (28 keepers 28"- 44", 28 shorts), 21 bluefish, 11 weakfish, 3 short fluke, 1 eel.

The lure of 2012 season: 5 inches Yo-Zuri Mag Minnow; caught the biggest striper (44") and weakfish (24")

Short season due to hurricane Sandy, lost the best of fall run; end of October and all month of November.


Report #95 December 15, South Shore, 8:00pm-11:15pm, high tide 8:48pm (HF2.8')

ENE 5-13 kts wind, no weeds water at 47F, air 44F, partly cloudy, no moon, (M3%),

Fished with Tony the last hours of striped bass fishing season of 2012, big improvement

in water clarity, we don't had any strikes, but I saw two big splashes from good size fish.

Cleaning tackle and preparing for next season.


Report #94 December 10, South Shore, 4:30pm-5:30pm, high tide 4:10pm (HF2.6')

SSW 7-10 kts wind, filthy brown water at 50.5F, air 52F, fog, no moon, (M9%),

Quick trip, water got worst, brown soup with eelgrass ... I guess thanks to partially treated

sewage released every day to Raynolds Channel from Bay Park Sewage Plant.

used dark lures for no strikes....


Report #93 December 4, South Shore, 10:30pm-12:30am, high tide 11:15pm (HF2.2')

SSW 19-23 kts wind, water at 48.4F, air 53F, rain in forecast but got bright moon light, (M68%),

cesspool quality water + moon light = zero strikes, located some baitfish; small spearing.


December 2, Gilgo (in picture, 30' drop), Cedar, Sore Thumb, Ocean Parkway - open.

Robert Moses, Demo, Overlook - closed. Dirty water in Fire Island inlet and no baitfish.


Report #92 December 1, South Shore, 8:00pm-10:30pm, high tide 9:01pm (HF2.2')

ENE 7 kts wind, murky water at 46F, air 45F, from overcast to bright moon light, (M90%), ()

No fish, no strikes, not even a bump, however saw some baitfish; spearing.


Report #91 November 25, Cedar, 12:00pm-2:30pm, low tide 11:11pm

Walked from Cedar beach to Sore Thumb and back, about 4 miles round trip.

No baitfish or birds working around; no shad, no herrings, no spearing visible in water.

Demo point is still there, but the Robert Moses and Demo is closed...


Sore Thumb after Sandy, 4WD access road is closed, however in good shape.


Sore Thumb, rock pile on back side, most of the top sand is gone.


Sore Thumb, rock pile at inlet side, not much change after the storm....deeper water,

and some big rocks missing, specially to the west side.


Report #90 November 23, North Shore, 7:00pm-8:30pm, high tide 7:28pm (HF6.8')

Zero wind, crystal clear water at 53F, air at 50F, partly overcast, moon on and off (M72%)

No baitfish or any visible life in water, skunked, ...still nice night to walk on the beach...


Interesting info: River herring Monitoring Survey   Alewife


Report #89 November 22, Cedar beach, 1:00pm-2:15pm, high tide 2:14pm (HF2.5')

ENE 5 kts wind, 3-4' surf with a lot of white water,  

...scouting and fishing west of Fire Island Inlet.


very clear, and weeds free water.... no fish....


Happy Thanksgiving!


Report #88 November 18, North Shore, 3:45pm-4:55pm, high tide 2:26pm (HF8.0')

NE 13 kts wind, 1' surf,  super clear water at 50.5F,  some overcast (M21%)

Quick stop an north shore around sunset, no baitfish, no visible life, skunked.

Sunset 11/18/2012


Report #87 November 17, South Shore, 9:50pm-11:55pm, high tide 10:05pm (HF2.7')

NE 10 kts wind, murky water, no moon, set at 8:40pm (M12%)

Fished one of my premium south shore spots and got skunked again, not even a bump.


Report #86 November 16, South Shore, 9:00pm-10:30pm, high tide 9:04pm (HF2.8')

N 11-13 kts wind, murky water at 47F, air at 40F, no moon, set at 7:30pm (M5%)

Fished new location without any luck, not even a bump (still no access to my typical spots)


November 12, Smith Point Park is open - just parking lot next to main pavilion.

(fishing pier is open, outer beach closed, no 4x4 access, no night time parking or fishing) can enter beach at area next to playground west of "Beach Hut" pavilion


1-2' surf, clean water at 56F, no action, but was nice to wet the line in ocean again....


Report #85 November 10, North Shore, 3:00pm-5:00pm, low tide 1:59pm (HF0.0')

WNW 9-0 kts wind, water at 56F, air at 52F, some overcast (M21%).

No access to south shore spots due to hurricane Sandy damage, went daylight scouting

and fishing at low tide to north shore. Caught 5 short stripers 22"-27", all on white popper.

...two for one...second fish got on hook about ten seconds after first one...


#1 & #2, my first striper duo, small fish, but still nice bonus after two weeks without fishing.


