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My Fishing Reports from Long Island.

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Statistics for 2011 surf casting season:

67 stripers (57 keepers 28"-38", 10 shorts), 35 bluefish


Sunset 12/30/2011


Report #82 December 15, Fire Island Inlet, 9:00pm -11:10pm, high tide 10:46pm

SW 17-25 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, water at 52F, overcast, no moon light.

No strikes or bumps on last day of my fishing season. Time to clean equipment. 


Report #81 December 12, Fire Island Inlet, 9:10pm -11:15pm, high tide 8:21pm

W 10 kts wind, flat surf, very clean water at 49.8F, full moon behind some clouds.

Too much moon light again, a lot of silverside bait around, but no fish for me. 


Report #80 December 10, Fire Island Inlet, 6:55pm -8:10pm, high tide 7:02pm

NNW 13-15 kts wind, flat surf, clean water at 50F, clear sky with full moon.

Very bright moon, fishing in daylight, not a touch. 


Report #79 December 9, Fire Island Inlet, 6:15pm -7:30pm, high tide 6:23pm

SSW 15-17 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, clean water at 52F, from overcast to full moon.

No strikes or bumps, spotted some small baitfish and a seal fishing around.


Report #78 December 5, Fire Island Inlet, 5:10am -6:30am, high tide 2:57am

No wind, flat surf, clean water, fog, warm again, air at 52F. Lost lure and got skunked.


Report #77 December 4, Fire Island Inlet, 1:15am -3:30am, high tide 2:07am

No wind, flat surf, water at 50.5F, overcast to clear sky, moon set 1:22am.

#1 @31" at 1:47am on Yo-Zuri crystal minnow magnum (6.5") in blueback herring color


#2 @27" at 2:43am ...a lot of effort for two small fish.....


Report #76 December 2, Fire Island Inlet, 10:00pm -1:50am, high tide 1:16am

NNW 10-15 kts wind, flat surf, water at 50F, clear sky, moon set 12:23am.

Had two small fish at 29" (12:56am) & 28" (1:16am on blueback herring imitation).

#1 @29" fat boy, hit on very slow retrieve: 5-6 seconds per turn (33"/ turn)


December 1, Scouting RM2 at 10am, no life. Spotted with binoculars

a few diving gannets east of RM5, but 1-2 miles off shore.


Report #75 November 30, Fire Island Inlet, 11:10pm -1:10am, high tide 11:33pm

NW 20-25 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, water at 53F, air 43F, clear sky, but no moon light.

Fished big lures for big cows, skunked. Lost one night of fishing due to back problem.


Report #74 November 28, Fire Island Inlet, 9:30pm -12:10am, high tide 9:42pm

S 7-0 kts wind, flat surf, water with eel grass, record warm air @57F and calm .

Fished two spots without a touch, a summer night with a few mosquitoes!?.

Give up after spotting a seal, ....cold water mammal in 55F water?!


So far statistics for 2011 surf casting season:

63 stripers (54 keepers 28-38", 9 shorts), 35 bluefish (61 stripers caught at night)


Report #73 November 27, Fire Island, 8:00pm -10:10pm, high tide 8:45pm

SW 17-21 kts wind, 1-3' surf, water at 54F with some eel grass, very warm night.

Had only one bump for two hours of casting, saw small baitfish: spearing.


Report #72 November 26, Fire Island, 8:00pm -10:00pm, high tide 7:51pm

SW 7 kts wind, flat surf, clean water, clear sky, no moon, another peaceful and slow night.

#1 @33" at 8:43pm, my first ever fish on the Super Strike Darter


#2 @26" at 9:28pm, had a lot of bumps, downsized lure and got short fish, ...went home.


Sunset 11/26/2011 at 4:29pm 


Report #71 November 25, Fire Island, 8:00pm -10:10pm, high tide 6:58pm

SW 13-10 kts wind, 1'-0' surf, clean water, clear sky, new moon, peaceful night.

Slow moving water, got one strike and two bumps. Practice time with lures.

