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My Fishing Reports from Long Island.

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Surf  Reports  2010 part 2, from: 1/1/2010   to: 10/31/2010


Sunset 10/31/2010 @5:51pm, NNW 25-30kts wind, dirty water+eel grass


Report #61 October 31, Robert Moses, 7:00am-8:30am, low tide 8:34am.

W 15-17 kts wind, 4'-5' surf, clean water, big crowds at beach.

Caught 6 stripers, 2 keepers, 3 shorts, 1 rat.

Used east sweep to make longer presentation in striking zone by casting at 2 o'clock.

Fish at edge of trough waiting for waves turbulence to bring food (sand eels?).


First fish ~27"


Sunrise 10/31/2010 @7:22am


#3 on 1.5 oz bucktail with pork rind


#5 @30"


#6 on plain 2.0 oz custom bucktail ($8 at surf fishing show)


perfect bucktails surf


Report #60 October 30, Fire Island Inlet,  5:00pm-7:00pm, low tide 8:22pm.

SW 23-27 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, clean water at 60F.

Fished end of incoming and beginning of outgoing current just for one fish.


30" released in perfect shape


Sunset 10/30/2010



Sunset 10/29/2010 @ 5:53pm, NW 23-29 kts, flat surf, dirty water,

low tide 7:13pm, short trip to take sunset pictures, no fish.


Report #59 October 28, Robert Moses,  5:00pm-7:00pm, low tide 6:09pm.

WSW 10 kts wind, 4'-5' surf, Went fishing with Walter.


Nice surf and nice sunset


Walter's #2 @27" on A27 with green tube, he out-fish me 2:0


my catch of day: two sand eels.......


Report #58 October 28, Robert Moses,  8:00am-10:00am, high tide 11:09am.

SW 13 kts wind, 5'-6' surf, from fog to full sun to fog again.

No fish, no strikes, not even a bump.

saw a lot of birds working out off casting range



Report #57 October 27, Robert Moses,  8:00am-9:00am, high tide 10:13am.

S  20-23 kts wind, 6'-8' dangerous surf, fog, from overcast to rain.


one short fish for a lot of effort......


hard to cast over big breakers, not enough distance even with 3 oz lures


Report #56 October 26, Robert Moses,  5:15pm-7:00pm, low tide 4:33pm.

S 13-15 kts wind, 5'-6' surf, overcast, water temp at 61.2F

Very slow, landed two fish only.......




~7'- 8' breaker, dangerous surf


#2@28" after dark... slow too....



Report #55 October 26, Robert Moses,  8:00am-9:30am, high tide 9:26am.

SSW 11-13 kts wind, 5'-6' surf, from full sun to fog.

Worked hard for 3 fish, only one keeper.


#2 @27"


"surfcasting dream" a lot of fun..........


29" put up a great fight....... like same size bluefish



Report #54 October 25, Robert Moses,  5:15pm-6:15pm, low tide 3:53pm.

S 19-23 kts wind, 4'-5' surf. Caught 10 fish in one hour. Easy fishing.

6 keepers 28"-33", 3 shorts and one small bluefish, left them biting.


32", all fish on 1.5 oz bucktails with red/white pork rind


finally perfect bucktails surf and wind conditions, a lot of white water


aggressive strikes and good fights from all fish


most fish with fat bellies





Sunset 10/24/2010, SW 4 kts wind, 6:00-7:30pm, high tide 8:45pm,

swells 2'-3', no fish, nice sunset, good weather = bad fishing


Sunset 10/22/2010, NW 17 kts wind, flat surf, no time to fish.


Report #53 October 21, Robert Moses,  6:00pm-7:00pm, high tide 6:55pm.

WNW 20 kts wind, 5'-6' surf. Caught 2 keepers on short casts over breakers.




Sunset 10/21/2010




Report #52 October 21, Robert Moses,  7:45am-8:30am, high tide 6:37am.

SW 18-22 kts wind, 3'-4' surf. Caught  mid-size bluefish.

Fish splashes and birds working above, in casting distance for short time





After sunset 10/19/2010, surf too calm........ no action after dark.....


Report #51 October 19, Robert Moses,  8:00am-9:00am, high tide 5:17am.

No wind, flat surf, ocean  like a lake, overcast, big baitfish in wash.

Short trip, caught  ~30" bluefish, lost one more.


.....that bluefish put up a great fight.....



10/17/2010, 6:00-7:00pm, enjoyed sunset, no fish for me, left to early.


Report #50 October 16, Robert Moses,  6:15pm-7:30pm, low tide 9:52pm.