#3 @27", ...all fish released quickly and in very good shape....


November 9, Got  back electricity after 10 days, getting ready for fishing tomorrow.

The Robert Moses and Jones Beach still closed. Looking for south shore access.


November 5, Without electricity for 7 days, two trees down.

No beach access, parks closed, no gasoline for fishing, just for generator.


October 30, Hurricane Sandy going out...condition at

National Data Buoy Center, station 44025, 30NM South of Islip, NY:


9:50am - S 29-37 kts wind, waves 17.4 ft., water temp 60.6F

6:50am -  S 31-39 kts wind, waves 16.1 ft., water temp 60.3F

1:50am - SSE 29-39 kts wind, waves 19.4 ft., water temp 60.3F


October 29, Hurricane Sandy coming to Long Island around 5pm.

8:50pm -  SE 43-54 kts wind, waves 28.5 ft.

7:50pm -ESE 47-58 kts wind, waves 31.5 ft., water temp 60.8F

5:50pm -     E 41-54 kts wind, waves 26.2 ft., water temp 60.6F

4:50pm -ENE 41-52 kts wind, waves 26.2 ft., water temp 59.9F

3:50pm -  NE 47-58 kts wind, waves 28.9 ft., water temp 59.5F

2:50pm -  NE 49-64 kts wind, waves 26.6 ft., water temp 59.5F

11:50am -NE 45-54 kts wind, waves 20.0 ft., water temp 59.5F

9:50am -  NE 41-47 kts wind, waves 23.3 ft., water temp 60.1F

5:50am - NNE 37-47 kts wind, waves 17.7 ft., water temp 60.6F


October 28, Long Island state parks - closed at 6pm due to Hurricane Sandy.

11:50pm - NE 33-39 kts wind, waves 18.0 ft. @ 7.8 sec period.

7:50pm   - NE 35-43 kts wind, waves 16.7 ft. @ 7.4 sec period.

5:50pm  - NE 35-43 kts wind, waves 14.4 ft. @ 7.0 sec period.

2:50pm   - NE 33-41 kts wind, waves 14.8 ft. @ 7.3 sec period.

12:50am - NE 29-37 kts wind, waves 12.5 ft. @ 6.8 sec period.

11:50am - NE 29-35 kts wind, waves 11.2 ft. @ 6.6 sec period.

7:50am -   NE 27-33 kts wind, waves 10.5 ft. @ 6.3 sec period.



Report #84 October 27, South Shore, 6:30pm-10:00pm, high tide 6:20pm (HF2.8')

ENE 19-23 kts wind, water at 62F, air at 60F, from dim to full bright moon (M96%).

Had 3 strikes, 3 fish on, landed only one small striper (~25"). No shad around tonight.


Report #83 October 26, South Shore, 6:30pm-8:00pm, high tide 5:33pm (HF2.8')

ESE 5 kts wind, water at 62F, air at 64F, no moon light thanks to overcast (M85%).

very calm before storm, no wind, plenty of baitfish in water - harassed sporadically

by bluefish, ...caught one small bluefish (~4lbs) and one big shad (~14").


Report #82 October 26, South Shore, 4:20am-7:00am, high tide 5:16am (HF2.9')

E 5-7kts wind, water at 61F, air at 62F, no moon - set at 4:10am (M77%).

had 2 strikes, 2 fish on, landed one short fish ~27"... shad around but no big boys...


sunrise 10/26/2012 at 7:17am


October 25, hickory shad arrived to RM area, (typical size 12" 2") feeding on rain-bait.

caught two on small spoon, to identify "happy jumpers"...


Report #81 October 24, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:55pm, low tide 10:32am (HF0.1')

ENE 5-13kts wind, water at 60F, air at 60F, overcast, no moon light (M68%).

Low tide scouting of new locations, walked a lot, ...fished two premium spots, skunked.


Report #80 October 23, South Shore, 8:10pm-10:15pm, low tide 9:40am (HF0.2')

No wind, murky water at 61F, air at 60F, overcast with drizzle, no moon light (M58%).

Cabin fever sent me back to the beach for low tide scouting, ...very peaceful condition.

15" baby weakfish (striper's candy) on 7" Yozuri swimmer, stripers around?!...


..on the way to freedom....


October 22 - West wind with bright moon light - stayed home. 


Report #79 October 21, South Shore, 7:30pm-9:45pm, low tide 7:32am (HF0.2')

W 15-19 kts wind, clear water at 62F, air 63F, clear sky with moon light (M35%).

Wrong wind, tide and moon light, but went anyway practice casting, skunked.


Report #78 October 20, South Shore, 11:45pm-2:00am, high tide 12:22am (HF2.6')

W 17-21 kts wind, clear water at 62.6F, air 64F, clear sky, no moon light (M25%).

No baitfish, no stripers, not even a bump, skunked. ...stripers still looking for clams.


