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My Striped Bass limit: one fish 30"- 36" per month,  ....please release all fish over 36",

Release all short fish (>28") without removing from water as possibly, hold fish only by lower jaw.

Don't weight fish - internal organs can be damaged in process, instead measure length on wet sand to estimate weight.


excellent source of surf fishing info:

best surf fishing book by John Skinner:


Report #38 October 6, South Shore, before midnight,

SW 5 kts wind, stain water with some eel grass, WT60F, AT60F, no moon (M40%)

Got 3 strikes, one short fish released quickly... 

...too small to measure


October 1, SS, RM2, 8am, NE 23-29kts wind, 5-6' surf, lightly stain water at 68F,

quick stop before work, some eel grass, deeper water at RM5, HT 10:17am.


Report #37 September 29, South Shore, before midnight.

ESE 11-15 kts wind, no weeds water, WT70F, AT71F, heavy overcast, no moon (M99%)

Back to fishing, but skunked again.


Report #36 September 21, South Shore, before midnight,

ENE 20-25 kts wind, clean water, WT70F, AT65F, overcast, some moon light (M34%)

Fished perfect tide and wind, targeting weakfish for zero strikes, skunked again.



 ...spotted some needlefish, place were loaded with baitfish thanks to wind direction.


Report #35 September 20, South Shore, 

WSW 10 kts wind, clean water, WT72F, AT71F, no moon (M25%)

Before first light fishing, found snappers feeding on small baitfish (I think anchovies).

sunrise at 6:39am


Report #34 September 13, South Shore, around midnight,

WNW 15-25 kts wind, stain water, WT72.5F, AT60F, new moon (M0%)

New moon night fishing for one strike, no bluefish and unfortunately no weakfish!

My "home spot" is loaded with baitfish; big mullet and spearing.

...quickly released ~26" striper.



September 11-12, fished 2 nights @MTK, just pesky bluefish, no stripers, water @72-74F.



August 29, Sunset 7:31pm, ~5 miles south of FI Lighthouse, bunker pods. 


Report #33 August 23, South Shore, zombie time,

NE 5-13 kts wind, clean water, WT75F, AT71F, no moon light (M50%)

Got 6 strikes on perfect night, released 2 bluefish when fishing for stripers and weakfish. 

....lost another slug-go eel...


Report #32 August 14, South Shore, after midnight,

SW 10 kts wind, clean water, WT70F, AT70F, new moon (M0%)

New moon night fishing, skunked, but enjoyed every minute on beach.

...used lures....(lost one Slug-Go eel thanks to pesky bluefish)


...baitfish around: spearing ~4"


Report #31 August 5, South Shore, before midnight,

NW 11-15 kts wind, stain water, WT70F, AT70F, no moon light (M64%)

Scouting for bait and fishing with small lures; no strikes, saw one good splash.

....plenty of baitfish around, but mostly small


verification: baby bunker ~2 inch.


Report #30 July 30, South Shore, midnight,

SW 13-15 kts wind, stain water, WT74F, AT75F, moon light (M96%)

Scouting and fishing with small lures, caught only one short fluke and some eelgrass.


Report #29 July 25, North Shore, midnight,

SE 5-10 kts wind, clean water, WT75F, AT72F, overcast, no moon (M56%)

Fished north shore for change,  caught and released 3 fluke, saw a lot of rain bait.


Report #28 July 20, South Shore, before midnight,

SW 7-0 kts wind, stain water, WT74F, AT75F, no moon (M20%)

Fished for stripers and later for weakfish without a single strike, skunked.

...good news, finally saw good amount of bait fish in water; 1-3" and 4-5"



July 14-15, fished at night and explored in daylight Montauk Point on south,

north and under the light, caught only one short striper, but learned a lot about MTK tides.


Report #27 July 9, South Shore, after sunset,

SW 10-15 kts wind, stain water, WT71F, AT72F, rain, no moon (M50%)

Fished for weakfish without any strikes,  no baitfish, I need to find spot with baitfish.


