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Report #72 October 18, South Shore, before sunrise.

SSW 13-17 kts wind, semi clear water, WT65F, AT65F, moon light (M31%)

More fisherman on beach then fish in the water, caught one small bluefish to remove skunk.

...sunrise at 7:08 am.


Report #71 October 15, South Shore, before midnight.

SE 13-15 kts wind, clear water, WT65F, AT68F, overcast, no moon light (M59%)

Got skunked when fishing in two location.


Report #70 October 14, South Shore, after sunset.

SSE 15-17 kts wind, clear water, WT64F, AT68, overcast, no moon light (M68%)

Two hours of casting lures without a bump...

 ...a lot of baitfish around.


Report #69 October 11, South Shore, after sunset & before moonrise.

NNE 13-17 kts wind, water with eelgrass, WT64F, AT52, overcast, no moon light (M85%)

Fish gorging on bay anchovies, caught 5 small bluefish and 3 small stripers 22"-26".

sunset at 6:19pm

...all fish released in good shape.


Report #68 October 10, South Shore, around midnight.

No wind, flat surf, WT65F, AT61, overcast, no moon light (M97%)

Fished two locations, second spot loaded with baitfish and shad, but no big boys.

....shad blitzing on rain bait, ...still looking for bass feeding on shad.


Report #67 October 7, South Shore, before midnight.

S 16-25 kts, water, WT65F, AT66, moon light (M96%)

Long walk to fishing grounds; landed 3 small bluefish / big snappers,

shad, snappers and some small stripers gorging on bay anchovies, ...enjoyed show.


...big snapper

...anchovies soup,

...verification: bay anchovies 2-3"


Report #66 October 6, South Shore, after sunset.

S 24-16 kts, water with some weeds, WT63F, AT62, moon light (M90%)

Big surf, crazy wind, targeted stripers and later weakfish, but got skunked!


Report #65 October 4, South Shore, before first light.

SE 15-19 kts, clean water, WT66F, AT66, from overcast to rain, no moon (M61%)

Caught striper, fluke and 5 bluefish, dropped 5 more, all small fish.

...little striper released in perfect shape.


Report #64 October 2, South Shore, before first daylight.

NNE 15-20 kts, clean water, WT66F, AT62, overcast, no moon (M50%)

Quick fishing stops in 3 spots before work, landed small bluefish and small fluke.


Report #63 October 1, South Shore, before midnight.

NNE 19-20 kts, clean water, WT66F, AT62, overcast to rain (M39%)

Got strike on second cast and nothing after that.

...released ~28" skinny striper.


...found a lot of different baitfish around, including big needlefish ~18"+


Report #62 September 30, South Shore, after sunset.

ENE 15-20 kts, clean water, WT67F, AT62, overcast, no moon (M29%)

Finally I am back to fishing, ...short trip with only one strike, saw some big baitfish.

...released quickly.


Report #61 September 23, South Shore, 9:10pm-11:30pm, HT7:28pm, HF2.9, P30.41R

SE-NE 8-0 kts, stain water, WT67F, AT60, clear sky, no moon (M1%)

Fished for stripers and later for weakfish, plenty of baitfish around, but got skunked.


Report #60 September 21, South Shore, before sunrise.

SE 8 kts, clean water, WT69F, AT69, from rain to overcast (M10%)

Used big swimming plugs and needlefish for 3 strikes, landed one small bluefish.

On the way home stopped at RM4, is open for fishing, just longer walk to water line.

...sunrise at 6:40am


...after rain.


Report #59 September 19, South Shore, before midnight.

ENE 15 kts, stain water , WT67F, AT55, clear sky, no moon (M24%)

Saw two powerful splashes and big baitfish around, ......skunked.


Report #58 September 17, South Shore, night time.

SW 5 kts, stain water with some weeds, WT68F, AT60, clear sky, no moon (M33%)

Short trip, just looking for baitfish, one strike, landed one fish.

weakfish at 26",


Report #57 September 14, South Shore, before midnight.

N-SW 0-5 kts, stain water, WT68F, AT58, moon rise 10:53pm  (M62%)

No wind, wrong tide, ...scouting for baitfish, found schools of mullet (size 6-7").


Report #56 September 13, South Shore, before first light.