Report #77 October 19, South Shore, 11:10pm-2:10am, high tide 11:19pm (HF2.7')

S 15-9 kts wind, clear water at 63F, air 65F, partly overcast - no moon light (M15%).

#1 @28"  ...worked hard to generate 5 light taps, got lucky on two hook setups...


@2 @34" on Tactical Anglers Sub Darter junior, 5.5", 2.0oz, suspending / slow sinking,

good lure to go deeper (90% time the fish is close to bottom, 90% lures are top water!?)


Report #76 October 18, South Shore, 10:10pm-1:00am, high tide 10:17pm (HF2.9')

ESE 15-19 kts wind, water at 61.8F, air 65F, overcast - no moon (M15%).

Slow night , had 2 strikes and 3 bumps, landed one small striper...



Sunset 10/18/2012,  ...the moon jellyfish and whole clams washed up on the beach.


Report #75 October 17, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:55pm, high tide 9:20pm (HF3.0')

SW 8-5 kts wind,  water at 61Fwith some eel grass, air 57F, no moon (M7%) clear sky..

Lost long battle with sister of the fish from last night, ...landed 3 small stripers.

#1 @27" on SS bottle plug,  #2 @28.5" on TA darter,  #3 @28" on 7" Yozuri swimmer



Report #74 October 16, South Shore, 8:20pm-10:45pm, high tide 8:27pm (HF3.1')

NNW 15-19 kts wind,  semi clean water at 61F, air 57F, no moon (M2%) clear sky..

Had only one strike, landed nice striped bass after a long battle, personal best.

#1 @44" estimated 32-33 lbs, released quickly after a few pictures and kiss.


used 5" Yozuri swimmer, ...super slow retrieve with strike on first move after 4s stop.


Report #73 October 15, South Shore, 7:00pm-10:10pm, high tide 7:39pm (HF3.1')

SW 20-13 kts wind,  semi clean water at 63F, no moon (M0%) overcast to rain.

Had 9 strikes, 7 fish on, landed 6 fish: 3 keepers 36", 34", 35" and 3 shorts  26"-27".

#1 @36"  ....SW strong wind + rain + dark night + new moon tide = good fishing...


#2 @34" ...very slow retrieve with "stop and go", fish strikes on "go" after prolong stop.


#4 @35" ...another "stop and go" victim (all fish released in perfect shape)


Report #72 October 14, South Shore, 7:00pm-10:00pm, high tide 6:51pm (HF3.1')

SSW 17-22 kts wind,  clean water, air 66F, no moon (M0%).

Had 3 strikes, 3 fish on, lost the first fish with lure due to "mechanical malfunction"!?

My reel fell off from rod on fish strike!!!! (added electrical tape to fix the future problems)

first landed fish @34" on "Tony's plug"


#2 @35"


Report #71 October 13, South Shore, 7:00pm-9:30pm, high tide 6:03pm (HF3.0')

SSW 11-19 kts wind,  clean water measured at 60F, air 57F, no moon (M3%).

Fished big plugs for nothing, switched to weakfish lure and got one good strike...

29" striper at the end of trip...


Report #70 October 12, South Shore, 11:00pm-1:30am, low tide 11:56pm (HF0.0')

N 20-25 kts wind,  semi clear water measured at 59F, air 47F, no moon (M9%).

Finally cold, windy but nice night to be out, had two empty strikes, skunked.


10/12/12 RM beaches at 8am, W15-17kts wind, 2-3' surf, all quiet. 


Report #69 October 11, South Shore, 7:00pm-9:00pm, high tide 4:17pm (HF2.7')

WSW 15-17 kts wind,  semi clear water measured at 62F, air 60F, no moon (M16%).

Used lures, live snapper and eel at the end of trip for nothing, skunked, but the fish is here!


Report #68 October 9, South Shore, 8:45pm-10:30pm, low tide 9:36pm (HF0.6')

ENE 19-25 kts wind,  semi clear water measured at 64F, from overcast to light rain.

Zero strikes, skunked again, ...waiting for the fish from MTK and Moriches to stop at Fire Island.


Report #67 October 8, South Shore, 11:30pm-12:30pm, high tide 1:28pm (HF2.5')

E 5 kts wind,  clean water, from full sun to overcast. Short fishing / scouting trip with

my son John. Quiet at RM beaches and at inlet, ....a lot of boats and fisherman around.

John caught 6 snappers on 12 casts...


Report #66 October 7, South Shore, 12:30pm-2:00pm, high tide 12:36pm (HF2.6')

N 6 kts wind,  water with eel grass measured at 66.6F, from rain to overcast.

Daylight scouting of Robert Moses beaches and Fire Island Inlet,

...found snappers blitzing on rain bait, caught 5 snappers to remove skunk...


Report #65 October 6, South Shore, 8:00pm-11:00pm, low tide 6:31pm (HF0.7')

NW 15-20kts wind, water with some eel grass measured at 69F, moon (M63%).