Report #26 July 7, South Shore, night time before moon rise,

SW 15-19 kts wind, surf 3-4', clean water, WT73F, AT74F, no moon (M61%)

Perfect wind and surf condition, but fish didn't show up, skunked.


Sailboat trip, July 3, Ocean south of FI Inlet, , ~4 feet sandbar shark on bucktail, released safely.


Report #25 June 29, South Shore, before midnight,

SW 10 kts wind, stain water, WT66F, AT68F, bright moon (M87%)

Fished 4 locations: #1 & #2 - coffee water, crowds and mosquitoes,

#3 & #4 - stain water with eelgrass and weeds, no takers on weakfish lures, skunked.


Report #24 June 25, South Shore, around midnight,

WSW 8 kts wind, semi clean water, WT67F, AT69F, rain to overcast (M53%)

No moon light fishing, landed small blue, got 2 soft lures trim by bluefish.


Report #23 June 23, South Shore, midnight,

WSW 14-21 kts wind, clean water, WT66F, AT66F, heavy overcast (M34%)

Fished two locations; first stop: lost 2 soft swim shads and 2 eels to pesky bluefish.

Second stop: got strike on second cast, landed nice fish after good fight.

...striper @41" (est. 27 lbs.) released quickly without removing from water.


Report #22 June 18, South Shore, before midnight,

SSE 10 kts wind, clean water, WT65F, AT64F, (M1%)

Caught 2 short stripers and bluefish, lost 4 soft lures to pesky blues. a lot of bumps on 10" eels, from 19"-20" stripers...


Report #21 June 17, South Shore, before first light,

NNW 3-10 kts wind, water with eelgrass, WT64F, AT65F, (M0%)

New moon night fishing before sunrise, caught a lot of eelgrass, skunked.


Report #20 June 14, South Shore, midnight,

no wind, clean water, WT60F, AT63F, rain (M9%)

Splashes all over every couple seconds from 12-14" bluefish feeding on rain bait.

When fishing big soft eels; caught 2 short stripers ~22"&~25",

....quickly released unharmed.


Report #19 June 12, South Shore, zombie time,

SW 19-13 kts wind, clean water, WT65F, AT64F, no moon light, (M26%)

Fished two locations for 6 short stripers 20"-26", and 2 bluefish, on 6 consecutive casts got 5 fish.

...lost two lures to bluefish. preferred Tsunami 9" swim eels.


Report #18 June 11, South Shore, around midnight,

SW 15 kts wind, clean water, WT66F, AT65F, no moon light, (M36%)

Fished in deep water with big swim shads and soft eels, got 12 strikes:

landed 7 short stripers 18"-25", and one small bluefish, 2 eels cut in half thanks to bluefish.

...nothing on shad but eels got attention from pesky shorts picture with Tsunami 9" swim eel.


Report #17 June 8, South Shore, night time,

SSW 25-15 kts wind, WT62F, AT61F, overcast to rain, (M70%)

Got wind, got rain, got soaked wet from salt spray, caught 2 lbs of eel grass.


Report #16 June 5, South Shore, after midnight,

No wind, clean water, WT60F, AT56F, overcast, no moonlight to 2:30am, (M88%)

Got 3 bumps, when fishing 7"(3oz.) & 9" (6oz.) swim shad. First time used 9 inches shad.

No wind = no fish, skunked but enjoyed every minute spent on beach.


Report #15 June 4, South Shore, around midnight,

E 15-17 kts wind, clean water, WT57F, AT55F, overcast, first no moonlight, (M98%)

Got 2 strikes, landed 28" striper and dropped one more (~36") at my feet.

... on 7" swim shad, quickly released.


Report #14 June 2, South Shore, midnight,

ENE 15-17 kts wind, clean water, WT56F, AT52F, light rain, no moonlight, (M99%)

Full moon night + rain = must go fishing, ..and got skunked again.