NW 15 kts wind calmed down after sunset, flat surf, moonlight

Found fish (after dark) very close to shore, cast lures almost parallel to beach

to stay in striking zone as long as possibly. Very slow retrieve.

Landed two stripers, lost one more fish in wash.


surf conditions


30", all strikes on storm shad, nothing on bucktails, swimmers......


just under 28"


Report #49 October 15, Robert Moses,  5:15pm-7:15pm, low tide 8:59pm.

W 30-35 kts wind, 3'-4' surf, overcast,

Strong West wind made difficult conditions to keep proper contact with lure.

Had 3 strikes, "fish on" 3 times, landed two stripers, all fish after dark in wash

on 1.0 oz bucktail - short casts. Left them biting.....


Sunset 10/15/2010


short fish ~26"





10/15/2010 8:00-8:15am, WNW 27-30kts, 3-5' surf, no time to fish.


Report #48 October 14, Robert Moses,  5:15pm-7:00pm, low tide 7:56pm.

ENE 14-10 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, rain from light to heavy.

Fish show up close to shore when crowds went home, and rain become heavy.



surf condition


32" on 1.0 oz bucktail with pork rind.


Report #47 October 13, Robert Moses,  6:30am-8:10am, low tide 5:58am.

NE 12 kts wind, flat surf, water at temp 64F

Fish splashing with birds working above, but most time out of casting range.

Had only one strike, saw 5 short fish released by other surfcasters.


another live sand eel found on beach - released


Sunrise 10/13/2010, 7:02 am



Sunset 10/12/2010, no fish, no birds, flat surf....


Report #46 October 12, Robert Moses,  8:00am-8:40am, low tide 5:07am.

WSW 13 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, overcast to full sun.

Went for rain, got full sun. Short blitz happen in front of me.

Connected to nice striper, ....lost in wash, second fish: >30" bluefish.

Blitz moved West, I went to work..... 


That fish tested my reel well......smooth drag.....


10/12/2010, 8:30 am after blitz.......



10/10/2010, 1 pm, saw a big fish harassing pod of bunker at Demo. 


Report #45 October 9, Fire Island Inlet,  9:30pm-11:30pm, high tide 9:06pm.

W 13 kts wind, 0-2' surf, clean water, dark night without any moon light.

Not even one strike, fished the end of incoming current.


Report #44 October 6, Robert Moses,  8:20am-9:00am, high tide 6:20am.

SSW 5-8 kts wind, 2-3' surf, clean water, full sun.

Quick stop at beach, "caught with bare hand " one live big sand eel (6").

Let him go for swim...... to be a snack for striper........




Not a fishy conditions......time to go at night.........


Report #43 October 5, Robert Moses,  8:00am-9:20am, high tide 5:27am.

ENE 20-25 kts wind, 4-7' surf in swells, light rain, reasonably clean water.

Short trip before work, caught 3 keepers 28-30", left them biting.....


Nice "bucktails surf"


Second fish 29"


Tested new Penn Battle 6000 reel (only $110 at J&H Sport Outlet in Oakdale).

Very smooth drag, all metal body, 6 ball bearings. Performed very well in my test so far.


#3 fish, all on 2.0 oz bucktail with red/white pork rind.



Report #42 October 2, Robert Moses,  8:00am-9:00am, low tide 8:48am.

N 8-9 kts wind, 5' surf in swells, light brown water.

Scouting beach after storm at low tide, caught one short fish in process.



~25" fat belly fish


~15' splash


Report #41 September 30, Robert Moses,  6:00pm-7:00pm, low tide 7:33pm.

SSE 21-27 kts wind, 6-7' surf,  clean water at temp 70.0F.

Worked hard for one short fish.......dangerous wet from top to bottom.....




Report #40 September 30, Robert Moses,  8:00am-9:15am, low tide 6:06m.

SE 19-24 kts wind, 4-5' surf,  clean white water at temp 69.6F.

Caught only one stripers 29" and searobin, missed 3 strikes. Crazy surf!


Can't reach fish with 2.0 oz bucktails, today 2.5-3.0 oz will work better.

Fish wants pork rind, plain bucktail = no strikes.

Need to change line from 40lb to 30lb to get more distance.





Report #39 September 29, Robert Moses,  8:00am-9:10am, high tide 11:24am.

SSW 6-8 kts wind, 5-6' surf,  clean white water, no grass this time.

Caught 5 stripers, (4 keepers at 28"-30").




....perfect white water conditions, left them biting...........


