LIPA  Outflow




LIPA Outflow, Northport @ Long Island


All winter striper fishing


Car parking at The Crab Meadow Park

Direction from East: take Sunken Meadow Parkway north to Exit SM5, take Road 25A west,

go about 4 miles to Northport town, turn right in Waterside Rd., go north 2.2 miles to Crab Meadow Park,

 walk on the beach in west direction for about 1 mile to LIPA outflow.

Direction from West: take Long Island Expressway to exit 52 north, Deer Park Rd (231),

on the fork go right and after 0.6 mile turn right in Road 25, on first traffic light turn left in Elwood Rd.,

go north for about 5 miles, and turn right in Road 25A, after about 1 mile turn left

 in Waterside Rd., go north 2.2 miles to Crab Meadow Park.  



Warm water outflow at the Northport Power Plant (inside the fence)



Outflow - view from sand bar.



Info Sign on the fence (February 2002)



Outflow is accessible from east side (high tide).



Shown at the low tide.



West view at the low tide.



Some times is very crowd.



Striper fishing from December 16 to May 7 is catch and release only!



Beach on the way from Crab Meadow Park to the outflow.




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