Landed one fish @32" at 8:07pm


Report #70 November 23, Fire Island, 6:00pm -7:30pm, high tide 5:12pm

N 23-29 kts wind, flat surf, clean water measured at 53F, overcast after rain.

Landed 2 fish, lost fight with 3 more, missed 2 strikes.

#1 @ 32" at 6:41pm


#2 @ 33" at 7:18pm, forceful hit, good fighter.....


Report #69 November 23, Fire Island, 5:00am -6:30am, high tide 4:49am

SSW 25-31 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, water with eel grass and debris, rain, tide 2' extra.

Had only 2 fish 32" and 28", tough condition for proper lure presentation.

#1 at 32" @5:59am


Report #68 November 22, Fire Island, 5:10pm -7:00pm, high tide 4:14pm

E 19-25 kts wind, 1' surf, clean water, heavy rain.

Had fish on every cast for one hour, caught 13 stripers (12 keepers 28"-35"),

lost in fight 7 more fish, missed many strikes, not easy to setup hook in that side wind.

#1 @34" at 5:15pm, on first cast


#5 at 5:37pm....what a many fish in water?


#12 at 6:26pm, ......all fish released quickly in perfect condition.


Report #67 November 22, Fire Island, 5:00am -6:30am, high tide 3:54am

E 13-15 kts wind, flat surf, clean water with some eel grass, overcast.

Fast moving water, took me some time to locate fish, worked hard to get strikes.

They feeding on anchovies,....I am casting yellow SS bottle plug a "bunker imitation"?!

Had ~20 bumps and 7strikes, connected to 5 fish, landed 3 keepers: 34", 35" & 33".

kept one fish for Thanksgiving dinner (no pics form beach, I forgot my camera)


baitfish: 3"-4"anchovies


Report #66 November 21, Fire Island Inlet, 5:00am -6:00am, high tide 2:55am

NW 11kts wind, flat surf, murky water at 54F, light rain to overcast.

Got one bump, baitfish around, stopped at ocean beach, no life.


Report #65 November 20, Fire Island Inlet, 5:05am -6:10am, high tide 1:56am

SW 17-25kts wind, 0-1' surf, clean water, moon at 36%.

Got to the inlet behind schedule, had two strikes and landed two keepers 35" and 34".

#1 @35" at  5:13am


on the way back stopped at Robert Moses beach......sunrise at 6:45am


4'-5' surf, white water,....birds going nuts.......diving gannets two casts away

I hope herring are on the way to the inlet, ....could be good fishing soon.


Report #64 November 19, Fire Island Inlet, 12:20am -2:10am, high tide 12:59am

WSW 15-20kts wind, 1' surf, water measured at 50.5F, moon at 47%.

Did some scouting of the inlet in daylight, saw baitfish and stripers caught by boats.

Nothing for my effort. SW wind in forecast, going to open beach tonight.


Report #63 November 17, Fire Island Inlet, 4:10am -6:15am, low tide 5:02am

NW15-17kts wind, flat surf, clean water at 55F without eelgrass, overcast.

Fished outgoing current in inlet for change, strikes...skunked #9.

Quick stop at RM2 & RM5, coffee color water, diving gannets 1-2 miles off shore.

A lot off working birds in front of field #2. I hope herring will be here soon.


Report #62 November 15, Fire Island, 10:00pm -1:00am, high tide 10:15pm

No wind, 0-1' surf, water at 55F, overcast  - no moon light, very warm night.

Fished with all lures from my surf bag, not a touch, and no baitfish around. 

Use peaceful condition to test lures presentation and minimum retrieve speed.

Skunked #8, is time to explore new locations and tides.


Report #61 November 13, Fire Island, 8:15pm -10:50pm, high tide 8:41pm

SSW 23-27kts wind, 1-2' surf, measured water at 55F, some clouds, warm,

moon light on and off, tide 1'-2' below normal level. Skunked again #7.

With strong wind and weak water current - very difficult to present lures correctly.


Report #60 November 12, Fire Island, 8:10pm -11:00pm, high tide 8:02pm

SW 20-15kts wind, 1-0' surf,  moon light, weak tide 2'-3' below normal level.