NE-E 15-25 kts, stain water, WT71F, AT65, overcast with some moon light (M81%)

When the light NE wind changed to stiff E wind, the fish turn on, 6 strikes,

landed 4 small weakfish 22"-24" and 2 bluefish.


sunrise at 6:32am


Report #55 September 8-10, camping in Montauk Point

Fished after sunset on Sep 10; caught 3 bluefish and short striper (NE wind).




Report #54 September 6, South Shore, before midnight.

SW-NW 10-17 kts, murky water, WT74F, AT70, from moon light to rain (M92%)

One cut-off from bluefish, ...seaweeds and thunderstorm sent me home skunked.


Report #53 August 30, South Shore, before sunrise.

S 13-10 kts, murky water, WT72F, AT65, clouds, no moon light (M9%)

Fished two spots without bump or strike, just nice sunrise and a lot of fresh air.

sunrise at 6:18am


Report #52 August 26, South Shore, before midnight.

SW 11-15 kts, no weeds water, WT73F, AT70, clear sky, no moon light (M0%)

Again weakfishing without success, ....removed skunk with 1 small striper (too small for picture).


Report #51 August 24, South Shore, before midnight.

No wind, water semi clear, WT72F, AT65, clear sky, no moon light (M2%)

Night before new moon; perfect condition for weakfishing, ....removed skunk with 1 small bluefish.


Report #50 August 23, South Shore, midnight.

ENE 14-8 kts  wind, water semi clear, WT72F, AT65, overcast - clear, no moon light (M6%)

Less wind; 3 strikes, released 2 short stripers 22"-24" and small bluefish ...when weakfishing.



....summer stripes in the water and stars in the sky.


Report #49 August 22, South Shore, midnight.

ENE 15-18 kts  wind, water semi clear, WT72F, AT68, overcast, no moon light (M12%)

Got 11 strikes, 7 fish on, landed 1 weakfish and 2 bluefish, dropped 3 weakfish & 1 bluefish

at my feet. Stiff side wind made difficult to control lure and set hook. Fish very close to bottom.

All hits when lures presentation: "low and slow" with "stop and go".

weakfish @ ~23", all fish released.


August 19, sunset at 7:46pm.


Report #48 August 17, before sunrise.

SW 15-18 kts  wind, light stain water, WT70F, AT68, moon light (M57%)

Getting old, missed 2 strikes; one from weakfish and one from bluefish. nice sunrise at 6:06am instead rain (weatherman wrong again).


Report #47 August 16, South Shore, night time before sunrise.

SW 10-15 kts  wind, murky water, WT70F, AT64, from overcast to moon light (M67%)

Nice night to be out: 1 strike - 60 seconds of screaming reel and cut off, 2 strike - landed small blue.


Report #46 August 12, South Shore, after sunset.

SEE 17-25 kts  wind, water with some weeds, WT74F, AT69, rain (M93%)

Crazy wind and rain, I had beach to my self, just one empty strike, skunked and wet.


Report #45 August 10, South Shore, after sunset.

SW 5 kts  wind, water with some weeds, WT72F, AT70, clear sky, moon light (M100%)

Perfect condition for weak-fishing; full moon, a lot of baitfish, strong tide, light wind:

1 strike - instant cut-off from bluefish, 2  strike - landed ~3 lb bluefish.


Report #44 August 9, South Shore, before sunrise.

NW 7 kts  wind, water with weeds, WT73F, AT67, clear sky, moon set 4:35am (M94%)

Weakfish trip, got two strikes, landed small bluefish and striper surprise.

...striper at 29", released quickly after picture.


Report #43 August 2, South Shore, after sunrise.

E 5-10s  wind, water with weeds, WT72F, AT66, rain (M28%)

Daylight scouting and fishing in the rain, saw some baitfish, I think small snappers. Skunked.


Report #42 July 29, South Shore, around midnight.

NW 8 kts  wind, water with weeds, WT70F, AT69, partly cloudy, no moon (M7%)

Quiet night with plenty of seaweeds, .....lost one small fish after short fight.


Report #41 July 24, South Shore, after sunset.

NW 10 kts  wind, water with weeds, WT71F, AT70, partly cloudy (M8%)

Caught 5 lb of seaweeds, strikes, skunked but enjoyed time on beach.