#4, on 2.0 oz. bucktail







Report #38 September 28, Robert Moses,  6:00pm-7:30pm, low tide 5:29pm.

S 17-21 kts wind, 5-7' surf,  clean white water with eel grass in some spots.

Caught 1 bluefish and 5 stripers, (3 keepers at 29"-30").




Surf fishing paradise, big breakers plus strong wind in face.




#3, 2.0 oz white bucktail plus pork rind worked well.


#4, 29", all fish released in good shape.




Sunset 9/25/2010, no life, no fish at 7pm-11pm.


Sunrise 9/25/2010, birds working out off casting range, 6am-8am.


Report #37 September 23, Robert Moses,  6:30pm-8:00pm, high tide 8:01pm.

ESE 13 kts wind, 3' surf,  dirty water first 100' from shore, at temperature 69F.

Enjoyed sunset, practiced casting and lure presentation, no fish. 

Sunset 9/23/2010



Report #36 September 22, Robert Moses open beach,  8:00am-9:30am, high tide 7:11am.

SSW 18-21 kts wind, 4'-6' surf, a lot of white clean water.

Quick stop before work. Caught 2 bluefish and 4 stripers, (2 keepers at ~29",28").


fishy surf, used 2.0 oz white bucktail


over 30" bluefish, nice fight


first keeper


short fish


second keeper (all fish released)


clean greenish water at 68F


Report #35 September 18, Robert Moses open beach,  6:00pm-7:15pm, high tide 4:32pm.

ESE 9 kts wind, 5'-8' surf, big breakers, dangerous conditions.

Back to beach for more fun, landed 5 stripers, only 2 keepers at 29",30".



Sunset 9/18/2010




Report #34 September 18, Robert Moses open beach,  6:30am-9:30am, low tide 10:40am.

E 10 kts wind, 4'-5' surf, overcasts.

Beached 3 stripers 32",31" and 33", lost very nice fish after 5 minutes fight.


sunrise 9/18/2010











Report #33 September 17, Robert Moses,  9:00am-11:00am, low tide 9:45am.

WNW 15-17 kts wind, 6'-8' surf, fairly clean water at 70F, overcasts and full sun later.

Perfect surf with a lot of white water, big breakers, nice fishing.

Had seven strikes on white 1.5 oz bucktail, landed 5 keepers 29"-33".

Nothing on tins or plugs, plain bucktail worked best.


33" first fish





perfect surf





Report #32 September 12, Robert Moses 4WD,  1:00pm-3:30pm, high tide 10:53pm.

E 17-19 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clean water at 70.7F, heavy overcasts.

False Albacores chasing small baitfish all over, close to shore with birds working above.


First fish on first cast, false albacore - incredible fighting machine


second and last fish of trip: ~ 5 lbs bluefish


On menu: 2-4" spearing.



Report #31 September 6, Fire Island Inlet,  8:00pm-10:00pm, high tide 6:06pm.

S 15 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, some eel grass on outgoing current.

Caught small bluefish on first cast, and big chopper at current slack.

~30" bluefish on 7" needlefish plug, nice fight



Report #30 August 25, Fire Island Inlet,  8:00pm-11:00pm, high tide 8:30pm.

W 8-10 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, reasonably clear water at 70F.

Fishing just after storm is not a best idea, but needed to get fresh salty air.

Worked hard for two strikes,  landed one keeper striper.


30" on Gibbs black bottle plug.



Report #29 August 9-14, Adirondacks, Lows Lake, Hitchins Pond

Went on canoe/camping trip with my son John, we caught a lot off bass and some brown trout.  



Report #28 July 31-August 1, Open ocean 30'-120' deep,  sail boat trip.

Trolled lures behind boat for about 6 gorilla bluefish.

Fluke fishing produced a lot of short fish up to 18".

Saw 4 whales and shark close to Fire Island Inlet.



Sunrise 8/1/2010


Report #27 July 27, Fire Island Inlet,  8:30pm-11:00pm, high tide 8:59pm.

SW 12 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, clear water with some eel grass.

Consistent action with very active small stripers, caught 8 fish (2 almost keepers) and one bluefish.






Sunset 7/27/2010



Report #26 July 22, Democrat Point 4WD, 6:00pm-8:00pm, high tide 5:24pm.

W 17-10 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clear water.

Went for sunset pictures session,... and caught 3 bluefish and small striper.


All fish caught in "oxygen rich" white water



Sunset  7/22/2010



Report #25 July 20, Democrat Point 4WD, 8:00pm-10:00pm, low tide 10:25pm.