Missed one strike, lost 2 lures, very warm night, not a best fishing trip....


Report #59 November 11, Robert Moses, 6:30am -7:30am, high tide 6:55am

WNW 27-33kts  wind, 2-3' surf, clean water (at temp of 56.7F data from NDBC44025)

Traditional good day of fishing 11/11, but not this year, no herring , no shad, no bunker...

Sunrise 11/11/11 at 6:35am


Report #58 November 10, Fire Island, 6:00pm -9:00pm, high tide 6:46pm

WNW 14kts  wind, 1-2' surf, water at 56.5F, from overcast & fog to full moon light.

Had one fish on SS needle, but lost her after short fight - failure to upgrade hooks to VMC.

The bright moon show-up and killed the bite.


Sunset 11/9/2011, Scouting at sunset, no life. To much moon light tonight to fish,

waiting for overcast or rain. Moon rise 3:51pm, set 6:24am (11/10 is full moon).


Report #57 November 8, Fire Island, 4:20am -6:00am, high tide 5:08am

No wind, 0-1' surf, water at 53F, no moon (set @4:27am), clear sky.

Tough season, bait, no fish, no people, .... wow, skunked for a third time!


Report #56 November 6, Fire Island, 5:30pm -8:00pm, high tide 3:55pm

SW 13-17kts wind, flat surf, clean water, very bright moon (68%), clear sky.

Fished end of incoming and beginning of outgoing current, skunked again!

Worked a lot with the newest toy in my surf bag: R. M. Smith Danny, metal lip swimmer


Report #55 November 5, Fire Island, 4:10am -7:00am, high tide 3:48am

NNE 20-25kts wind, flat surf, water @52F, air at 42F, no moon, winter cold!

Used all the lures in picture above, not even a bump.... only small baitfish ~2" in water.


November 4, 2011, 10 year anniversary for web site!


So far poor statistics for 2011 surf casting season:

38 stripers (31 keepers 28-38", 7 shorts), 35 bluefish

This season is a "bunker bite", all striper caught at night.


Report #54 November 3, Fire Island, 2:00am -4:30am, high tide 1:58am

SW 5-15kts wind, 1' surf, water @55F, air at 48F, no moon, (set @12:33am)

Had only two strikes, connected to two fish, lost one after short fight.

#1 @35" at 3:17am


Sunset 11/2/2011 @5:49pm


11/2/2011 Quick scouting of Robert Moses beaches at 7:30am, NE 5-10kts wind,

3'-4' surf, low tide 6:13am, very clean water, birds flying (not diving) half mile off shore,

no action according to fellow surfcaster.


Report #53 October 31, Fire Island, 10:30pm -1:00am, high tide 12:02am (11/1)

NE 5-10kts wind, flat surf, water @52F, air at 48F, some overcast, no moon light.

Used extended menu of surf lures without a touch, spearing around, but no fish.


Report #52 October 30, Fire Island, 9:20pm -11:15pm, high tide 11:02pm

NW 0-5kts wind, 0'-1' surf, poor clarity water @49.5F but no weeds, air at beach 42F,

air at land 32F, started casting lures after moon set (9:17pm), peaceful night with sky

full of stars. Spotted baitfish is shallow water: spearing (Atlantic Silverside) size 3"-4".

One strike, landed one fish (29"@10:35pm) on very slow retrieve, released quickly.


Report #51 October 29, Fire Island, 9:00pm -10:15pm, high tide 10:02pm

N 20-35kts wind, 2'-3' surf, air @38F, water @53F, wet snow, brutal condition.

Gave my best shot, but the fish were not cooperating, my gloves got wet, and my fingers got frozen.

Went back to my car with the windshield covered completely with snow, crazy weather.


Report #50 October 28, Fire Island, 9:00pm -11:45pm, high tide 9:06pm

NE 10-15kts wind, flat surf, clean water, cold, water @55.7F, overcast.

Had a good size fish on my first cast, but the line broke and I lost her with the lure, sucks!