Report #40 July 20, South Shore, before sunrise.

NE 16-10 kts  wind, clear water w/weeds, WT69F, AT70, overcast (M41%)

Dog days of summer; 2 strikes and one bump, got one fish on sand and lost second,

due to beginners mistake, forgot to check leader line for damage after landing fish.

...weakfish at 28",


Report #39 July 9, South Shore, before midnight.

SW 18-10 kts  wind, water without weeds, WT65F, AT70, moon light to overcast (M82%)

Scouting and fishing open beach close to low tide. 3 strikes, released one short fluke.


...another night with lighting show.


Report #38 July 8, North Shore, before midnight.

SSW 20-30 kts  wind, water with some weeds, WT69F, AT76, moon light to rain (M73%)

Too windy to go fishing south, went to north shore, baitfish, no strikes, skunked,

but got nice lighting show from thunderstorm over CT.


Report #37 July 4, Happy Birthday USA!, South Shore, daytime.

N 15-25 kts  wind, water, WT71F, AT65, rain from hurricane Arthur,  (M34%)

Scouting and practicing casting skills in strong wind and crazy rain, landed one fish.

24" weakfish, released in good shape.


Report #36 July 2, South Shore, after sunset.

SSW 10-5 kts  wind, 3' surf, clean water, WT71F, AT74, overcast, no moon (M17%)

Fished open beach with Walter from CT; first session with fresh bunker chunks,

we caught one striper, two bluefish, some dog fish, non stop action for 2 hours.

Second session: casting lures in premium spot at perfect tide for zero strikes.

41" striper, 27-30 lb, fish didn't survive, too much bleeding.


Report #35 June 30, South Shore, night time outgoing tide.

SSW 15-20 kts  wind, 3' surf, water with weeds, WT70F, AT70, overcast, no moon (M5%)

Fished open beach with big swim-plugs, caught one short fluke and some eel grass.


Report #34 June 29, South Shore, after midnight.

No wind, water with weeds, WT68F, AT70, clear sky, no moon light (M0%)

Catch of the night: 5 lbs of sea weeds, skunked.


Report #33 June 26, South Shore, before midnight.

E 0-25-15 kts wind, water with weeds, WT65F, AT66, overcast, no moon light (M2%)

Crazy wind and bad weeds - on line and lure after every cast.

...worked hard for one strike from nice weakfish at 27"....released after pics.


Report #32 June 25, South Shore, before midnight.

SW 15-10 kts wind, water with weeds, WT69F, AT72, overcast, no moon light (M6%)

Weeds on every cast, got 2 strikes, landed one fish;

~25" first weakfish from south shore....released quickly.


Report #31 June 20, North Shore, day time kayak trip.

W 10-15kts wind, semi clear water, WT65F, AT72F, full sun (M49%)

Jigging bucktails from kayak, targeting fluke. Baitfish around ~3" sandeels.

caught 13 fluke 15-18", 2 small bluefish, 10+ searobins, and... weakfish ~12", my first weakfish from north shore. All fish released in perfect shape.


Report #30 June 18, North Shore, around midnight.

No wind, water with some weeds, WT71F, AT69F, no moon light (M60%)

Fish splashes close to low tide, wind = bug spray is your best friend. two empty strikes on SP minnow lure.. I think fish were feeding on sand eels.


...located a lot of pufferfish...caught one for snapshot, released quickly after pics.


Report #29 June 17, South Shore, 9:50pm-12:20am, HT11:52pm, HF3.2, P29.91F

SSW 15-13 kts wind, water with weeds, WT67F, AT65F, no moon light (M71%)

Located only rain bait ~0.75", fished for weakfish, got one strike, landed short striper.

~25", released without contact


Report #28 June 11, South Shore, midnight.

ENE 22-10 kts wind, murky water, WT63F, AT60F, overcast, no moon light (M92%)

Dirty water at first place, found cleaner water at second location, but only got one empty strike. 


Report #27 June 9, South Shore, before midnight.

SE light wind, clean water, WT62F, AT65F, overcast / drizzle, no moon light (M78%)

Scouting and fishing: found some baitfish at low water in new location. Got 3 strikes

and 2 bumps when targeting weakfish, caught one short striper. 