S 8 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clear water at temp of 79F.

Scouting inlet just before low tide, caught 2 short fluke and small striper.

Bed news: 4WD access at Demo stops about 100 yard before ocean jetty.




Sunset 7/20/2010



Report #24 July 8, Fire Island Inlet "spot #7", 5:30pm-7:00pm, high tide 4:58pm.

ESE 10 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, clear water at temp of 77F.

Casual fishing in full sun on hot day, caught 5 bluefish and small striper.




Sunset 7-8-2010



Report #23, June 28, Fire Island Inlet "spot #3", 8:30pm-11:00pm, high tide 9:26pm.

SW 10 kts wind, 3'-6' surf, a lot of white water at temp of 72F.

Caught bluefish and short striper. No crowds at beach thanks to storm.


Sunset 6/28/2010


27" good fighter, released quickly.



Report #22, June 20, Montauk Point, 6:00am-3:00pm,

SW 13-20 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, mostly overcast.

Father's Day fishing form charter boat Lady Grace V.

We caught (10 people): 11 stripers (28"-34"), 7 sea bass and 38 porgies.

trip pictures


Report #21, June 13, Fire Island Inlet "spot #7", 8:00pm-11:30pm, high tide 8:40pm.

ENE 12 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clean water, overcast.

Crazy fishing with bluefish on every cast for 2 hours.

Caught over 40 bluefish 3-6lbs and 2 short stripers.


Surf condition at high tide / working birds over blitzing bluefish.


The lure with single hook and crashed barb worked well to release

fish quickly and with minimum damage


Tried hard to avoid bluefish and get down to stripers....with little success.



Report #20, June 13, Fire Island Inlet "spot #3", 7:30am-8:30am, high tide 8:31am.

SW 6 kts wind, 2' surf, clean incoming water, overcast with some sun.

Casual fishing, caught 7 small bluefish. I was hopping for rain and storm, but no luck so far.


Bluefish striking tins (jerk action) and poppers, feeding on sand eels.



Report #19, June 12, Fire Island Inlet "spot #5", 6:30am-8:30am, high tide 7:43am.

SW 6 kts wind, 2' surf, clean water at temp measured at 63.5F, mix of sun and clouds.

Scouting trip, plus tested new lures and presentation techniques.

In process caught: 2 short flukes, 3 sea robins and one crab. A lot of small sand eels in water.

Saw 6 cocktail bluefish caught on tins, and birds working inlet area.




Report #18, June 9, Fire Island Inlet "spot #7", 5:45pm-8:25pm, high tide 5:34pm.

SE 13-20 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, heavy rain, clean water.

Fished incoming current inside the inlet, first five casts = five bluefish,

Caught 12 bluefish (~3lbs) and 4 stripers: 28", 28", 29" & 26".

Alone at beach, and again; bad weather = good fishing.


bluefish striking bucktails, metal and swimming plugs in strong current.




fish feeding on small sand eels ~2"-3"


28", stripers hitting bucktails close to bottom.


29", four fish in 30 minutes, in one small location, ~7pm.



Report #17, June 5, Demo 4WD, 4:00am-7:00am, high tide 1:43am.

SSW 13 kts wind, 2-3' surf, fog, clean water at 65F, current slack about 4:10 am.

Fished lures at the point  with 4 other surfcasters. Nothing for all. Time to explore new spots.

Note: Demo air station compressor wasn't working today.


Report #16, June 2, Nissequogue River, 5:00pm-7:00pm, high tide 3:58pm.

SE 12 kts wind, full sun, clean water, strong current at the end of trip.

Casual fishing from kayak inside and outside of river for one short striper.




Report #15, May 31, Demo 4WD, 6:00pm-7:30pm, low tide 4:35pm.

SE 10 kts wind, 1-2' surf, current slack about 7 pm.

Family trip to the beach, caught  miniature striper and 3 lbs bluefish.




Report #14, May 30, Sore Thumb 4WD, 4:00-6:00am, low tide 3:54am.

No wind, flat surf, clean water, overcast with moon light.

Fished end of outgoing current, located baitfish, not a touch........caught sunrise

Demo 4WD update: enter 5pm-7am via old access road, from June 1 to June 14 weekends only.


Sunrise 5-30-2010


Demo 4WD access road



Report #13, May 27, Demo 4WD, 9:00pm-11:00pm, high tide 7:39pm.

SSE 5 kts wind, 1-2' surf, dirty water at ocean side, okay in inlet, full moon.

Too crowded at the point, took long walk dip inside the inlet.