Caught only one 34" fish at the end of trip @11:32pm ~current slack


Report #49 October 27, Fire Island, 9:00pm-11:00pm, high tide 8:13pm

N 20-30kts wind, 1'-0' surf, clean water, cold, air @42F, water @58F, light drizzle.

Nasty weather, no boat traffic, no people, good fishing: 2 keepers, 2 shorts.

#1 @38" (19lbs) at 9:26pm, nice fight....first small score in hunt for big stripers......


#2 @28" at 9:48pm


#4 short fish at 10:27pm, dark night - used dark color lures



So far statistics for 2011 surf casting season:

31 stripers (26 keepers 28-36", 5 shorts), 35 bluefish


Report #48 October 26, Fire Island Inlet, 8:35pm-11:00pm, high tide 7:22pm

Light SW wind, 1'-2' surf, clean water, warm , some overcast.

Can't find baitfish, strong tide and current thanks to new moon, nice night to be out.

Had 2 strikes and 2 bumps, landed one short fish, ....they want only needlefish.....


Tested new lures storage system from; good quality, inexpensive,

fast shipping (received next day), nice addition to surfcasting tackle, recommended.     


Report #47 October 25, Fire Island Inlet, 7:15pm-10:00pm, high tide 6:30pm

No wind, flat surf, clean water at 60.2F, very warm and peaceful night with sky full of stars.

Spotted baitfish; small and big size. Fished incoming and beginning of outgoing current.

...extended menu tonight with big offerings, takers.....all fish went to Jones Beach


Report #46 October 24, Fire Island Inlet, 6:00pm-7:30pm, high tide 5:36pm

SW  10kts wind, flat surf, light rain, tide running strong, some eel grass.

Spotted at dusk baitfish size of adult bunker jumping out of water ....just  for fun.

Started too early and left too early, got skunked. Good fishing tides coming soon.


Sunset 10/24/2011


Sunset 10/23/2011 @6:00pm  Scouting Robert Moses beaches at sunset.  No life.


Sunset 10/22/2011 @6:03pm  Fish on,, this guy snag the bottom on open beach.

West 15-20kts wind. Fished after sunset for 2 hours with Walter and Gregory, no luck.


Report #45 October 22, Fire Island Inlet, 3:30am-6:30am, high tide 3:23am

W  5-15kts wind, flat surf, noon light, no weeds water at 59.9F

Had 3 strikes, landed 3 fish, 2 keepers, one short. Enjoyed place for my self.

#1 @29" on second cast at 3:35am ...light wind - easy to control lure and set the hook.


#2 @30.5" at 3:44am


#3 @ 27" at 6:22am, ....bonus at dawn



Sunset 10/21/2011 daylight scouting of Demo, Robert Moses and Fire Island Inlet.


working birds at back side ( in inlet ) ..... noticed some bait fish too....


10/21/2011,  nice surf 3'-6', W15-25kts wind, water fairly clean.


Report #44 October 19, Fire Island Inlet, 11:55pm-2:00am, high tide 1:27am (10/20)

SSW  0-20kts wind, 1'-3' surf, white water, overcast just after downpour, very dark night.

Had 6 strikes, connected to 4 fish, landed 3 fish in range 27"-28", enjoyed beach for my self.

#3 @28" ...the tide was 2'-3' extra due to storm, and sea was angry tonight...

(caught that fish before on Oct 17, report #42)                  


#1 @27".... I know this guy from yesterday... I am catching and releasing the same fish?


Report #43 October 18, Fire Island Inlet, 11:15pm-1:30am, high tide 12:31am (10/19)

ENE 0-5kts wind, flat surf, no weeds, measured water at 63.8F, overcast, no moon light.

#1 @~28" ...on third cast......went out only with 6 lures in surf bag.........


#2 @27"  ...used yellow and black color swimmers....


Same story; spent most of time hunting for cows with big lures ...without any luck



Sunset 10/18/2011 checking open beach at Robert Moses around sunset, no life.


Report #42 October 17, Fire Island Inlet, 11:10pm-1:30am, high tide 11:38pm

SW 25-15kts wind, 2'-1' surf, no weeds, moon light.