Found baitfish, but no "big boys", skunked again, finished trip after moon rise (10:38pm).


Report #64 October 5, South Shore, 11:30pm-3:00am, high tide 11:46pm (HF2.3')

SW 12-14kts wind, 0-1' surf, clean water measured at 69F, air at 70F, moon (M72%).

Exploring new location under the bright moon light, no life, skunked. All fish at MTK?!


Report #63 October 4, South Shore, 11:00pm-1:15pm, high tide 10:58pm (HF2.4')

No wind, 0-1' surf, clean water measured at 69F, from overcast  to bright moon (M80%).

2 strikes, landed one short striper, too much moon light at the end of trip.

estimated 26"-27", released quickly, ...darter plugs work well on quiet, no wind nights.


Report #62 October 3, South Shore, 7:30pm-10:45pm, high tide 10:12pm (HF2.6')

No wind, clean water measured at 69F, overcast with fog, no moon (M87%).

Lost one small fish (possibly weakfish), plus got two bumps on big plugs, ...skunked.


Report #61 October 2, South Shore, 9:00pm-12:00am, high tide 9:29pm (HF2.7')

SE 5-8 kts wind, semi clear water at 67.8F, from rain to fog, no moon (M93%).

5 strikes, 5 fish on, landed 2 stripers at 29" & 30", and one bluefish, ...lost 2 big bluefish.

#2 @30"  powerful strike, nice fight, ...stunned with small size of fish.


#3 @35" good test for new VS300 spooled with PowerPro 40lbs line. All fish released.

I think, I battled that fish 2 (or 3) times - fresh bleeding scars under the eye.


October 1, scouting RM beaches without fishing, all quiet, just some "rain bait" in water.

W 15-20kts wind, 1-2' surf, clean looking water,'s time to fish every good tide.


Report #60 September 30, South Shore, 7:10pm-9:15pm, high tide 8:08pm (HF3.0')

W 11-20 kts wind, 1-2' surf, clean water at 68F, bright moon light (M99%).

Skunked - one empty strike for two hours of casting....."full moon tides are for boaters".

sunset 6:36pm @ 9/30/2012


Report #59 September 29, South Shore, 8:00pm-12:10am, high tide 7:27pm (HF3.0')

NE 4-6 kts wind, clear water, partial overcast, bright moon on and off (M99%).

Like daylight fishing most of time, got 2 fish on, and lost both weakfish at my feet.


Report #58 September 28, South Shore, 8:00pm-12:00am, high tide 6:45pm (HF3.1')

N 9-15 kts wind, clear water measured at 68.5F, moon on and off (M98%), partial overcast.

Weakfish trip; 5 strikes, 3 fish on, landed one short striper and two weakfish at 21" & 22".



#3 @22"


Report #57 September 27, South Shore, 9:00pm-12:00am, high tide 5:59pm (HF3.1')

E 5-12 kts wind, semi clear water measured at 67.8F, moon behind light clouds (M94%) 

Had 3 strikes; dropped weakfish, and landed two small bluefish.


Report #56 September 24, South Shore, 9:00pm-12:10am, low tide 10:04pm (HF0.2')

W 10-13 kts wind, clean water measured at 67.5F, moon light (M61%) 

Wrong tide, moon and wind, but went fishing anyway; because of bright moon light

used 48" leader of Seaguar fluorocarbon without swivel. Caught the biggest fish of this season.

1 strike =1 fish @37" estimated 18-20lbs ...released with "see you again next week"...


Report #55 September 23, South Shore, 1:00am-3:30am, high tide 1:32am (HF2.6')

WNW 0-12 kts wind, murky water with some eel grass, measured at 69F, no moon (M50%) 

After storm/rain fishing; 2 strike, 2 fish on, landed one short fish. No more blitzing weakfish.

26" released quickly at the edge of water... ( I think, I caught that fish before, on 9/16)


Report #54 September 22, South Shore, 12:00am-3:50am, high tide 12:32am (HF2.6')

E 10-0 kts wind, semi clear water, measured at 68F, no moon (M39%) 

Only one strike thanks to "fire in the water", landed one very fat weakfish at 24"(released). is the "splash maker"...crazy top water action all over the incoming water...


needlefish and mullet in big numbers around... beached with small net for quick picture.


Report #54 September 20, South Shore, 9:00pm-1:30am, high tide 11:30pm (HF2.7')

E 17-13kts wind, semi clear water, measured at 68F, no moon after 9:51pm (M18%) 

Over 12 strikes, 7 fish on, landed 2 stripers, 28" and short (rat), fish preferred smaller white

or yellow  lures, difficult to control presentation and set a hook with that strong wind from side.

mullet in big numbers...


#2 @ 28" caught on yellow super strike darter...and on the way to freedom.....