~20" fish, released quickly without removing from water.


Report #26 June 8, South Shore, at midnight.

SW light wind, clean water, WT63F, AT65F, partly cloudy, moon light (M69%)

No baitfish = poor fishing, not even a bump, saw one splash from fish....skunked.


Report #25 June 6, South Shore, after midnight.

NW light wind, clean water, WT63F, AT61F, clear sky, moon set 1:44am (M40%)

Fished for weakfish with moon light, and after moon set for stripers. baitfish around, ....just one strike, lost soft lure, landed bluefish...


Report #24 June 3, North Shore, fished after dusk.

ESE14-8 kts wind, water with weeds, WT65F, AT65F, overcast, no moon (M22%)

Went north for rain fishing but got nice sunset, baitfish, no life.

sunset at 8:20pm


Report #23 June 2, South Shore, midnight.

SSW 15-10 kts wind, clear water, WT58F, AT58F, moon set 11:45pm (M15%)

Rough surf, perfect fishing conditions, got wet and skunked.


Report #22 May 31, South Shore, midnight.

N 7-5 kts wind, clear water, WT55-57F, AT55F, no moon (M4%)

Dropped one fluke at my feet, ...skunked again.


Report #21 May 31, South Shore, before sunrise.

N 10-7 kts wind, clear water, WT59.5F, AT55F, no moon (M1%)

Just one lure cut in half by bluefish. At first light went scouting, found baitfish 3-4".


Report #20 May 28, South Shore, after sunset.

NE 21-15 kts wind, clear water, WT58F, AT51F, overcast, no moon (M0%)

Northeaster storm, almost new moon, cold wind, got wet, and skunked!?!?


Report #19 May 27, South Shore, before midnight.

SW-NE light wind, clear water, WT59.5F, AT65F, no moon light (M4%)

Weather change turned on some fish, got one powerful strike on soft lure;

#1 @30" first keeper from south shore, quickly released in perfect shape.


Report #18 May 26, South Shore, midnight.

Light SW wind, very clear water, WT59F, AT60F, no moon light (M9%)

Four hours of casting for zero strikes, located small baitfish only, skunked.


Report #17 May 22, North Shore, before midnight.

No wind, very clear water, WT55F, AT57F, overcast-fog-drizzle, no moon light (M46%)

Baitfish splashes around, got only one strike from:

bluefish @ 24", big head, skinny starving fish...safely released


Report #16 May 21, South Shore, at night before midnight.

E 12-7 kts wind, very clear water, WT58-59F, AT58F, overcast, no moon light (M58%)

No strikes, saw 3 bunker splashes and seal again.


Report #15 May 20, North Shore, before midnight,

SW 12-0 kts wind, water with weeds, WT62-61F, AT60F, overcast, no moon light (M69%)

Two hours of casting for one short fish, but plenty of big baitfish around, herring like shape.

#1 @ 22" (length calculated from picture - 5" lure), released quickly without contact.


Report #14 May 17, South Shore, midnight.

SW 7-6 kts wind, semi-clear water, WT54-59F, AT60F, moon light (M94%)

Fished with lures for striped bass, no life except for close encounter with seal.


May 16, Robert Moses, scouting, 5' surf, ESE 15-20 kts wind,  WT52F, AT60F.


Report #13 May 14, South Shore, before midnight.

E 14-6 kts wind, semi-clear water, WT52F, AT58F, overcast, no moon light (M98%)

Fished with big swimming plugs (bunker imitations), dark night, no life....skunked. 


Report #12 May 13, South Shore, midnight.

E 18-10 kts wind, clean water, WT52F, AT50F, bright moon light (M98%)

Visited 3 locations, and at last stop found; bunker, pods of bunker and bunker on sand.

...landed only 11 bluefish 20"- 33" because I tried hard to go under and behind bluefish

   for stripers, ...but without any luck, always end up with angry bluefish.


...on the menu tonight: bunker size 8"-11". to see big yellow eye monsters chasing "dinner"


...first for me; caught bunker with bare hands to take a close-up picture, and later

 I spent some time rescuing fish left high and dry on sand. 



Report #11 May 12, South Shore, at night before low tide.