Spent most of my trip hunting for big fish with large swimming plugs ...without any luck.

...caught only one small fish (~28"), and missed one more strike....too much moon light.


Report #41 October 16, Fire Island Inlet, 9:30pm-11:50pm, high tide 10:48pm

SW 25-20kts wind, 2'-1' surf, no weeds water, overcast with some light rain.

Had 11 strikes, connected to 7 fish, landed 6 fish in range 28"-36".

Good fishing = no moon light + crazy wind + white water + light rain

#6 @36" ... so far... finest of this season....left them biting....


#3 @30"


#1 @31"



Report #40 October 15, Fire Island Inlet, 9:00pm-11:50pm, high tide 10:04pm

SW 25-15kts wind, 2'-1' surf, clean water, measured temp at 63.6F, moon light.

No problem with wind tonight, had 3 strikes, landed 3 fish.

#1 @33" at 10:00pm, yellow-white Super Strike bottle plug worked well with moon light,

tried other colors and plugs without any luck.


#2 @32"


#3 @31" on "last cast"



Report #39 October 14, Fire Island Inlet, 9:20pm-11:45pm, high tide 9:25pm

SW 25-35kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clean water, moon light. Connected to 6 fish, landed only 3.

Very difficult condition to cast and to set a hook, got soaked, crazy wind in face.

#1 @28"


#2 @30"


#3 @28"



10/12/11, 8am, short stop before work at RM, clean water at 65F in surf. No action.


Report #38 October 8-10, canoeing, camping and fishing in Adirondacks

camp site at Lows Lake


Bog River Flow bass, caught about 10 small fish


Sunrise 10/9/2011 Hitching Pond, view from camp site #5


Report #37 October 6, Robert Moses, 5:00pm-7:25pm, high tide 3:44pm

NW 5kts wind, flat surf, very clean water. Caught 2 big bluefish and lost one in surf.

36" yellow eye fighting machine.......

35" big belly meat processor.....


Report #36 October 5, Robert Moses, 6:00pm-7:45pm, high tide 2:46pm

NNW 20kts wind, flat surf, very clean water, at temp of 66.6F measured in surf.

Sunset 10/5/2011 @ 6:28pm  ......fished with big plugs after dark... nothing......


Report #35 October 2, Robert Moses, 5:30am-7:30am, low tide 5:35am

SW 20kts wind, 2'-3' surf, water at 69F with some eel grass. No life.

....catch of the day: sunrise....


Report #34 October 1, Robert Moses, 6:00pm-7:00pm, low tide 5:28pm

NNE 10-13kts wind, 2'-3' swells, fairly clear water at temp of 69.9F - measured  in surf.

....eel grass is gone, baitfish still in surf, no strikes or fish.....  


Report #33 September 30, Robert Moses, 7:00am-8:00am, high tide 9:53am

SSW 10-15kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clear water, but with eel grass. Some spots

with less weeds. Looks like Tuesday's new moon flashed out a lot of eel grass form GSB.

Saw  in surf schools of baitfish 2"-4" size.

Quick stop before work, caught only one small bluefish on weed-less lure. 


Sunrise 9/30/2011 @ 6:46am



Sunset 9/24/2011 Went to Cedar Beach in afternoon looking for mullet run,....none.

Fished Robert Moses at sunset without any luck.



Report #34 September 23, Fire Island Inlet, 5:20pm-8:00pm, high tide 4:08pm

SW 5-10kts wind, 0'-1' surf, clean water, overcast, some rain.

Finally got bend on my fishing pole,.... caught 2 small bluefish on popper.


The mullet schools on the move.....size 6"-7", top water blue lures are first choice.



Report #33 September 22, Robert Moses, 9:10pm-11:00pm, low tide 10:20pm

SSW 5-7kts wind, 1'-3' surf, water with some eel grass, overcast, fog.

Fished swimming plugs and bucktails on last of outgoing tide, not a touch.


Report #32 September 20, Robert Moses, 3:00pm-5:00pm, high tide 1:03pm

SW 10kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clean water, overcast.

...the same story again; no baitfish, no birds, no fish.....


