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Surf Reports 2018


November 16, 7-8 am,  released 10 fish, 20"-27"


November 10, released 5 fish  up to 27 inches.


November 10, Sunrise at 6:34 am



November 9, released 14 small striper up to 25"


November 9, sunrise at 6:33 am


November 7, released 2 small striper.



November 3, released 14 small striper up to 26"


Sunset Nov 3, at 4:48pm


November 2, sandell bite, lure must hit the sand to generate strike....



November 2, released 9 small striper up to 25".


sunset November 2, at 5;49pm.


Oct 27, ...released 3 small stripers,


sunrise Oct 26, at 7:16 am...


October 20, scouting and fishing for two small stripers....


sunset October 19, no fish...


Sunset fishing on October 12, at 6:18pm


One small fish released.... on Oct 12 after action....



Report #12 October 8, South Shore, 6:30pm-9:05pm, LT:10:59pm, HF:0.3'

NE 15-20 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, clean water at 67F, air 64F, some clouds (M:70%)

Fished new location after sunset for 9 stripers, size 23"- 27",  nothing on big plugs.....

~27", all fish caught on soft sandeel imitation in white water...


sunset  at 6:24 pm....


Report #11 October 7, South Shore, 7:30pm-10:10pm, LT:10:13pm, HF:0.4'

SSW 13-10 kts wind, 3'-4' surf, clean water at 68F, air 69F, cloudy sky (M:60%)

Fished after dark for 7 stripers, size 22"- 28", only one keeper,

all strikes in last wave / wash......


~28", all fish released in perfect condition...


Report #11 October 6, South Shore, 2:30pm-4:30pm, & 6:00pm-8:00pm,  HT:2:20pm, HF:2.7'

S 23-17 kts wind, 4'-5' surf, clean water at 67F, air 69F, cloudy sky (M:51%)

Fished two sessions for total of 30 stripers, size 22"- 29", only two keepers, all released.

29" skinny bite on black SS bullet needle after dark.....left them biting...






Report #10 October 5, South Shore, 5:30pm-8:00pm, LT:8:14pm, HF:0.4'

SE 7 kts wind, clean water at 67F, air 58F, clear sky with moon (M:40%)

Fished light tackle on open beach around sunset, released 4 small stripers and 2 skates.

sunset at 6:29 pm


27" striper, bigger fish after dark.


September 28, sunset


Report #9 September 15, South Shore,  


Report #8 September 6, South Shore, 6:00pm-7:20pm, LT:8:46pm, HF:0.4'

NE 20 kts wind, clean water at 70F, air 66F, overcast (M:46%)

Got 8 small bluefish and 3 shads, mullet was leaving the inlet.



Report #7  September 3, South Shore, 2:00pm-4:10pm, LT:5:36pm, HF:-0.1'

NE-E 4-6 kts wind, clean water at 72F, air 72F, full sun (M:15%)

Fished ultra light tackle, got striper on first cast....and later spanish mackerel and small bluefish,

27 inches

~20-22" spanish mackerel

plenty of baitfish and see robins, including one albino...

all fish released in good shape...


Report #6  August 9, South Shore, 10:00pm-11:15pm, LT:10:12pm, HF:0.3'

NW 9 kts wind, some weeds in water at 73F, air 74F, (M:61%)

Less baitfish, released one small resident striper.


Report #6  August 6, South Shore, 3:45am-6:15am, LT:6:57am, HF:0.2'

NE 8 kts wind, some weeds in water at 77F, air 76F, (M:18%)

Got a couple hits, released two small stripers and one small bluefish, the place was loaded with baitfish.

sunrise at 5:55 am

low tide fishing is more productive....  


Report #6  July 17, South Shore, 10:00pm-11:50pm, HT:8:32pm, HF:3.1'

NW 15 - 0 kts wind, weeds in water at 74F, air 74F, rain and lighting, (M:99%)

Got 5 hits, released one small fish, got 3 lures cut in half by bluefish.

resident striper....


Report #5  June 8, South Shore, 3:00am-6:00am, LT:6:18am, HF:0.0'

NE 4 kts wind, 2' surf, semi-clean water at 63F, air 58F, fog, (M:23%)

Three hours of casting for zero hits....

sunrise at 5:22 am.


Report #5  June 6, South Shore, 10:00pm-1:00am, HT:10:27pm, HF:3.2'

NW 4 kts wind, 4' surf, clean water at 63F, air 65F, some clouds, (M:7%)

Got 6 hits, dropped 2 small stripers, released ~25" and ~22".


Report #4  May 2, South Shore, 7:00pm-9:10pm, HT:6:39pm, HF:2.9'

E 15-19 kts wind, clean water at 51F, air 50F, some clouds, (M:9%)

Scouting and fishing close to inlet, dropped 2 small stripers, saw couple more fish released.



Report #3  April 21, released couple small fish....


Report #2  April 20, Local stream, released one small trout......


Report #1  April 19, Local freshwater lake, released one bass......


Report #0  February 19, South Shore, 7:00am-7:30am, HT:6:37am, HF:3.4'

NW 11-15 kts wind, clean water at 40F, air 28F, some clouds, (M:98%)

The state fishing permits; 4WD and Night Fishing are sold only to the end of March.


Sunset, February 18, at 5:33pm

Sunset, January 10 at RM2


Sunset, January 10,


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