Sunrise Photo

Sunrises  2001 - 2005

Sunrises from Long Island beaches (click on pictures to see larger images):



SR1-07-28-2001                                  SR2-07-28-2001                                 SR1-07-07-2003




SR2-07-07-2003                                  SR3-07-07-2003                                 SR1-07-09-2003




SR1-07-13-2003                                  SR2-07-13-2003                                 SR1-07-26-2003




SR1-08-03-2003                                  SR1-11-11-2003                                 SR1-11-16-2003




SR2-11-16-2003                                  SR1-11-11-2004                                 SR1-11-30-2005




SR1-11-01-2005                                  SR1-11-04-2005                                 SR1-11-05-2005




SR1-11-10-2005                                  SR1-11-11-2005                                 SR1-11-12-2005




SR1-11-16-2005                                  SR1-11-19-2005                                 SR1-11-29-2005




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