...quick stop at bay side....removed some skunk with short fluke.



Sunset 9/18/2011 Scouting and fishing Demo at sunset, no life, zero fish again.


9/18/2011 7am-9am, Went to Overlook beach and took walk to Sore Thumb, the location

is in good shape after storm Irene, ...good for police cars, but  not for beach buggies ?!?!.



Sunset 9/17/2011 Robert Moses, fished open beach after sunset without a touch.


Report #31 September 10, Location: Demo, 5:00pm-7:00pm, high tide 6:43pm

Scouting Demo after Irene and Katia storms, all quiet, no action, no bait.

The bar is open for cars, but very flat, still low clarity water in inlet.

Sunset 9/10/2011


Report #30 September 7, Location: Gilgo, 6:00pm-7:00pm, high tide 4:10pm

E 10-15 kts wind, 4'-6' surf, clean water. Quick stop after work without any luck.

FYI: The Fisherman Surf Fishing Show & Workshop at Huntington Hilton,

next week, September 15 @ 6pm.

Great surf, thanks to hurricane Katia (forecast: 11' surf for Friday)


Report #29 September 5, Location: Robert Moses, 7:30pm-9:00pm, low tide 9:05pm

SSE 15-20 kts wind, 2'-4' surf, clean water at temp of 72.4F measured in surf.

Caught fresh air and salt spray in face. No fish or strikes.

Nice surf, good casting practice with bucktails.


Sore Thumb 4WD access closed after storm Irene. (Demo is open)


Gilgo 4WD closed already for second year. Good job NYS Parks !??!


Report #28 July 23, Location: Demo, 11:00pm-1:15am, high tide 2:09am

SW 5-15 kts wind, 3' surf, dirty water at temp of 75F. Caught one searobin.

Went to beach to scout and cool down with my son John. Demo is reopen on beach side

for 4WD up to jetty. Spotted two seals at the point, and later one fishing next to me in inlet.

Hot summer surf fishing results.... waiting for end of August......


Report #27 June 26, Location: SS-M2-07-03, 4:00am-5:10am, high tide 3:46am

W 0-5 kts wind, 0-2' surf, clear water at temp of 70F. Not enough wind to keep off

mosquitoes and black flies. Caught one small bluefish and nice sunrise.

I will slow down my fishing efforts now and save energy for fall run. I will fish

storms and bad weather mostly this summer.


Sunrise 5:21am, 6/26/2011, quick stop for sunrise pictures.


Report #26 June 15, Location: SS-M2-03-04, 9:30pm-12:30am, high tide 7:42pm

SE 13-15 kts wind at the end of trip, flat surf, moon light all time, slack at ~10:40pm

Extra 2 feet tide, very strong current at full moon night. Caught 5 bluefish 26"-34"

34" fighting machine, bluefish in town again...but you need to work to connect.



Report #25 June 14, Location: SS-M2-02-09, 9:00pm-11:30pm, high tide 6:52pm

NNE 13-15 kts wind, flat surf, from overcast with light rain to full moon light.

Caught 9 bluefish 28"-33" and one ~22".

Big bluefish feeding on school of adult bunker.....


pushed school of bunker to sand and got this "fresh bait", live lined,

got instant run off and quick cut off... another bluefish.........


Big bluefish on every cast for one hour...

....tried to go under them .... for stripers.... no chance.....



6/14/2010 - daylight scouting of north shore beaches


6/12/2010 - daylight scouting of south shore beaches


Report #24 June 11, Location: SS-M2-08-04, 3:15am-5:30am, high tide 3:19am

E 13-15 kts wind, 0'-1' surf, dark night with overcast and light rain, water at 67F.

Zero fish and weeds becoming a problem, time to move on to new location.


Report #23 June 9-10, Location: SS-M2-07-04, 11:30pm-2:00am, high tide 2:17am

SW 0-17 kts wind, 0'-2' surf, worked hard with different plugs and colors, not even a bump.

Caught 10lbs of sea weeds, cleaned line often on beginning of trip.

Measured water temp 66.9F on incoming current and 70F on outgoing.