Report #13 June 1, South Shore, after sunset,

ENE 21-15 kts wind, clean water, WT56F, AT53F, drizzle to rain, no moonlight, (M96%)

Perfect fishing condition but stripers strongly disagree with me, skunked.


Report #12 May 30, South Shore, before sunrise,

S 0-5 kts wind, clean water, WT60F, AT63F, no moon light, set at 3:40am (M85%)

Fished big lures for striper without a bump, at first light switched to weakfishing...


....removed bass skunk with 22" fluke on small swim shad


Report #11 May 25, South Shore, before midnight,

SSW 21-15kts wind, clean water, WT55F, AT58F, moon light (M41%)

Skunked; just lost another slug-go eel to bluefish.


Report #10 May 24, South Shore, zombie time,

SW 19-13kts wind, clean water, WT55-56F, AT53F, dark, after moon set (M23%)

Got 3 strikes, lost soft eel thanks to pesky bluefish,  landed 2 stripers 40" and ~25".

I am trying to avoid bluefish and short fish, just hunt for trophy striper.

The first striper of 2015 @ 40" (~25 lbs.) on swim shad   ....picture - kiss - release


Report #9 May 19, South Shore, before midnight,

SW 10kts wind, clean water, WT56F, AT65F, dark, no moon (M0%)

Skunked, just one bump.


Report #8 May 18, South Shore, midnight.

E 10kts wind, clean water, WT59F, AT57F, dark, new moon (M0%)

New moon night hunt for big stripers end up with many strikes and tail swipes: 

dropped 6-10 fish, landed 5 bluefish 26"-30", plus lost some striper lures.

bluefish immediately attacked darters, tail smacked bottle plugs, ignored needlefish.


changed spot 3 times, but pesky bluefish followed me all night.


Report #7 May 13, South Shore, after sunset,

WNW 17kts wind, clean water, WT52F, AT55F, fog, (M34%)

Two strikes, landed one bluefish ~26", and left beach.


Report #6 May 11, South Shore, before midnight.

ESE 5-7kts wind, clean water, WT58-60F, AT60F, fog, very dark (M45%)

 Fished hard with big lures (bunker's imitations) for zero strikes, some splashes from shorts.

I am the king of skunk.


Report #5 May 9, North Shore, before midnight.

No wind, clean water, WT58F, heavy fog, no moon light (M77%)

Got one empty strike on swimmer, splashes from small stripers, spotted couple spearing - baitfish.

Daylight scouting....


Report #4 May 4, South Shore, before sunset,

SW 15-17kts wind, semi clean water, WT62F, AT58F, sunlight (M99%)

Daylight scouting and fishing for bluefish (zero fish), inlet water got warm quickly.


Report #3 May 3, South Shore, before midnight,

No wind, clean water, WT55-50F, AT51F,  bright moon light (M98%)

No strikes, no baitfish.


Report #2 April 26, South Shore, nighttime,

SW light wind, clean water, WT47F, AT46F, overcast, moon light on/off (M48%)

Scouting and fishing, but no life.


Report #1 April 25, North Shore, nighttime,

SW light wind, clean water, WT47F, AT40F, some moon light (M38%)

Perfect quiet night, no baitfish around, no strikes.


April  20, SS, Fire Island near-shore, NDBC Station 44094, Water temp @45F


April  18,  SS,  Fire Island inlet, water temp measured at 52.7F


April  15,  NS, North Shore small creek, last of outgoing water temp measured at 50F


April  12,  SS, NDBC Station 44094, Water temp @42F, at inlet measured 43F, air 48F


April  9, SS, Fire Island near-shore, NDBC Station 44094, Water temp @39.2F


March 30, 30nm south of Islip, NDBC Station 44025, Water temp @38.5F


 February 28, Sunken Meadow State Park, SM3 east view, in some places 8" thick ice


February 28, SM3 north view


February 28, SM3 west view


January 2, sunset at 4:38pm




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