Report #53 September 17, South Shore, 9:10pm-11:00pm, high tide 8:45pm (HF3.1')

SSW 11-15kts wind, clean water, measured at 69F, no moon (M0%) 

5 strikes, 2 fish on, landed one striper @34" estimated 15lbs. Looks like fish wanted

small lures imitating peanut bunker (adjust your reel drag to match lure/hook size).


Report #52 September 16, South Shore, 6:00pm-11:15pm, high tide 8:00pm (HF3.2')

SWW 13-9kts wind, water at 72F, special fishing trip with Walter, guest from CT. 

First location, bluefish on mullet, caught 5 fish 4-6lbs, Walter got 13 fish on blue popper,

we left blitzing bluefish for another location (striper spot).


Second location, after dark; 26" striper for me (picture), Walter 29" fish on second cast.


33" skinny chopper for me (in picture), Walter - 34" fat gorilla monster bluefish.


September 15, Robert Moses beach before sunset.


Report #51 September 11, South Shore, 5:00pm-8:00pm, high tide 4:05pm (HF2.7')

WSW 4kts wind, water at 70.5F, daylight scouting for mullet run - west of Fire Island Inlet .

..mullet run...schools of mullet moving in west direction, and close to shore.


not the best picture (big zoom), but here is the jumping mullet...


Report #50 September 9, South Shore, 9:00pm-11:00pm, low tide 9:24pm (HF0.7') SS-M2-07

N 13-15kts wind, semi clear water, no moon light (M37%) moon rise at 12:47am.

Not my favorite tide, but went anyway, not even a bump, skunked again.

...some needlefish and mullet around...


Report #49 September 8, South Shore, 1:05am-5:00am, high tide 1:09am (HF2.2') SS-M2-07

S 20-13kts wind, semi clear water at 75F, air 76F, moon light (M47%), some clouds..

Big effort for one bump and two strikes from small bluefish, one of them lost in wash., tested new metal lip plug...


Report #48 September 4, South Shore, 9:10pm-12:10am, high tide 10:44pm (HF2.6') SS-M2-02-08

S 15-21kts wind, dirty water with some eelgrass, clouds, moon light on and off (M89%).

Strong south wind, ...fished big plugs for big cows..., no luck yet.


Statistics for 2012 surf casting season:

24 stripers (12 keepers 28"-35", 12 shorts), 11 bluefish, 7 weakfish, 3 short fluke, 1 eel.


Report #47 September 3, 9:30pm-12:15am, high tide 9:59pm (HF2.9') SS-M2-07

ESE 17-13kts wind, clear water, overcast, no moon light (M94%),

Caught one weakfish and 3 stripers 27",35" & 28.5", plus got cut off from big bluefish.

#1 @23" on 5" storm shad (to windy for 4" size)


#3 @35" estimated 16-18lbs, (I don't weight fish to release them faster with less harm)


#4 @28.5" very skinny guy on northbar plug,  all fish released in perfect shape...


Report #46 September 2, 11:00pm-2:00am, high tide 9:16pm (HF3.0') SS-M2-07

ESE 9-11kts wind, clear water, some clouds, moon light (M98%),

Only when the moon was behind dark clouds the bite was on (short window).

# 1 @22", ...landed 3 weakfish 22",22",20", lost one more....


#2 @~5lbs,  ...lost two lures thanks to bluefish...


#3 @30" ...nice surprise, good fight with light drag setup...


#5 @20" all 5 fish caught on 4" storm shad and super slow retrieve...


Report #45 August 30, 8:40pm-11:00pm, high tide 7:07pm (HF3.3') SS-M2-03

SW 17-13kts wind, semi clear water at 75F, air at 75F, a lot of moon light (M96%),

Back to south shore.... I think after this tide, eelgrass will be bad for two days.

baitfish 4"-5" swims near the surface in panic predators...skunked again.


Report #44 August 28, 9:20pm-11:10pm, high tide 9:29pm (HF8.2') NS-M5-11

NNW 13-19kts wind, semi clean water at 77F, air at 77F, moon light (M84%),

Fished north shore for change, ...good tide, ...good wind, but no fish.


Report #43 August 26, 9:30pm-11:50pm, low tide 10:22pm (HF0.2') SS-M2-08

ESE 9-11kts wind, clean water at 77F, air at 74F, moon light (M64%),

Fished light tackle for weakfish, ....missing baitfish at this tide stage... had just one bump. are used lures ...... deep dive and slow cruise.... ~6 inch/s with stops.


Statistics for 2012 surf casting season:

20 stripers (9 keepers 28-35", 11 shorts), 10 bluefish, 3 weakfish, 3 short fluke, 1 eel.


Report #42 August 20, 10:00pm-12:00am, high tide 9:51pm (HF3.0') SS-M2-07

SSW 4kts wind, clean water at 74.7F, air at 73F, no moon light (M5%),

In one spot water was black from baitfish, .... weakfish just "open mouths, swim and eat".

No surprise, my plastic lures went ignored, moved to more quiet location and....