A lot of guys asking me, where I fish. Sorry I can't unveil my spots.

I created 5 maps of location I fish. I will show in my reports how, when, but not where.

Location: SS-M2-07-03 (SS -South Shore,  M2- Map #2,  07- specific place on map)


Report #22 June 7, Location: SS-M2-07-03, 9:15pm-12:30am, low tide 6:25pm

SW 13 kts wind, 1'-3' surf, current slack about 9:30pm.

Had 4 strikes, connected to 3 fish, landed only one. Not good math.

One of the lost fish made my reel's drag singing "z z z z z" for 30 seconds

31" strike on yellow, 3 on white........



Report #21 June 5, Location: SS-M2-07-02, 9:00pm-11:30pm, high tide 10:30pm

SE 3-5 kts wind, flat surf, Tested some new lures without a touch.

Sunset 6/5/2011


Report #20 June 4, Location: SS-M2-07-03, 9:30pm-12:30pm, high tide 9:41pm

ESE 17-21 kts cold wind, 0-1' flat surf,  water at 63.0F.

Had 3 strikes, lost two small fish after short fight. Limited access to spot #07.


Report #19 June 3, Location: SS-M2-07, 9:30pm-11:30pm, high tide 8:57pm

N 4-12 kts - just enough wind to keep off mosquitoes, flat surf,  water at 63.5F.

Caught 4 stripers, all keepers and all on yellow brand new Super Strike bottle plug.

First 3 strikes - landed only one fish, changed factory front treble hook to VMC

and got fish on every strike after that.

#2 @32" Front hook - for stripers, rear hook - for bluefish.


#3 @ 34"


#4 @29"



Report #18 June 1, Location: SS-M2-08-04, 9:30pm-11:30pm, high tide 7:41pm

SSW 17-28 kts, 1'-3' surf,  water at 65F.

Nice storm with very stiff wind in face at the new moon night. Worked hard for nothing to show.

A lot of pro guys at the beach, didn't see any fish landed.



Report #17 May 29, Location: SS-M4-04-05, 8:00pm-9:30pm, high tide 5:45pm

S 15-22 kts wind in face, 1' surf, clean water, but weeds at the end of "bluefish trip".

No fish again, snagged two very small fluke and some shrimps.

Striper's candy (~10" fluke)


~2.0" shrimp - Fluke's candy. I think fluke were feasting on shrimps.


Striper's snack - used big swimmers to attract cows.....without any luck.



Report #16 May 28, Location: SS-M2-03-07, 3:00am-5:30am, high tide 4:31am

S 12 kts wind, 0-1' surf, clean water. No moon, fog, dark night.

No fish, had only one "bump", tested some new lures - plugs.

Sunrise 5/28/2011 at 5:25am


Report #15 May 27, Location: SS-M2-02-07, 12:30am-3:30am, high tide 3:38am

S 6 kts wind, 0-2' surf, clean water. No moon light most of the time.

Caught one short striper.

Small fish ~23"


The weapons of the hunt..... saw big baitfish jumping..... used big plugs.



Report #14 May 24, Fire Island Inlet, 10:30pm-1:00am, low tide 8:11pm

No wind = some bugs, flat surf, clean water. Current slack around 11:00pm.

No moon light. Caught one striper.

33" - the same spot, lure and tide stage (12:45am)



Report #13 May 22, Fire Island Inlet, 8:00-11:00pm, low tide 6:10pm

E 15-20 kts wind, 0-1' surf, super clean water. Current slack about 9:00pm.

Overcast, no moon light. Caught two bluefish and one striper.

All fish on yellow super strike bottle plug and after dark......


34" - first striper of the 2011 season (10:32pm)


Report #12 May 20, Fire Island Inlet, 6:30-9:30pm, low tide 4:29pm

SE 4 kts wind, 0' surf, clean water at 57F. Current slack at 7:20pm.

Scouting trip, located a lot bait fish size of one inch and size 3-4".

Saw some good size blackfish. I need to go back there in 2-3 days,

when the current slack is after dark.