SW 10-0 kts wind, clean water, WT54F, AT58F, from overcast to bright moon light (M90%)

No baitfish around, zero strikes, saw only one splash,....skunked.


Report #10 May 11, South Shore, at night before low tide

WSW 7-10 kts wind, clean water, WT53.7F, AT60F, bright moon light (M83%)

Big bluefish (8-12 lb) destroying my lures and cutting through my 60 lb leader line.

...landed only two tackle killers...a lot of fun.


Report #9 May 10, North Shore, night time after high tide.

SSW 10-18 kts wind, clear water, WT54F, AT64F, light rain, no moon (M74%)

Got strike on first cast, but nothing after that for 3 hours, not as much of baitfish.

~25", released quickly...


Report #8 May 9, North Shore, in the middle of night.

ESE 10-17 kts wind, clear water with some weeds, WT53F, AT54F, fog, no moon (M66%)

Dark night, with a lot of life in water, got one strike and couple bumps.

First keeper of the season @28.5"; traditional "picture-kiss-release"


big baitfish ~13", possibly American Shad or Alewife (not a bunker),

feeding on small baitfish ~2".


Report #7 May 8, South Shore, around low tide.

NE 7-9 kts wind, clean & super clear water, WT51F, AT52F, fog, no moon (M56%)

Dark night, good tide but no life to report, time to try north shore.


Report #6 May 7, South Shore, low tide at night.

SW 5-8 kts wind, clean & clear water, WT50F, AT51F, some clouds, moon (M47%)

Went for rain fishing, got moon light, caught just one micro size striper at ~11".


Report #5 May 3, South Shore, night time after high tide.

SW 15-10 kts wind, clean water, WT49-52F, AT52F, overcast - clear, no moon (M13%)

Not my preferred tide, but went anyway; no baitfish, no strikes, skunked and happy.


Report #4 May 2, South Shore, fished low tide before first light,

NW 10-5 kts wind, coffee color water, WT47-49F, AT52F, overcast, no moon (M7%)

Poor clarity water, had 5 strikes from micro size stripers (13-16") on 4" storm shad,

dropped 4, landed one - released quickly without pictures.

...resting on beach.


Report #3 April 28, South Shore, night time,

ENE 5-15 kts wind, clean water, WT48-52F, AT50-48F, overcast, no moon (M2%)

Perfect fishing condition, located some small baitfish 2-3", but no strikes or bumps.

...I know fish is looking for clams, but I am plugoholic and bunker will be here soon.


April 28, 12:50pm, National Data Buoy Center

NDBC Station 44094 (South Shore: Fire Island near shore)  Water Temp: WT48.7F

NDBC Station 44065 (South Shore: NY Harbor Entrance)  Water Temp: WT49.3F

NDBC Station 44039 (North Shore: Central Long Island Sound)  Water Temp: WT45.7F


April 23, 12:50pm, National Data Buoy Center

NDBC Station 44094 (South Shore: Fire Island near shore)  Water Temp: WT46.6F

NDBC Station 44065 (South Shore: NY Harbor Entrance)  Water Temp: WT46.0F

NDBC Station 44039 (North Shore: Central Long Island Sound)  Water Temp: WT43.5F


Report #2 April 22, South Shore, 8:40pm-10:00pm,  LT8:36pm, HF0.2',

SW 7-5 kts wind, clean water, WT48F, AT52-48F, drizzle on/off, no moon (M55%)

Scouting and fishing south shore, no baitfish, no strikes, one more week and water

temperature will be over 50F.


Report #1 April 19, North Shore, 7:30pm-9:40pm,  LT9:24pm, HF0.3',

NNE 5-10kts wind, water with some weeds, WT50F, AT56-50F, no moon (M85%)

First trip of season, scouting and testing new lures, warm outgoing water from creek,

located baitfish, but no stripers yet. (open water temp ~43F)

Sunset, at 7:37pm



3/11/14, sunset at 6:55pm


3/9/14, RM sunset at 6:53pm


3/3/14 sunset at 5:44pm, white-red-blue, USA flag sunset


2/1/14 sunset, close-up


2/1/14 sunset at 5:11pm


1/18/14 sunset at 4:53pm


1/12/14 sunset at 4:47pm


RM2, first sunset of 2014 at 4:36pm, Happy New Year!




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