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My Fishing Reports from Long Island.

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Statistics for 2010 surf casting season:

148 stripers (67 keepers 28-42", 69 shorts, 12 rats)

105 bluefish (4 choppers 30"+)

1 false albacore, 4 short fluke, 4 sea robins, 1 windowpane.


Report #86 December 12, Robert Moses, 8:30am-9:30am, HT 11:44am.

SE 27-31 kts wind, 4'-5' surf, clean water at 49.6F, warm and rainy.


Nice surf but no fish, last tip of the season,.... cleaning staff.


Sunset 12/5/2010 at 4:25pm


Sunrise 12/5/2010 at 7:02am, fished 8-9am without a bump.


Report #85 December 4, Robert Moses, 4:30pm-6:00pm, HT 5:52pm.

NW 19-27 kts wind, 0'-3' surf in swells, clean water, cold. No fish.

sunset 12/4/2010 at 4:26pm


Report #84 December 2, Robert Moses, 8:00am-9:30am, LT 10:26am.

NW 17-21 kts wind, 0'-3' surf in swells, semi clear water, cold, full sun.


Caught 2 short fish


....and snagged sand eel.....



Report #83 December 1, Robert Moses, 6:25am-8:15am, LT 9:29am.

SE  25-35 kts wind, 6'-8' surf, clear water, overcast to rain, WT53F.


Caught 5 short fish,  2 rat size, 3 on A27, 2 on "heavy metal"


...crazy surf + strong wind = a lot of fun......most time alone on beach......


new record of 2010 season: the smallest "rat" ~14"


#5, time to go to


Report #82 November 30, Robert Moses, 8:00am-9:15am, LT 8:27 am.

SE  17-20 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clear water, overcast

Caught one rat size striper


nice surf, and gone get even better tonight and tomorrow


my most effective lure of 2010 surf fishing season



Report #81 November 27, Robert Moses, 2:30pm-5:00pm, LT 5:50 pm.

WNW  25-35 kts wind, 1'-3' surf, clear water with some eel grass

Caught 3 short stripers, strong wind made difficult conditions to fish.

#1 & #2 on bucktail, ~ 24" fat belly


sunset 11/27/2010 at 4:28pm


#3 after sundown



Report #80 November 26, Robert Moses, 2:00pm-5:00pm, LT 4:54 pm.

WNW  23-30 kts wind, 5'-6' surf, clean water at 54F, overcast.

Caught 19 fish, all shorts, including 5 rats. No crowds.


first two fish on bucktail with pork rind


Most strikes very close to shore, on top of wave like in this picture.

Short casts perpendicular to beach, or long casts parallel to beach in west direction.


typical fish ~24", 17 fish caught on A17 with dark green tube (from A27)

I like to fish with bigger, stronger hooks.


"dream surf" a lot of white water with small sweep to east


one of the largest fish ~26"


sunset 11/26/2010


Report #79 November 25, Robert Moses & FI Inlet, 10:30am-2:30pm, HT 9:03am.

NE to WSW 10 kts wind, flat surf, very clean water, from overcast to rain.

Fished with Walter on Thanksgiving day, walked and cast for 3 miles, without a touch.

Tried inlet with the same results.


Calm ocean, like a lake, I think fish took a day off.



Report #78 November 23, Robert Moses, 6:00pm-8:30pm, HT 8:09pm.

WSW 17-19 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clean water, from darkness to full moon.

Wrong tide, but I fish when I can. Perfect conditions, warm like summer night.

No fish or strikes, enjoyed having entire beach for myself. I think best fishing

is 2-3 hours after high tide in daylight. I hope herring arrival will change

sand eels bite to herring bite and will produce bigger fish, possibly at night.


11/23/10 so far statistics for 2010 surf casting season:

119 stripers (67 keepers 28-42", 47 shorts, 5 rats)

105 bluefish (4 choppers 30"+)

1 false albacore, 4 short fluke, 4 sea robins, 1 windowpane.


11/23/2010, RM, 8:00-8:40am, short stop before work, no fish


Report #77 November 22, Robert Moses, 8:00am-9:30am, HT 6:52am.