Quiet night, no strikes, no baitfish, just snagged one good size bluefish.


Sunset 5-28-2010


32" Bluefish



Report #12, May 23, Sore Thumb 4WD, 5:00-7:00am, high tide 3:32am.

E 13 kts wind, flat surf, clean water, overcast with some fog.

Fished last of outgoing current, caught only one bluefish ~4lbs.

Went to check Gilgo 4WD access, and the bad news is - still closed!




Report #11, May 21, Demo 4WD, 10:00pm-2:00am, high tide 2:31am.

SE 8 kts wind, flat surf, nice night to out.

Fished last of outgoing and beginning of incoming current (slack at ~11:20pm).

A lot of effort for 2 skates and one searobin snagged on bucktail.

Good weather = not so good fishing.


Report #10, May 17, Demo 4WD, 8:00pm-11:15pm, high tide 10:35pm.

No wind, flat surf, overcast, perfect night time fishing conditions.

Just one strike, connected to bluefish for short time.


surf conditions before sunset on 5/17/10, west view from ocean jetty.



Report #9, May 14, Demo 4WD, 9:00pm-12:15am, high tide 8:30pm.

SW 11 kts wind, 1'-2' surf, some thunderstorms with lighting

Fished last of incoming and beginning of outgoing current (slack at ~11:15pm).

Landed one short ~26 striper on incoming.




Report #8, May 13, Demo 4WD, 7:30-10:00pm, high tide 7:30pm.

SSW 14 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clean water

Fished Inlet, last of incoming current, two strikes, landed 30" striper at 9:10pm.

Saw 3 shorts beached by surfcaster on small bucktail before darkness.

Demo is now open up to the jetty, plus the access road to the inlet jetty is open too.


Sunset 5-13-2010


30" striper on Super Strike bottle plug (Little Neck swimmer) 6.5" size



Report #7, May 9, Sore Thumb 4WD, 7:00-8:00pm, high tide 4:48pm.

NNW 20-30 kts wind, brown water in inlet, sandblasting wind.

Working birds, some clean water inside, no bluefish or stripers.


Sunset 5-9-2010


Report #6, May 8, Sore Thumb 4WD, 10:00-11:00am, low tide 10:04am.

SW 10 kts wind, flat surf, clean water, fog.

Scouting / fishing Sore Thumb area at low tide, nothing going on.

I need to come back on incoming tide, after dark.




Report #5, May 7, Demo 4WD, 7:30-10:00pm, low tide 9:48pm.

S 11-15 kts wind, 2' surf, clean water at temp of 55F.

Fished Fire Island Inlet without a touch.

Sore Thumb is open for 4WD, saw cars on beach.

Gilgo still closed, Demo to be open "normal way" after May 15.


Sunset 5-7-2010



Report #4, May 5, Demo 4WD, 7:30-10:15pm, low tide 7:42pm.

S 15 kts wind, 2'-3' surf,

Fished lures in inlet, caught  over 12 bluefish (3-4 lbs) on every cast.

Bluefish feeding on 3"-4" anchovies. No stripers tonight.




Sunset 5-5-2010




On menu tonight: gold color anchovies, size 3"-4"




.....this lure was offered to stripers.


Report #3, May 2, Demo 4WD, 8-9pm, high tide 11:08pm.

SSW 15 kts wind, 4'-5' surf,

Fished lures for one 26" striper and 4lbs bluefish.


Surf condition


~26" after dark



Report #2, May 1, Demo 4WD, 7:30-8:30pm, high tide 10:19pm.

South 12 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, very clean water at temp of 52F.

Fished lures,  found spot (next to jetty) with sand eels and beached:

one small bluefish, one short at 25", and nice 42" striper (22 lbs 7 oz).


Gilgo – closed, in okay shape for fisherman with tide knowledge,

not so good for mother with kids.


Sore Thumb – closed, road appears to be in good condition,

but I would like to walk further to investigate.


Demo access road and air station closed


Demo – access from east end of parking field #2 only from 7pm to 8am.

4WD users: “air down or bring a big shovel”


Sunset 5-1-2010


Evening menu: 5"-6" sand eels.


First keeper on first trip to South Shore



Report #1, April 15, Sunken Meadow field #3, 6-7pm,

No wind, flat surf, clear water, 6:48pm Low Tide.

Fished lures on striper bass opening day, walked to the river and back.

Saw only one fish, the small one in beak of cormorant.

Sunken Meadow State Park, 4-15-2010


Sunset 03-08-2010



Sunset 02-14-2010


Sunset 01-01-2010







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