Old  Construction  Dock


Old Construction Dock Fishing Access Site

@ Jones Beach State Park  (South Shore)

Direction: Take Meadowbrook Pkwy South or Wantagh Pkwy South

Follow the signs to West End Boat Basin, turn left in front of the gate to Coast Guard Station.



Night Sport Fishing Permit or  Beach Vehicle Permit is required

to access this fishing spot with a car (4WD or 2WD).


Please respect regulation and keep this site CLEAN !

Access road is good for 2WD cars and is only about 200 yards of length.

View of parking lot.

View of Jones Beach Inlet - open ocean.

Some left over of Old Construction Dock.

On low tide the water is about 3' - 5' depth at the wall.

This is a very good night time fishing spot. Good luck.




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