SSE 11 kts wind, 1'-2" surf, clean water, overcast. Caught one keeper and one rat.


second fish 28"+


nice surf with clouds of birds out of casting range, ..diving gannets...on herring?


11/21/2010 good news: Atlantic Herring is here, at south shore beaches


Report #76 November 21, Robert Moses, 4:00pm-6:00pm, HT 6:45pm.

E 13 kts wind, 1' surf, clean water at temp 55F, full moon after sunset.

Caught 3 fish, two keepers and one rat.

#1 at 30" on A17 with dark green tube


#2 at 28", I think straight tube is working better them curved tube.


sunset at 4:31pm, no fish or strikes "after dark" (full moon light)


Report #75 November 21, Robert Moses, 7:00am-9:00am, HT 6:15am.

NE 14 kts wind, flat surf, clean water, No fish for me again. Saw two fish per 200 people!

sunrise 11/21/2010 at 6:47am


wow!, big line up, walked away, had only 100 yards of beach for my self


here is idea how to carry on less lures: interchangeable hooks between lures.


close-up: single hook lure - split ring replaced with fast snap,

one jig, many different color tubes / hooks can be use, and changed quickly.


Report #74 November 20, Robert Moses, 7:00am-8:30am, HT 5:39am.

W 25-30 kts wind, 4'-5' surf, clean water, full sun. No fish.

sunrise 11/20/2010


difficult but fishable conditions: choppy surf, strong east sweep and west wind


Tried inlet / demo 9am-10am without a touch. Another boat beached!?!?




Sunset 11/19/2010 @ 4:32pm 


Report #73 November 18, Robert Moses, 8:15am-9:55am, LT 10:58am.

WNW 17-23 kts wind, 2'-4' surf, semi clean water, full sun.

tested some new lures, fish or strikes 


Report #72 November 17, Robert Moses, 8:10am-9:15am, LT 10:12am.

SW 23-27 kts wind, 4'-6' surf, clean water, full sun, some eel grass.

Went late and left surf bag at home!?!?!, used 2 lures only.....

....bucktail still can catch fish...almost keeper size.......


perfect surf, warm wind, salt spray in face, can't be is good on beach.....



Report #71 November 16, Robert Moses, 5:30am-7:30am, LT 9:25am.

E 10 kts wind, 3'-5' surf in swells , clean water, from rain to overcast.

Caught 3 stripers, only one keeper.

#1 my first fish - breaks the skunk on diamond jig (thanks to Mr. R. )


#2 short fish just under 28"


#3 at 34" my first keeper on diamond jig A17.


Nice surf conditions, crowds at the end of trip.



Sunset 11/14/2010 @ 4:36pm, E13kts wind, 5-6pm, nice surf 3'-4', clean water.

Wow!.... no crowds, had beach for my self after dark. No fish, no life.


Sunset 11/13/2010


Report #70 November 13, Robert Moses, 7:00am-8:00am, LT 6:25am.

FI Inlet 9:00am-10:00am, NE 15 kts wind, 5'-6' surf in swells , clean water.

went late and found big line-up of guys at beach, nice surf, but got skunked....


my substitute lure for A27/A17 (can't catch any fish on diamond jigs)


......removed skunk stink with 5lbs bluefish at FI Inlet.



Report #69 November 12, FI Inlet, 7:00-9:00pm, LT 6:11pm.

NNE 10 kts wind, 5'-7' surf in swells, clean water.

Went fishing with "3 lures in surf bag challenge", worked hard without any luck.

Most times I fish when I can, not when is the best time / tide.


from top: northbar, bottle plug, needlefish (8") 


Report #68 November 11, FI Inlet, 2-3pm & 5-6pm, LT 5:17pm.

NNE 13-15 kts wind, 3'-5' surf in swells.

Caught 3 stripers (2 keepers) and snagged 3 sand eels.


Nice surf with clean water


First cast - short fat fish


Third cast 29" good fighter


Sunset 11/11/2010 at 4:39pm


Last fish @28" after dark, all fish released today in perfect shape.


Report #67 November 11, Robert Moses, 5:15am-8:00am, LT 4:30am.