...had 2 strikes, 2 "fish on", landed one 22" tiderunner...


Report #41 August 19, 9:40pm-11:45pm, high tide 9:05pm (HF3.1') SS-M2-07

no wind, clean water, and surprise no "fire" = happy plugging time!, no moon too (M1%),

In addition to spearing, found schools of small mullet ~4"


I was thinking I am reeling big 29" striper...nice fight on light tackle.


...finally landed 22" weakfish on plug, (lost two more in fight, even with light drag setup).


Report #40 August 18, 11:00pm-2:00am, high tide 8:23pm (HF3.2') SS-M2-08

0kts wind, water with some weeds at 73F, air 75F, "fire in the water", no moon (M0%),

Found a lot of baitfish, mostly schools of spearing in size of 4"-5".

First strike on live eel..... ~3bls bluefish


Third strike on eel, .... 24" tiderunner, wow this first for me, weakfish on eel !?!


another first one for me; monster 36"+, eel on eel, ...this is a night to remember!...


...went to investigate splashes in one specific location, here is the noise maker...


Report #39 August 17, South Shore; SS-M2-03, 9:30pm-10:45pm, high tide 7:43pm (HF3.2')

SSW 25-11kts wind, eels grass in the water, new moon tide (M0%), no strikes.

Had a fun catching eel grass with metal lip swimmers...


Report #38 August 16, South Shore; SS-M2-07, 9:15pm-11:55pm, high tide 7:04pm (HF3.1')

WSW 11-13kts wind, measured water at 74F, air 77F, "fire in the water", no moonlight,

Had only one strike on 5" sinking Rapala swimmer....lost another weakfish at my feet.

...tested some new toys ... (I think I am Plugoholic)...the night of glowing plugs.


Report #37 August 14, South Shore; SS-M2-09, 9:00pm-11:50pm, high tide 5:38pm (HF2.9')

SSE 11-15kts wind, clear water at 74F, air 76F, some weeds, overcast, no moonlight,

plus a lot of "fire in the water", everything glowing - making lures unproductive.

Fished live eels and lures, two hits on eels only, one from bluefish (got half the eel back)

and second; I guess from small striper, got entire eel back.


Report #36 August 12, South Shore; SS-M2-08, 9:50pm-11:55pm, low tide 10:55pm (HF0.6')

W 9-12kts wind, semi cloudy water, some eel grass, clear sky without moon (M30%).

Wrong tide, but went anyway, fished light tackle with lures for weakfish. From my fishing log;

best time to fish weakfish at this location is 2 hrs after high tide in darkness - Friday 8/17.

got only one hit from 2lbs bluefish....


Report #35 August 11, South Shore; SS-M2-02, 3:30am-6:00am, high tide 2:36am (HF2.2')

SW 15-9kts wind, cloudy water at 77F, air 78F, from partly cloudy to moonlight (M39%).

Had one strike on small swimmer, lost that fish at my feet, I was thinking I am reeling small striper,

but I am 90% sure I lost nice size weakfish.


Report #34 August 7, South Shore; SS-M2-06, 11:20pm-2:30am, high tide 12:07am (8/8 HF2.6')

S 3-7kts wind, water with eel grass, measured at 74F, from partly cloudy to moonlight (M76%).

Caught "big snapper" on lure and 3 lbs bluefish on eel.

"the night of no escape from a yellow eyed demons" .... lost all eels to a bluefish.


Report #33 August 4, South Shore; SS-M2-07, 11:15pm-2:10am, high tide 9:46pm

S 9-13kts wind, water at 78F with some eel grass, partly cloudy, moon M96%.

Some splashes, and a lot of baitfish around (mostly schools of good size spearing).

strong strike and nice battle...caught on small swimmer lure - 35" (14lbs+) striper,


started surf casting with live eels, had one strike from bass, lost two eels to a bluefish...

I have a long way to become skilled, ....need more practice...


Report #32 July 30 - August 2, Lows Lake & Bog River.

Canoe / kayak trip with my kids; John and Ursula, ....deep into Adirondack's woods.....

Bog river view from Lows Ridge


casual fishing, caught and released lots of Largemouth Bass ...(70+ fish)


Lows lake, one of the spots where five casts = five fish.... of the last fish.....


Report #31 July 19, North Shore, 11:15pm-2:20am, high tide 12:21am (7/20)

E 0-12kts wind, flat surf, clean water at 75F (air @77F), partly cloudy, new moon (0%).

Bait splashes and distinctive sounds of feeding fish, specially at current slack.

Worked hard to get one empty strike, snagged small bluefish (big snapper). 

Dog days of summer, or ....what I am doing wrong?


Report #30 July 18, Fire Island Inlet, 9:10pm-11:00pm, high tide 7:31pm

S 8kts wind, 0-1' surf, water with weeds, partly cloudy after storm, no moon (1%).

Thanks to thunderstorms: no boat traffic, no people, ....but no fish or strikes.

