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Found on Long Island beaches

Green sponge weed

Sargassum, have gas-filled balls that keep the seaweed afloat.

Eel grass, find on beaches close to inlets

Coquina clams (1/8") are burrow in the sand in shallow water of the surf

Clams washed up at the beach after storm.

Squids washed out on the beach

Mole crabs (sand fleas) they burrow in the sand at the edge of the surf line.

Mole crabs close-up.

Starfish on Fire Island Shore

Spider Crab

Baby Whale washed out on Robert Moses Beach #4 on 11-4-2004

Two girls from NYS Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue program are taking

test samples form body of death baby whale.

Common shore crab

Peanut Bunker after Bluefish blitz.

Horseshoe crab find on North Shore beaches.

Hermit crab

Mussels fixed to jetty rocks  and Asian crabs

Moon snails

Grass shrimp

Small minnows in shallow waters of surf



Migrating birds at Democrat Point.

Fowler's Toad (Bufo fowleri) on dune of Gilgo Beach.

Algae at north shore beach.





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