NE 20-25 kts wind, 5'-7' surf in swells , semi dirty water.

Caught one 31" stripers and lost one more after short fight.

Saw about dozen fish released, mostly shorts..... just after sunrise.

clouds of birds and surfcasters at sunrise 6:35am, walked away form crowds.


31" with very fat belly, I think full of sand eels.......released quickly...


mug shot fat to swim away?.......



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Report #66 November 10, Fire Island Inlet, 5:00pm-7:00pm, LT 4:28pm.

NE11-15 kts wind, 3'-5' surf in swells , semi dirty water, WT55.8F, moon light.

Caught 4 stripers (2 keepers) lost one more fish, left them biting.

Tomorrow is 11/11 the "annual magic fishing day at Robert Moses".

I need to be there from 5am.

Sunset 11/10/2010 @ 4:40pm


First cast with needlefish after sunset produced 33" keeper


#2 short fish, after dark


#3 @28"


#4 small fish,..... they want only needlefish (used 2.5 oz. loaded).....


11/10/10 so far statistics for 2010 surf casting season:

102 stripers (58 keepers 28-42", 40 shorts, 4 rats)

104 bluefish (4 choppers 30"+)

1 false albacore, 4 short fluke, 4 sea robins, 1 windowpane.


abbreviations used: LT/ HT - low/ high tide, WT56F- water temperature at 56F,


Sunset 11/9/2010 @ 4:41pm, NNW 20kts wind, WT56.3F, brown water, flat surf, LT 3:42pm.

short trip, reel malfunction - line roller stock-still again, no fish (1 windowpane).

saw splashes - I think big shad is around.


Report #65 November 7, Robert Moses, 10:00am-12:00am, HT 7:21am.

N 15-20 kts wind, 4'-5' surf in swells , semi dirty water, full sun.

Weather to nice, relaxing trip, caught only one short fish.

~26" released quickly


Sunset 11/6/2010 @5:44pm, Sore Thumb, incoming current, no fish.


Report #64 November 6, Robert Moses, 8:00am-11:00am, HT 7:35am.

NNE 17-20 kts wind, 6'-7' big surf, clean water, some overcast.

Caught 8 stripers, surprise - all keepers 33"-28".  West sweep, made long casts

at 11 o'clock, bounced lure on bottom, retrieved only to reduce slack on line or to make next cast.


#1 @33", today proper technique was a key between catching and fishing


lost 4 fish due to straighten hook on lure, bended back many times.....


#3 @ 28" (last picture, dead battery in my camera)


snagged two sand eels,... I guess my lure was in right places......

Slow start, I had most fish at the end of trip, left them biting........



Sunset 11/5/2010 @ 5:45pm, W 20kts wind, surf 6'-7', HT 7:08pm.

short trip to take sunset pictures, no fish.


Report #63 November 5, Robert Moses, 8:00am-10:00am, HT 6:48am.

W 10 kts wind, 11'-7' big surf, almost clean water, overcast.

Caught 6 stripers, 4 keepers 36"-29", 2 shorts. All fish on small 2.0 oz tin

bounced on bottom, close to edge of trough. No luck with bucktails, even with 3.0 oz.

Strong west sweep, made casts at 11 o'clock.

big dangerous surf, some swells at 11', and crush spray going up 20'+.


first fish @29"


third fish @ 36" (15lbs) good fight in difficult surf


#5 @~29" .........short waiting for wave to take him home.....


on menu again: sand eels (snagged).



Report #62 November 4, Robert Moses, 5:15pm-7:30pm, HT 6:17pm.

S 10 kts wind, 5'-7' big surf, clean water, from overcast to rain.


Third cast: strong strike, fish on, fish off, fish on.

After very long fight landed 33" (snagged) fish.... I was thinking....30 lbs!


bucktails white water


second fish, ~26"




11/4/2010, 8am-9am, ENE 21-25 kts wind, clean water, rain,  HT 5:58am.

Surf too calm with 2'-3' swells, no baitfish, no birds, no fish.


Sunset 11/3/2010 @5:47pm, SSE 12 kts wind, clean water, high tide 5:23pm.

Fished before and after sunset without any luck.



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