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Report #20 October 17, South Shore, at night.

SW 8-14 kts wind, water at 63F, air 58F, no moon, (M:9%)

Worked hard for one solid strike,  but from very small fish.

....released quickly.


Report #19 October 14, South Shore, before midnight.

NW 5 kts wind, water at 65F, no moon light, (M:35%)

Fished around low tide for two empty strikes.


Report #18 October 9, South Shore, after High Tide.

SW 14-18 kts wind, 2'-3' surf, water at 67F, air 70F, overcast to rain, (M:88%)

Daytime scouting and fishing on Columbus Day, zero strikes, but good time.


Report #17 October 5, South Shore, before midnight,

WSW 15-17 kts wind, 3' surf, water at 67F, air 68F, from dim moon to rain, (M:98%)

Perfect fishing condition, got one strike on SS bottle plug, landed 40" skinny fish.

...first good size striper of the season, picture, kiss and release....


Report #16 September 30, South Shore, 

Sunset scouting, mullet and bluefish around.


Report #15 September 7, South Shore, before midnight,

WSW 15-17 kts wind, stain water at 69F, air 68F, bright moon, (M:99%)

Back to surf  fishing after long break, ...just trying to relearn fishing skills again.


Report #14 July 23, South Shore, nighttime,

E 15-17 kts wind, murky water at 77F, air 74F, overcast, (M:0%)

Weakfishing for one empty strike, a lot of eel grass on beach.


Report #13 June 12, South Shore, before midnight,

SW 15-11 kts wind, clean water at 63F, air 68F, clear sky, (M:95%)

Got one bump on fake eel, plus enjoyed nice moon rise at 10:44pm.


Report #12 May 29, South Shore, nighttime,

ENE 17-13 kts wind, clean water at 61F, air 58F, overcast, (M:12%)

No baitfish, and got even worst when the seal head pop up in front of me.


Report #11 May 25, South Shore, before midnight.

ENE 18 kts wind, 3' surf, clean water at 57F, air 57F, overcast, (M:1%)

Fished around front jetty, perfect surf, white water, but no fish.


Report #10 May 22, North Shore, before midnight,

NE 2 kts wind, clear water at 56F, air 58F, overcast, fog, (M:21%)

Got one strike and couple bumps, and finally found bait fish; 3-4" sand eels.

~16 inches striper on 6" plug, released in water without contact.


Report #9 May 17, South Shore, after dark...

SW 20-13 kts wind, murky water at 55F, air 62F, no moon light, (M:71%)

Another perfect skunk when hunting for stripers, but I enjoyed every minute of that,

no people, fresh air, wind in the face = good time at beach.


Report #8 May 12, South Shore, around midnight.

ESE 10 kts wind, clear water at 54F, air 51F, overcast, no moon light, (M:99%)

Fished perfect tides at front beach and at inlet for one bump.


Report #7 May 9, South Shore,  first darkness,

S 0-5 kts wind, clear water at 53F, air 52F, moon light on and off, (M:95%)

Fishing after sunset,  skunked.


Report #6 May 7, South Shore, after sunset.

W 15-20 kts wind, clear water at 50F, air 50F, moon light, (M:84%)

Scouting and fishing around sunset,  got one strike, landed first fish of 2017 season.

35" bluefish - big head, very skinny chopper.


sunset at 7:56 pm


Report #5 April 30, South Shore, sunset.

E 15-17 kts wind, light coffee water at 58F, air 52F, overcast, (M:15%)

Daylight scouting and fishing for bluefish around sunset, ...skunked.


Report #4 April 28, South Shore, before midnight.

S 5-10 kts wind, light coffee water at 50F with some weeds, air 55F, overcast, (M:2%)

Fished front, some access to fishing spots was under water around high tide.


Report #3 April 26, South Shore, after sunset.

SE 3-7 kts wind, coffee color water at 53F, air 55F, overcast, no moon light, (M:0%)

Fished new moon tides in two location for zero strikes.


Report #2 April 21, South Shore, around sunset.

NW 7-10 kts wind, clean water at 53-50F, air 53F, overcast, no moon light, (M:36%)

Scouting and fishing central south shore, no life.


Report #1 April 17, North Shore, before midnight.

NW 10-15kts wind, clean water at 54F, air 53F, overcast, no moon light, (M:74%)

First trip of the season, found warm water but no baitfish or any other life,

...used lures.


Report #0 January 3, South Shore, National Data Buoy Station # 44025 located 30 NM South of Islip,

                    Water temperature measured 0.6 m below water line is 47.8F .





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