Salad bar on incoming current, but not so bad at current slack. Measured water

temperature at 68F - very strange number, air temp at 78F - looks correct. 

Notices some splashes, schools of spearing and stinger ray cruising just under the surface.


Report #29 July 6, Fire Island, 10:30pm-1:00am, high tide 10:14pm

SW 13-17kts wind, 2.5' surf, clean water @76F, partly cloudy, moon (94%).

Fished some nice structures on open beach, ....without any luck.


Report #28 July 5, Fire Island Inlet, 10:00pm-11:20pm, high tide 9:23pm

NNE 2-9kts wind, flat surf, water @71F with green slime, moon (98%).

Skunked again, but this is still better then falling a sleep in front of TV.


Report #27 July 3, North Shore, 10:30pm-1:30am, high tide 11:43pm

SW 10-15kts wind, flat surf, clean water, moon (98%) behind clouds.

No strikes, no stripers, no sea robins, not even a bump, skunked.


Report #26 June 26, North Shore, 9:30pm-11:10pm, low tide 11:35pm

NW 10-15kts wind, 0.5' surf, dirty water with weeds, moon behind clouds.

Scouting north at low tide, water level 8'-9' below high tide mark;

you can see structures and walk on it! process caught short fluke and short striper.


Report #25 June 25, Fire Island Inlet, 9:30pm-12:00am, high tide 12:11am (6/26)

N 15-19kts wind, flat surf, weeds, water measured at 72F, moon 26%.

Fished current slack and beginning of incoming, had one strike and fish on for short time.

Half of my casts wasted due to weeds, plus some "fire in the water".


Report #24 June 23, Fire Island, 10:30pm-1:00am, high tide 10:29pm

N 10kts wind, 1.5' surf, very clean water, no moon light.

Fished open beach ......nice walk and look for beach structure.

one bluefish.


Report #23 June 22, Fire Island Inlet, 10:15pm-11:50pm, high tide 9:46m

W 2-9kts wind, flat surf, semi clean water, light rain.

Not even a bump, but all you want action ...from mosquitoes, ...short trip.


So far poor statistics for 2012 surf casting season:

17 stripers (7 keepers 28-35", 9 shorts, 1 rat), 7 bluefish, 2 short fluke


Report #22 June 18, Fire Island Inlet, 9:30pm-12:00am, high tide 7:19pm

SE 7-10kts wind, flat surf, no moonlight, clean water on incoming,

but some weeds on outgoing current, and  the worst: "fire in the water"

a bloom of bioluminescence plankton (I think called: dnioflagellates).

Any disturbs in water (by line or lure) will activate the bluish / greenish glow. 

....some action thanks to one short fish (26") at the end of trip....


Report #21 June 17, Fire Island, 9:30pm-12:00am, high tide 6:41pm

ENE 9-14kts wind, 2' surf, clean water. Fished with my son John at open beach

and inside the inlet, we have a good time, but caught only one baby fluke. 


Report #20 June 16, North Shore, 10:30pm-12:30am, high tide 10:04pm

ENE 10-13kts cool wind, 0.5'-1' surf, clean water, overcast, no moonlight.

A lot of guys on beach soaking bait, without any action.

just one short fish @24", time to go south......


Report #19 June 15, North Shore, 9:30pm-12:30am, high tide 9:19pm

SE 8-0kts wind, flat surf, clean water, no moon. Worked hard for two strikes.

28" on super slow retrieve, snagged small fluke, and caught only one sea robin.


Report #18 June 12, North Shore, 5:30pm-7:45pm, high tide 6:49pm

SE 8kts wind, flat surf, clean water, light rain. Daylight scouting at north shore beach.

#1, fluke 19"


#2, short striper


#3, small bluefish, ....all fished released, including 5 searobins.


Report #17 June 12, Fire Island, 4:00pm-5:00pm, high tide 2:44pm

SSE 13kts wind, 3' surf, clean water, rain.

Scouting and fishing open beach on east side, not a bump, no life.


Report #16 June 10, Fire Island, 12:15am-2:30am, high tide 12:26am

SE 4kts wind, surf in 2' swells, clean water, moon mostly behind clouds.

Fished open beach for change, had a lot of bumps and strikes, but all from small fish.

caught one short striper....


...and 3 small bluefish, plus lost many more fish...


Report #15 June 8, North Shore, 2:15am-5:00am, high tide 2:38am

No wind, flat surf, clean water at 65F, 84% visible moon. A lot of splashes around 3am.

Stripers feeding on small bait, "fish on" 6 times, landed 2 stripers, plus 3 sea robins.

#1 "mini rat" the smallest one so far... 


#2 @28.5"


sunrise @5:21 am



Report #14 June 6, Fire Island Inlet, 10:00pm-11:50pm, high tide 9:41pm

SW 18-13 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, no weeds or slime, clean water at 65.4F,

Moon (97%) rise at 10:31pm and after that behind clouds. No baitfish,

no strikes , no stripers, not even a bump, skunked.


