The Fish of Long Island Surf


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Please practice catch and release !


New York State Fisheries Regulations are frequently amended.

Call Hotline: 1-800-REGS-DEC (7 days / 24 hrs)

 for updated information  or visit DEC web site:


Saltwater Fishing Regulation


Not sure about regulation - release your catch.


Striped Bass, Marine Waters open season:  April 15 - December 15

All anglers -  28" minimum size, 1 fish peer day.

North of Gorge Washington Bridge, open season: 

 April 1 - November 30, 18'-28" or >40", 1 fish per day.




Bluefish, open season:  all year

no minimum size for first 10 fish, next 5 fish min length of 12",

15 fish per day max (including snappers !)



Weakfish, open season:  all year, 16" minimum size, one (1) fish per day


Summer Flounder - Fluke, open season:  May 17 - September 21

19.0" minimum size, 3 fish per day (for 2017 season)



Windowpane (Turbot family flatfish) - no regulation



Spanish Mackerel, open season:  all year, 14" minimum size, 15 fish per day


False Albacore,  no regulations



Dogfish Shark,  no regulations



Skate,  no regulations



Sea Robin,  no regulations


Atlantic Menhaden - Bunker,  no regulations

(shown snagged,  Bunker is feeding on phytoplankton and zooplankton)



Herring,  no regulations, but:

The harvest of river herring (alewife, blueback herring) is prohibited

in all streams and rivers on Long Island

more info:


Kingfish,  no regulations


Hickory Shad, open season:  all year

no minimum size, 5 fish per day


Stargazer,  no regulations






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