Report #11 May 16, Fire Island Inlet, 7:00-9:30pm, high tide 7:09pm

E 12-18 kts wind, 0' surf, some weeds in water. Caught seven bluefish.

First two fish on popper


After dark used  needlefish (weeds resistant plug) in hunt for stripers...... more bluefish


Report #10 May 15, Fire Island Inlet, 6:30-8:30pm, high tide 6:19pm

S 11 kts wind, 0' surf, water at 58F. Caught five medium size bluefish.

Tested Alberto's  knot  to connect mono leader to braid line.

Works perfectly, no more barrel swivel, much safer for rod tip, highly recommended.

The knot info in book "The Hunt for Big Stripers", by Zeno Hromin, page 168,

or search on Internet.

Good fighting machine to test Crazy Alberto's knot.....


All fish (most on poppers) released in good shape.



Report #9 May 14, Fire Island Inlet, 6:30-9:30pm, high tide 5:25pm

E 6 kts wind, 0' surf, Some weeds in water at 56F.

Caught two small bluefish.

Bluefish on first cast.....


Sex on the beach?


Report #8 May 13, South Shore, 5:45-9:30pm, high tide 4:27pm

S 7 kts wind, 1-3' surf, clean water at 55F.

Zero fish, the seal pup-up again in my spot. I guess she lost passport,

and can't go back to Canada.

Sunset 5/13/2011


Report #7 May 3, South Shore, 7:15-9:45pm, high tide 8:08pm

S 16-20 kts wind, 2-4' surf, clean water at temp 52.7F.

On the way to the beach I passed by a spot with big crowds, a lot of sticks,

and two were bent, I think by bluefish. I don't fish with crowds,

found no man zone, and got two bumps and snagged skate.

After the sunset a seal pup came next to me to have a look and play.

I had a close encounter with a seal for about 10 minutes!

Unusual surf experience, explains zero fish for me tonight.

sunset 5/3/11


Report #6 May 1, Fire Island Inlet, 7:30-8:40pm, high tide 7:01pm

SE 15-19 kts cold wind, 0' surf, water temp 52F, some weeds.

Fished last of incoming current, skunked again,... time to change fishing to golf.



Report #5 April 30, South Shore beach, 8:30-10:30pm, high tide 6:24pm

WSW 2kts wind, 3'-4' surf in swells, water temp 52.5F, dark night.

2 hrs plugging after dark, not a touch.........snagged small skate only.



Report #4 April 27, Robert Moses, 6:00-7:40pm, high tide 4:07pm

SSE 19-21kts wind, 4'-5' surf, clean water at temp 46F, dense fog.

Fished big surf,...... had fun, but no fish.


"Construction Area" is back "Keep Out", plus Air Station is closed.

4WD Demo entrance moved to East corner of parking field 2.



April 24, Easter party at friend's house with small lake at his backyard.

Had short opportunity to fish small spinners with ultra light tackle.

Caught ~10" yellow perch and ~14" bass. Not bad for 10 casts.



Report #3 April 23, Demo 4WD, 3:00pm-5:15pm, high tide 12:27pm

SSE 15-20kts wind, 4'-5' surf, water temp 44.1F, overcast with fog.

Fishing, scouting and testing new reel (VS200). No fish or strikes.

The water is still cold. (May 1, 2010 water temp was 52F).

Good surf for manual pickup practice on bailless reel.


Fished hard with lures at ocean side and at inlet without a touch.

Very dirty water in inlet, but okay at open beach.



Report #2 April 17, Robert Moses #2, 6:00pm, high tide 7:30pm

SSW 14-17kts wind, 4'-6' surf, water temp 43.7F

Scouting beach after storm,..... without fishing gears.

fishy surf........unexpectedly clean water


nice breakers......


Report #1 April 2, Democrat Point, 3:30pm-4:30pm, low tide 1:36pm

4WD access updates: Democrat Point - open, full access

(beach and inlet in similar shape to last year)

Sore Thumb - open,  Gilgo Beach 4WD - closed

narrow strip of sand between water edge and fence on the way to inlet 


.... competition still on beach.....


....west of jetty..... 2 hours after low tide....





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