Report #13 June 4, North Shore, 10:15pm-12:10am, high tide 11:58pm

NNE 20-15 kts wind, 3'-4' surf, super high tide up to grass, full moon behind clouds.

Wow, strong wind blowing in face, big surf with white water, got soaked!

Caught 2 shorts and 33" striper and had a entire beach for myself.

#2 @ 33" used big and heavy lures, super strike bottle plug did the job well in rough surf.


#3 @ ~26" all fish released at the edge of water...


Report #12 June 3, North Shore, 9:00pm-11:55pm, high tide 11:04pm

NW 10-17 kts wind, high tide ~3' above normal, a lot of moon light.

Worked hard to get 5 strikes, caught 1 rat, 2 shorts and nice 35" striper.

#3 @~26"


#4 @ 35" fat boy, all fish released quickly in perfect shape....


Report #11 June 2, North Shore, 10:00pm-11:50pm, high tide 10:09pm

WNW 6-13 kts wind, 0.5' surf,  light brown water,  moon light,

Back to North Shore spot after 3 years, long walk from car, but got nice surprise.

Had 10 strikes, connected to 6 fish, landed 26", 29" and 28".

second fish 29", used my weakfish light tackle and had a blast...


Report #10 May 21, Fire Island Inlet, 9:00pm-11:00pm, high tide 8:20pm

ENE 9-15 kts wind, flat surf,  water at 62F, very dark night thanks to new moon,

rain and overcast. Brown slime made fishing very difficult, cleaned line after every cast,

can't feel lure action correctly, ......but got lucky on one cast with less weeds...

first striper of the season..... only 28"... traditional - "kiss and release"


Report #9 May 20, Fire Island, 9:20pm-11:00pm, high tide 7:46pm

ENE 13-17 kts wind, 0'-1' surf,  some brown slime in water, overcast, dark night.

Had a good strike and "fish on", but lost her after a short fight.


Report #8 May 15, Fire Island, 7:15pm-9:30pm, high tide 4:14pm

S 13 kts wind, 1'-3' surf,  mostly clear water at 58F, overcast with fog.

Scouting for new spots with cleaner water. Caught some "yellow eyes" 

small bluefish feeding close to bottom........


Report #7 May 7, Fire Island Inlet, 9:10pm-11:00pm, high tide 9:07pm

S 9 kts wind, flat surf,  measured water temp at 59F, overcast without moon light..

Got nice bump on beginning of the trip, ....after that cleaning the line form brown slime on every cast. 


Report #6 April 28, Fire Island Inlet, 3:30pm-7:15pm, low tide 7:00pm

SSW 20-15 kts wind, 1' surf, water with some weeds, sun to overcast.

Looking for baitfish or any action from Demo to RM bridge, all quiet.

used squid imitating lures...snagged two needlefish - here is the good size baitfish.


Report #5 April 26, Fire Island Inlet, 10:30pm-12:15am, high tide 11:14pm

WSW 10 kts wind, 0-1' surf, clean water at temp of 55.5F, from fog to overcast.

Very dark night, but no baitfish or any strikes. Time for new location.


Report #4 April 22, Fire Island Inlet, 9:30am-11:30am, high tide 8:47pm

N 15 kts wind, flat surf, warm water at 59F, air 50F, from overcast to rain.

Daylight scouting inside the inlet, caught one ~5 lbs bluefish.

first fish of the season.....


Report #4 April 21, Fire Island Inlet, 9:20pm-11:20pm, high tide 8:14pm

S 15-17 kts wind, 0-1' surf, clean water, overcast, new moon tide.

Connected to one fish for a very short time,.....she was gone after big splash.


Report #3 April 15, Fire Island Inlet, 9:00pm-10:30pm, low tide 10:32pm

SWW 9-11 kts wind, flat surf, water temp at 55F, overcast.

Wrong tide, but went fishing anyway, no baitfish around, no strikes.


Report #2 April 7, Fire Island Inlet, 8:45pm-10:15pm, high tide 8:34pm

NW 9 kts wind, flat surf, measured water temp at 53F, air at 56F, full moon.

Strong tide, no moon light thanks to overcast. Nice night to be out, got only one bump.


Report #1 April 1, Robert Moses area, 12:30pm-4:30pm, high tide 3:27pm

SW 9 kts wind, flat surf, very clean water at temp of 48F.

Went scouting to check beach access; RM5 & RM2 open.  

Done some casting in inlet, just testing equipment and new fishing line, Sufix 40lbs.


Democrat Point and Sore Thumb 4WD - open for fishing.


Gilgo Beach 4WD - closed, surprise here.



Sunset 2/7/2012  Got NY State Parks 4WD beach access permit ($65)


Sunset 1/24/2012


Sunset 1/14/2012


Sunset 1/8/2012



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